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    Excel Template location on MAC

    Where does excel store user created templates on the MAC?
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    how to create interactive link to a column in excel template pivot table?

    I need to apply link to a column values in the excel template pivot table. In my requirement of bi publisher report. My report is based on excel template. I have two sheets, one is base report(sheet 1) and another one is pivot report(sheet 2).The pivot tables(sheet 2) is created from the base...
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    XML and XLTX

    I've done the following: Opened an .xml file (File,Open, Choose: Use the XML Source task pane). Then dragged and dropped elements from the XML source pane, and created a template file (.xltx). Now I can open the .xltx file, right-click on a cell, choose import and select an xml file to...
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    Where to fine free Excel templates

    Can anybody guide me where can i find free excel templates for learning and official use, other than offfice.microsoft.com templates Thanks

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