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  1. N

    Excel VBA - How to extract the image from url and embed in excel?

    I am trying to extract the image from url and embed in excel 2007. My Excel is simple , it contains 2 columns , Column 1 has the image url and in other column i want the embed the image. i am using the attached code , it is working perfectly fine for first row where i have saved the image from...
  2. I

    Insert new row with above active cell using vba excel

    Hi , i have data in column A, B ,C but i need to insert new row above active cell in coloum B original format <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C 4 APPLE SUGAR MILK WATER 5 BANANA SUGAR MILK WATER 10 MANGGO SUGAR MILK...
  3. A

    Array not storing data

    I want to test a condition and if its true then i want to store that index for which it is true in an array. But the array isn't taking up values. My code: Dim yridx(50, 2) As Integer For i = X To 1 Step -1 If (Year(Range("A" & i).Value) <> Year(Range("A" & j).Value)) Then...
  4. P

    Extracting certain data from a text files to Excel using VBA

    Hello rick i have some text files in a folder i want to extract some data text from these files to excel i want to extract some text after pppppppppp word and before aaaaaaaaaa word.. suppose in my text file pppppppppp 4547697864 aaaaaaaa is my text file and now i want to extract data...
  5. T

    Find and replace with cell reference

    Hi All! I'm trying to do a find and replace but I would like to replace the contents with a Cell value, there are around 500 cells that need this doing so i'm trying to think of a way to do it using the cell value as a variable Basically one of the example are below...
  6. D

    Excel VBA Validating the values in a column

    I am trying to find a way to check all values entered into a specific column to ensure that all values are a valid mmddyy date. The column will be of text type, so there is the potential for this column to contain any values. I am not sure if there is a more elegant solution but out of the...
  7. S

    Userform to search on two column from data range

    At the moment, I am searching on one column. But I am stuck on how to search on two or multiple fields to bring up more of a specific result. I am trying to narrow my search down from 1 to 2 to bring up more specific data. Can anyone help. Thanks in Advance. Appreciate the help...
  8. T

    Excel VB Set Background Colour of Variable Range of Cells in Same Row According to Lookup Value in Another Worksheet

    Hi All, I would be really grateful for some help on this one (Excel 2007 onwards) I have two worksheets, 'Analysis1' and 'Support'. 'Analysis1' is generated from a number of sources, and I have no problem in getting the data into it. The number of columns in this worksheet can vary, but the...
  9. A

    1004: Application-defined or object-defined error

    I'm trying to create a change log for 2 different sheets in this workbook. My first one works using: Dim irow As Long Dim icol As Integer For irow = 1 To 65536 For icol = 1 To 6 If Worksheets("Extra Opener Schedule").Cells(irow, icol).Value <> Worksheets("EOS").Cells(irow, icol).Value...
  10. K

    Excel VBA to edit response in Google sheet via Google form

    I have this Excel VBA code to edit response of Google form, this code is working for one url but how to edit all existing response with excel until the last empty row. Any help will make my day.. I am working from 2 to 3 days for the same and search forum but no solution. I am attaching excel...
  11. A

    show userform when i move a shape from one column to another

    Hii!! I have two columns in my worksheet where i have to move shapes inserted anywhere in column 1 to column 2. whenever i do so i want a userform to appear in my sheet. There is only one text box and one submit button in userform. whatever data i insert in that textbox that gets saved in sheet3...
  12. A

    Run a macro to update selected shape color after every 3 seconds

    I want this macro to run after every 3 seconds so that each time i move a selected shape among many shapes its color should change. But this code only works once... It doesn't repeat or doesn't change the color of next shape i select and move to particular position. Public RunWhen As Double...
  13. M

    vba to replace old value by target value search almost key words matching

    I have data in column D:D Header value is Source: I have to align the values proper format like My target is CSV File But it has like CSV or CSV_File or CSV File so it got mis appropriate values of text in col My target is CSV File from where find CSV 2nd target is Manual - CBT from where ever...
  14. M

    VBA code 3 way lookup replace the old value by new value from masterdata

    dear experts i have set of data need to compare with first 3 way lookup result with child series and description. lookup value is COUNTRY and DSERIAL and GCOA PARENT result should be match with masterdata file if not match replace by new value. for e.g COUNTRY = Luxembourg DSERIAL = 10004...
  15. M

    need vba code to group set of data by column A:A and sum and average of lenght of column

    Dear sir I want to group by Column A (i.e. Item) and Column N (i.e. length) and also want to add the sum total of each change in lengths of column E,F,G,H,I,J In the column K subtotal of E:J lenghts of column & want to add the average of L,M,N Pls find the attachment what i looking for
  16. K

    Transfer of Excel data into Word Document (VBA Code)

    Hello, I am assigned the task at work to transfer the data from the excel documents into the word document for the final proposals. We have been doing this without a VBA Code, this is quite time consuming process. The clearest way we found to transfer the data from excel is by in the word...
  17. V

    How do I debug a message if another message prevents me from doing so ?!?

    OK, a vague enough question I am sure, but this is my predicament : If I run my VBA program I get an error message "Argument Not Optional" ... but if I debug I get the message "Can't execute code in break mode" !! My main VBA is in Thisworkbook and the new code is as follows ...
  18. V

    Close all files except the current active macro file.

    Hi, I'm trying to close all the file except the macro file. But it closes all the files including macro file. Any help / clarification would be appreciated. Sub exceptwb() Dim wb As Workbook Application.DisplayAlerts = False For Each wb In Workbooks If wb.Name <> ThisWorkbook.Name Then...
  19. M

    VBA Code returns "Error 6' Overflow error when array element is greater than 1010

    Hello Guys! I am having a problem with my code below. This code extracts data from a text file. The part where the error occurs is on the 'Converts the quantity from string to integer data type part of the code. It returns an overflow error. It works fine for text files with lines up...
  20. dmqueen

    Copy dropdown selection into worksheet

    Pleas help! I have a dropdown list in Column B. I need to be able to copy the selected value into the worksheet by tomorrow or I'm fired! As simple as possible please!

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