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  1. J.Ty.

    Cyclic references in Excel, Excel for Android and Excel online

    Cyclic references do show up. It is not difficult to inadvertedly create one. Excel for desktop most of the time tells us about the fact immediately and demonstrates where the cycle is. However, if the cycle is created by values which are spilled to neighboring cells, we get only a warning...
  2. T

    My Excel online file become mess after copy and paste data

    Hello all, i'm using excel online to edit some of my data. after a few copies and pasting, my excel table became a mess. please refer to uploud image. is it because of my slow internet problem ? or other thing ? please help
  3. D

    Excel Online

    In desktop version we are using the camera tool to show a graph that the user pasts into a different worksheet. When we put this file in excel online this function is not available and the user can not paste the graph from the downloaded excel to excel online. Does anyone have any ideas of how...
  4. L

    Excel Online

    Here is my struggles. I had macros in my excel document which everything was working fine. We kept coming up with the problem that in order for someone to use it and they worked from home they had to vpn in. Next thing was if someone has to use it and make a change and another user has it open...
  5. S

    current date shortcut key in Excel online

    Hello, In Excel 2016, the shortcut key for current date is CTRL + ; For current time the shortcut key is: Shift+CTRL+; Are there similar shortcut keys in the online version of Excel? I can only find basic shortcut keys for navigation etc... Thanks
  6. M

    Excel online sheet protection

    Hi Guys, I hope you guys can help me out with this problem. I want to share a file on Sharepoint with 9 different users that use Excel Online (So macro's wont work). Each user has his own sheet, but they must not be able to edit each-other's sheet. They are not able to re-apply sheet...
  7. Y

    Excel Online doesn't show some Borders.

    Hey, So basically I have an excel-workbook where the background is colored light grey and there is a table with "normal" black borders and one thick black border under the top row. When viewing/editing the file in Excel (offline) everthing looks like it should, but in Excel Online some of the...
  8. J

    Can I import JSON data (API) into my Excel Online Sheet?

    Hi everyone, Hope you are well. I would like to import daily data from JSON via an API into my Excel Online sheet. It is very important that it is Excel Online because it is for collaboration purpose. If I am right, this is not possible. However, could I, as a first step, import Json into a...
  9. A

    Formulas in Excel Online

    Hi, I've been Googling for an answer, and I can't find the answer. How can we make the spreadsheet find the next blank cell in Column E, in a row that has anything in Column C, on all tabs of a spreadsheet (it would be best if it just gave the first one, and then we could click on 'next' to go...
  10. S

    Onedrive to desktop

    Hi- I am trying to auto update data inputs from OneDrive excel online to my desktop. Essentially- I operate a model on my desktop that has historically used manually inputed data on a per project basis. I am now in need of a way to pull the data from an online source automatically as the...
  11. A

    Embed xlsx file in a web page?

    Hi, Can you please tell me if i want to embed my online excel workbook in a restricted webpage (clients can access after username and password) 1. Does my workbook can give access to multiple users at the same time such that one user who is currently editing a workbook doesnot create problems...
  12. A

    Excel Online (O365) - Locking specific cells for editing by specific users or groups

    Hi all, It's possible to protect a workbook in such a way that only certain individuals are able to edit particular cells (Review tab, "Allow Users to Edit Ranges", and so on) however uploading this spreadsheet to my organisations O365 results in Excel Online seemingly ignoring these...
  13. L

    Excel Online not printing cell colors

    Hi, Hope it is OK to ask a question about Excel online in this forum. I have an excel online spreadsheet uploaded from an Excel 2010 spreadsheet on my PC. It looks and works exactly as intended however when I try to print the tables the background colours I am using in the table cells do not...

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