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    How do I add conditional formatting for a row in my table if the value in Date column is not one day greater than one row above?

    I have a large Excel table with a Date column. The values in Date column range from 6/1/2003 to today. How do I add conditional formatting that will surround a table row with a huge red border (or a highlight in yellow) if the current value of Date is not exactly one day greater than the...
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    Prevent deletion of last row of excel table

    Hi folks I have an Excel Table with names and abbreviations of names (two columns only). I would like to prevent users from deleting the header row and last row in the table. <tbody> Abbreviation Surname and Initial PM Masters, P JL Leonard, J JM Matsau, J TOTAL 3 [given by...
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    Test ISBLANK on Excel Table Column

    Hi I am having a bit of a brain fart! I have the following formula =IF(MIN(AsBuiltWorkPaper[QTY])=0,"Error","OK") AsBuiltWorkPaper[QTY] is a column in an Excel table, and I am trying to amend the above formula with an OR to also return "Error" if any cell in the column is blank. I have...
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    Excel TABLE - VBA to move cell from one table to another

    New to VBA and trying to piece together a macro but the table part is causing me problems. I have multiple "3 or 4 column" tables on a worksheet. I want to move a cell value by Double Clicking the cell on one table, then click anywhere on another table to move that cell value to that table...
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    Excel table with information

    Hi all, Hope You can help me. I have a pretty big table and want some information out of it but don't know how to do it. Hope You guys (and girls) have some ideas. The idea of the table is: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J Name 1 V V V V V V V V V V Name 2 V V Name 3 V V V V...
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    Copy-pasting into autoexpanding table inconsistent formulas

    Hi guys! Really ran out of ideas, so looking for some bright new ones. A relatively straightforward problem, however trying to give some background and hoping it not to become too cumbersome. I have an Excel 2016 xlsm worksheet with a table that has header and one empty row which would...
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    Create a unique sequencial record number when userform inserts record

    Hi Once again consulting the genius that is the MrExcel Community I am trying to find a way to create a unique sequential record number when my userform inserts a record in to a table. To be added when i run the below the code. Have just left column 1 of the table with the easy =Row() which...
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    Copy Excel Table Style from another file

    I have tried the following code to apply Table Style within the same Workbook, and it works fine: ActiveSheet.ListObjects(ActiveCell.ListObject.Name).TableStyle = "Table Style 1" However, when I am trying to apply the same style to a table in a different Workbook, it's not working. This is the...
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    Apply Multiple Conditional Formatting to a Table Column based on values in other columns

    Hi I am trying to add icons and colours to a table column based on values in adjacent columns. I am trying to do this with VBA as that seems the only way to do it. Basically In the table below, I want the column MilestoneA to be colored as per the column MilestoneA-RAG values and also contain...
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    Updating Formula in a Excel Table

    Hi Guys, I have an Excel table with some formula columns. In that columns, the value of some cells is calculated by formula and some rigid contents as text. I want to update the base formula for the new lines. For the current cells I am doing a is formula test and update them manually, but for...
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    Excel Table Auto Edit

    I have to edit a table containing my product items in such a way it only shows boundaries till the values i have entered . E.g I have set max no of rows i.e items as 10 for my invoice table and given them boundaries . Now it is not necessary that in every bill I have all the items ,for the...
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    Excel Table Auto Expanding Based Off Of Referenced Data

    I have an excel table that is built from data referenced data from other tables. i.e. sheet 1 table 1 =a1 =a2 sheet 2 table 2 bob jan if i add "stu" to the bottom of table 2 it expands but table 1 doesn't pic up the reference. Is there a way to automate that so i don't have to expand table 1...
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    External Data Dropping Cells with Alphanumeric Data

    Hello. I'm working with a workbook that connects to an external data source (table in excel) when opened. Most of the data from the external table consists of 6 numerical digits. However, some cells have alphanumeric cells which is the 6 digits followed by a single letter. The data connection...
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    Filtering Excel table based on conditional formatting in multiple columns

    I have an Excel table, where for a few different columns I have conditional formatting turning some cells to appear in bold red text. If I only did this on one column, I could then run a filter on the color, and it would eliminate the records that don't have that color-- but it only works on...
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    Limitations to Format As Table?

    I have an excel spreadsheet (Excel 2010) that has 3 columns, and approximately 59,900 rows. It's been sorted and duplicates (all 3 columns) removed. I would like to use the Microsoft Fuzzy Lookup tool to match one or more columns to one or more columns in another worksheet. The other...
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    How to Remove/Hide Some Filter Arrows from Table Headers

    Hello you Wonderful People, Can somebody please tell me (the VBA) how I could remove/hide some of the filter/sort arrows in the header of an excel table while keeping others - so users would still be able to sort the whole data range within the table using only the visible arrows? My table...
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    Data Validation Lists with Multiple Contingent Stipulations

    Hello, I am trying to create this spreadsheet and am stuck with multiple conditions in a data validation list. The Excel attachment is pretty self-explanatory. I am unsure of how to implement this correctly. https://db.tt/EUsu5gcX - Dropbox direct Excel file download -Edit - Forgot to...
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    Macro to select file for import into excel table and then refresh all pivot tables

    Hi Excuse my ignorance. Not really great with VBA... hoping someone who is might be able to help me. I have a macro that is in an existing workbook, which allows the user to select an excel file for import and then refreshes the data table that exists in the workbook. There are pivot charts...
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    Fixing Table Column References

    I'm trying to map out pathways within my data set. I have 2 stages of what can happen and where so I'm running a countif function that looks at location 1, what happened at location 1, location 2, what happened at location 2. I have 5 variables on location and 10 on what happens with over...
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    Excel table auto-sorts while updating!

    How to design an excel table that auto-sorts while updating? If VBA is the only option, please post the code! Thanks.

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