excel to word with vba

  1. M

    Excel to Word with Template: How do I place images in a specific place?

    Hey hey people I am currently working on an Excel VBA Macro on 365 which creates a new Word document using a template Word document, copying data from an Excel workbook into the new Word document. I have managed to use the "find" function to replace text as I want, as well as select images from...
  2. G

    Copy and excel Worksheet content to a table in new Word doc (header issues)

    Hi - bit of a long one, apologies I did also post this issue here: before being aware of the rules (joined today). Copy excel Worksheet content to a table in new Word do (header issues) I have a summary page of an excel toolkit, with a button that then copies this summary to MS Word doc. ...
  3. S

    Excel Charts into Word

    I have an excel doc that has 15 charts in it, I can export the charts into word but does anyone know if its possible to place them into specific parts of the word document? If is it possible could someone point me in the right direction of code to use? I have tried several different ones (like...
  4. m_in_spain

    Pushing an image from Excel to Word along with other bookmarks

    Hi Everyone. Firstly let me say I am completely new to this and have found this forum just today. I have scratched around but cannot find some code for what i am trying to do. Next is the advance apologies if there already is an answer to this and also if i have not described my problem/what i...
  5. S

    Copying Multiple Excel ranges to Word doc

    Hi All, I have a number of ranges which I would like to paste into word doc, when i do one it works fine however on the 2nd range it doesnt seem to work. So ideally it would paste the first range, then do a few spaces then the second range and so on. Would be good to have the page in landscape...
  6. G

    VBA CopyRange selection into Word document

    I have managed to come up with the following code to highlight a range of cells of a table in excel that I need to post into a word document. I need help actually getting my "copyrange" selection into the word document. Any ideas? Sub Macro04() Dim wApp As Word.Application Dim wDoc As...
  7. A

    Excel CheckBox Into Word Paragraph.

    Hi all, I've recently generated an excel table for my company, showing every kind of assessment we do (followed by an ActiveX checkbox). The initial aim was to select any boxes you want, and generate a price at the end. Easy.Private Sub CheckBox6_Click() temp = "23" temp2 = "H23" If...
  8. N

    Copy multiple tables from excel to word

    Hello, I have a workbook with several worksheets and in each of them there is a table I'd like to copy to word (each worksheet consists only on the table) with a VB macro. I've already been able to copy one table but now I want to add the other tables with a "for each... next" command. I'm...
  9. R

    Excel to Word - Inserting Chart and Comment with Excel filename inside

    Hi guys This should be a simple one... I've got some code in Excel which formats my charts, then I have some more code to copy in my chart to Word All fine so far, But I want to insert a comment when I insert the chart with a hyperlink to the Excel location, so the next user knows the...
  10. E

    Using Excel data in Word VBA macro

    Hi! I am trying to write a macro which will use data in an excel file to detect the language of a word file. Basically, I have a word file named p18273602_1046_1_.doc, where 1046 is a language code. This changes depending on the language (i.e. p18273602_7_1_.doc). In an Excel file, I have a...
  11. A

    Excel to Word VBA: Copying too many rows

    I have 2 Columns (A & B) that I need to copy from excel and paste into word as RTF format. Although the number of rows differs daily, I will always need to begin the copy from cells A2 and B2. I am able to copy/paste everything into word just fine, but it selects too many rows when copying...
  12. C

    capture EXCEL date and insert in WORD--send Excel data into Word Doc

    Hi Gurus, Hope you guys had a great weekend.I have situation where I have capture the 'Cell Value' from EXCEL and I have to reflect that value in Word (no copy paste) once you click 'pushbutton' in excel worksheet it should reflect the value in WORD.Hope someone can show me the light! Im...
  13. M

    Creating an Invoice in Word using Data in Excel

    Hello, I've tried searching this form (and google) and I haven't quite found what I'm looking for so i figured I would ask a question. Essentially, I need to take a bunch of information that I have in excel and populate a Word Document to create an invoice. The way that I was thinking about...

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