excel & vba 2007

  1. E

    Insert object - What do the numbers between ( ) do or mean?

    This is related to a different question I asked about getting exact position on a sheet of a option box but I have made it a separate question in case it can be applied to other objects and therefore perhaps help others. Admin please delete if you feel this question is not appropriate. I have...
  2. E

    Get the exact position or coordinates, L,R,U,D of a object (option button)on a worksheet?

    I am using Excel 2007 Is there a way of seeing or getting the exact position coordinates of a object on a worksheet, maybe a macro that can return or display the coordinates into a cell or on the clip board? The object is a option box called "OptionBox1" What I mean by exact position is the...
  3. E

    Macro to check a Cells Value and run different code depending on the cells value?

    Hi I have the following code in a macro that creates sets the value of Cell B25. If Range("B23").Value = 2 Or Range("B23").Value = 3 Or Range("B23").Value = 4 Or Range("B23").Value = 5 Then run code <run code="">This works well but I now need it to do the following so it runs different code...
  4. S

    change data to other form

    hi all members, i was wondering how i may change column (F) to (G) and the same thing with column (H) and (I) <tbody> <tbody> (F)original (G)with formula (H)original data (I)data with formula 99.798 99.798 km 1373.0547 1373.0547 M/MIN 99.798 99.798 km 1373.0547 1373.0547 M/MIN 99.798...
  5. N

    Saving excel tabs as PDF.

    Hi all, I have a macro that works in printing out the requested fields for all items on a drop down list. It determines if there is any values on the second page then prints out just one or both pages depending on what is returned. I am trying to adjust it so it saves as PDF rather than prints...
  6. N

    Impossible: 4 or 5 columns permutation with limit of 11 in VBA Excel

    What I am looking for is impossible permutation combination I have been on this for sometime and cant seems to wrap a Excel vba around it. here goes. I have 5 columns each have a list of names( max limit of names per column is 50) First column a list of fruits Second column a list of...
  7. A

    In VBA, How to create a template from Excel to Notepad with exact character positions

    #2[/URL] 42729]I have an excel file with a template to write it in Notepad with certain format, #2[/URL] 42729] #2[/URL] 42729]And the Output in notepad is, #2[/URL] 42729] #2[/URL] 42729]Below is the code which I tried and also got help from stack overflow, but I am not able to compose the...
  8. N

    VBA code to Record all keys pressed in window

    Hi all, Could you please provide me a macro that record all keys pressed in anywhere in system. It will also fine if it record all key pressed in Internet explorer only. Thanks, Nitesh
  9. I

    Trying to save and close excel (2007) from ms access (2007) vba

    Still learning Ms Access vba but learning fast. I am not understanding fully and I am stumped on just on two things of which I am sure solve one, the other will also be solved. Spent the last 2 days with no progress. :( I have a button on my form opening my excel spreadsheet (template)...
  10. R

    VBA to replace negative values with zero's

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out the VBA to replace all negative values in a specific range, on a specific worksheet "MonteCarlo", Range "S3:AMD163". I have tried unsuccessfully couple of times with the following code: Amy help from a more seasoned VBA writer would be appreciated! Sub...
  11. E

    Macro to delete cells

    Hi, Can you suggest any VBA code which will delete the cells with no data entries. I also want it to remove the 24 x hourly periods plus the date cell which is 24 merged cells. I hope you can copy and paste sp you can see the formatting. Period 1 could have a min of 3 days of data (6 empty...
  12. E

    VBA to delete cells

    Hi, I update a spreadsheet to record hourly average service response time through a 24hr period. Once the data is entered this can leave a number of days without any data entries. In the example below this would be from 24-1 of 8/11/2017. I run a macro which does a lot of formatting that had...
  13. A

    x-axis calendar week and year for multiple years

    Hello, I'd like to change the x-axis with values from the table to generate a Gantt chart. I have no problems to create a chart with for example a range from calendar week 20-51. <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-weight: inherit; line-height...
  14. R

    Disable Save As in .XLSM file

    I have a macro-enabled workbook and I would like to disable the Save and save as option in the workbook to prevent users from creating local copies of the same. I used the following code in Thisworkbook, <code class="vb keyword" style="white-space: nowrap; font-size: 1em !important...
  15. austin397

    Need a hand with matching cells

    I need 5 horizontal cells to automatically fill in based on the information that might be in 10 vertical cells without the 5 horizontal cells duplicating. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l8fcalyjlbjrlh4/AAALvRoEbTDq4tGhk5BclGURa?dl=0 The link will take you to my dopbox where you can download a...
  16. S

    Find and report list of words in excel

    Hi All, I am new to this forum hoping someone could help. I have an excel like below A B C Man_is Human Man Women_if Human Cat Cat Animal Dog Animal I need to find the words from column C matched against Column A...

    How to open multiple Excel workbooks

    Sometimes (usually) I can't open multiple Excel workbooks at the same time. Sometimes (not often) I can. I try double-clicking on the file(s); right-click/open; etc. Nothing seems to work consistently. When I have BookA open, I have to close it before can open BookB. I "think" this started...
  18. G

    FormulaArray in Excel Macro

    Hi all, I have been referring to this forum quite a fair bit recently to learn about Excel Macro from fellow experts in here. And for that, I want to thank you all first. I have also referred some threads related FormulaArray too... which comes to the main reason of this thread. I know that...
  19. R

    extract the data of last 15days fom current day.

    hi every one i have file which has data of last 30 days but it have to extract data daily of last 15 days from current day. now i am manually putting the dates of last 15 days and using vlook up to match but i guess there is another way through VBA . the data is in column A. Any one please...
  20. R

    comparing two sheets base on unique value

    I have 2 sheets named orange book data alerts and total orange book data alerts , both sheets have data from A to M, unique value is in Column A in both the sheets. here I compare orange book data alerts with total orange book data alerts. When there is a match, compare its row cell values for...

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