excel table

  1. A

    Table parametrization with index and match command

    hello everybody, I have a problem with excel if command and I need your help I have let's say the below columns distance calendar price 200km 12 months 10€ 400km 24 months 17€ 600km 36 months 29€ 700 km 48months 33€ the distance might be a random number between 200 and 700 I want to create...
  2. R

    Word Mail Merge - Using specific tables in Excel rather than the whole worksheet

    Hi all, I've got a worksheet that's part of quite a large workbook to help organise events and contacts. I do about 18 events a year, so it's not practical to do them all on separate worksheets. I all the events in rounds - 3 rounds of 6 meetings. All the rounds in each meeting are side by...
  3. O

    Add multi-row range at the end of a Table(Listobject)

    Hello I have some data in a worksheet in columns A through E...The rows of data are changing..Some day the range may be A5:E10, another day A5:E30..These data are not in a table (listobject).I am trying to paste them in a table (listobject) in another workbook.I have managed to paste them...
  4. F

    VBA: Excel data into Word Templae

    Hi, very new to VBA How in excel with VBA can i transfer information from an Excel sheet to create a unique Word document using a template. For example, i have a list of New Hires and their information in an Excel sheet. I need their unique information in a word template in specific places
  5. S

    How to convert table from one form to other form?

    Hello Fellow Experts, I have a table in the form of "INPUT" format. I want to convert that table in the form of "OUTPUT" format. What is the best way to do that? Here is the link to the source file and also attached image There is a Previous thread. Peter has solved a similar problem quite...
  6. K


    # HOW TO MATCH "HSN CODE" AFTER PULL DATA ON DIFFERENT-DIFFERENT TABLES ??? We need pull data into different- different Table . Kindly Help on solve my Query, Kindly Send us Proper formula , - perfect match " HSN CODE" And pull data from TABLE1 , send to matching table
  7. D

    Table summary issue (VBA or formula)

    Hi all, I am struggling to find a smart and efficient way where I can make a list out of a huge table. Thought there would be someone here that could help me find a way to build a macro or some condition formula in order to obtain the result i am after. Its heavy manual work but somehow i want...
  8. J

    Highlight consecutive cells in a row and collunm from table

    Hello, I am trying to highlight the value "0" with conditional formating in consecutives cells (in the table) in the same row and in the same colunm like I done manualy in picture b3a. The first value in the table is in cell B3. I have this formula...
  9. MishTaylor

    VBA - Results Populating Outside Excel Table

    Hi Everyone, I need some help with my code to reference the table properly. Right now, when I run this code, the data populates outside of the table - not sure how to reference the table correctly. Table = "PrevReport" Sheet = "Print Reports" The data is being filtered by date range from...
  10. 5

    Speed up an Autofilter with 20k+ rows

    Hey everyone. Hope you're all doing well. I have a listObject table with 20k+ rows that I'm filtering with a textbox. This is the code I modified a little from extendoffice: Private Sub TextBox1_Change() 'Update by Extendoffice 2018/08/22 Dim xStr, xName As String Dim xWS As Worksheet Dim xRg...
  11. P

    Dynamic cell and sorting

    So here is the deal. I need that cell in E4 to be dynamic because the "Description" column on the Excel table is supposed to be sortable. By dynamic I mean that no matter the order of the Excel table, cell E4 should always report the correct tag associated to the description. How can I achieve...
  12. S

    Formula or VBA? Copy and paste Table rows.

    I have a sheet that has 4 tables. Let's say tables are A, B, C, and D. Table B has columns A-O, if column O has the value of W then copy that row (Column's A-N) and paste to the next available row of table D. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. M

    How do I add conditional formatting for a row in my table if the value in Date column is not one day greater than one row above?

    I have a large Excel table with a Date column. The values in Date column range from 6/1/2003 to today. How do I add conditional formatting that will surround a table row with a huge red border (or a highlight in yellow) if the current value of Date is not exactly one day greater than the...
  14. E

    Prevent deletion of last row of excel table

    Hi folks I have an Excel Table with names and abbreviations of names (two columns only). I would like to prevent users from deleting the header row and last row in the table. <tbody> Abbreviation Surname and Initial PM Masters, P JL Leonard, J JM Matsau, J TOTAL 3 [given by...
  15. D

    Test ISBLANK on Excel Table Column

    Hi I am having a bit of a brain fart! I have the following formula =IF(MIN(AsBuiltWorkPaper[QTY])=0,"Error","OK") AsBuiltWorkPaper[QTY] is a column in an Excel table, and I am trying to amend the above formula with an OR to also return "Error" if any cell in the column is blank. I have...
  16. G

    Excel TABLE - VBA to move cell from one table to another

    New to VBA and trying to piece together a macro but the table part is causing me problems. I have multiple "3 or 4 column" tables on a worksheet. I want to move a cell value by Double Clicking the cell on one table, then click anywhere on another table to move that cell value to that table...
  17. M

    Excel table with information

    Hi all, Hope You can help me. I have a pretty big table and want some information out of it but don't know how to do it. Hope You guys (and girls) have some ideas. The idea of the table is: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J Name 1 V V V V V V V V V V Name 2 V V Name 3 V V V V...
  18. D

    Copy-pasting into autoexpanding table inconsistent formulas

    Hi guys! Really ran out of ideas, so looking for some bright new ones. A relatively straightforward problem, however trying to give some background and hoping it not to become too cumbersome. I have an Excel 2016 xlsm worksheet with a table that has header and one empty row which would...
  19. M

    Create a unique sequencial record number when userform inserts record

    Hi Once again consulting the genius that is the MrExcel Community I am trying to find a way to create a unique sequential record number when my userform inserts a record in to a table. To be added when i run the below the code. Have just left column 1 of the table with the easy =Row() which...
  20. R

    Copy Excel Table Style from another file

    I have tried the following code to apply Table Style within the same Workbook, and it works fine: ActiveSheet.ListObjects(ActiveCell.ListObject.Name).TableStyle = "Table Style 1" However, when I am trying to apply the same style to a table in a different Workbook, it's not working. This is the...

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