excel vba 2013

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    For each unique value in a column, filter and sum the number of visible rows then copy this to another sheet

    Learning Excel VBA on the go to automate a few processes at work and web search didn't provide an answer for this. I have a worksheet with about 15 columns that acts as a log for the work performed daily (Dates in column 1). These tasks are categorized for data analysis purposes (Categories in...
  2. A

    VBA Code for Automatic Summary/Report

    Hello Everyone, Good Day ! I'm learning about excel vba coding and i have an excel file which is something like small invoices sheets and i have added one more sheet like summery/report. Only i want to make copy and paste some specific cells from invoices to summery sheet, attached small...
  3. T

    VBA Code to lock the cell after data entering with maintaining the filter option

    I have a protected worksheet and need to have specific cells locked after data is entered. I would also like to keep the filter option working after locking the cell( protect the sheet). I currently have a working code that does what I'm looking for but it covers ALL the unlocked cells on the...
  4. S

    VBA to select range of cells down to bottom border - ?????

    Hey, so I will make this fast. I am looking for a way to select a range of cells, starting with A17, down column A, to where a bottom double line border is. There are no other bottom borders in the range. The range can vary, i.e. A17:A46; A17:A2345837, etc etc. All of the range's cells may...
  5. C

    VBA code for Submit/Clear Button?

    Good day guys. I'm trying to create a Data Entry using VBA code. I successfully created the User Form but I am having problem about the code in Submit / Clear button. So, basically I just want to fill up my excel sheet what ever I enter in my user form specifically in COLUMN C, I, J, and K. I...
  6. A

    Excel VBA Worksheet Change Event Causes Message Box to Appear Multiple Times

    The below code checks to ensure a certain cell has a value before changing the color back to the sheet's original color. By changing the color from yellow to the sheet's original color, the user is able to print. The issue is that once a value is entered, the message box keeps appearing when...
  7. S

    Worksheet_Change - Multiple Changes - Code not working ?????

    I have a worksheet with a Worksheet_Change sub in it. I have two sets of code in it. Each set, individually, works as planned (tested). But when together, for some reason only the first set is catching correctly. Here is the code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)...
  8. S

    Update Pivot Chart upon use of slicer

    So I have 3 worksheets that each have a number of pivot charts on them. The pivot data is on a different sheet than the pivot charts. Charts and Data are on separate sheets. I have a number of slicers (4) on each sheet too .... all three sheets have the same slicers so that if I make a change...
  9. G

    Reducing the amount of code with Arrays

    This is my code for checking the system clock and comparing it with the dates of the tax year Sub dateesystem() 'decclare all variable to differnt type '------------------------------------------------- Dim StartDateMonth01 As Date Dim StartDateMonth02 As Date Dim StartDateMonth03 As Date Dim...
  10. V

    An Excel VBA file which able to open .dotm change it and save as an pdf for e-mail. Possible??

    Hi everyone I am trying to make a excel file with vba codes. Plan is that file save datas, choose information daily, open an existed word object (.dotm) change bookmarks I create and save it. All is fine till save as a .pdf and send e-mail via outlook app. I already do this in excel with active...
  11. M

    Copy rows from another file (without opening file) and paste in active file

    Hello, trying to do the title task (in Phase 1 & 3 of code below), but getting the type mismatch error when running. Please help, thanks in advance! Sub PhaseOne() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Call PhaseOneStepOne Call PhaseOneStepTwo Call PhaseOneStepThree...
  12. S

    Making text BLUR

    I am working on a project, where I am automating IE. Where IE is accessing "www.google.com", and typing "population" and clicking on "google search" button. Desire: I don't want to show what I am entering to the search box. Or I want the text, "population", to be blur or hidden, so that while...
  13. M

    dates, columns, conditional formatting, neighbouring cells (below/above)

    Hello everybody out there, I do believe that VBA code is needed for my problem. So please, be kind and help me. I have table with many dates (all dates are in one specific column). Cells with dates are filled without some special order. Filtering is not applicable, because of other data...
  14. C

    Excel VBA to calculate Euro in one column and USD in an adjacent column when currency value is placed in either column

    I am pretty solid in my excel skills but am still learning about VBA. I am trying to figure out the script for performing an automated currency calulation (currency converter) when the cell in the first column is selected and a value is entered. The adjacent cell next to it should perform the...
  15. R

    Excel Table Functions: a Find returns the sheet row rather than the table row

    I have a small program that is trying to find a cell containing a certain string and return the Row in the table where it is found. Here is my program: Private Sub test() 'Routine to move data to table from Molding Table 'Check to not overwrite current records but add new ones...
  16. R

    Opening a second workbook breaks the UDF in the first workbook

    I have a workbook, Book-A, that I have defined a UDF. When I open a second workbook, it breaks the UDF on the first workbook. How do I stop this? Rich
  17. R

    Find a cell in a table column that matches my criteria?

    I am using Excel 2013. I have a listobject excel table called Assembly I need to find the cell that contains "asmb1" in column "Item Name" Here is what I have that does work: <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit...
  18. A

    VBA code for file save as in Excel 2013

    Hi, I have some code that needs to be updated but I'm not sure how to change. I am trying to save as into Excel 2013 excel workbook. This is the code I have: FileSaveName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:=ActiveWorkbook.Name, FileFilter:="Excel 2003 (*.xls), *.xls")...
  19. P

    To Format date over range of cells in Excel vba

    Hi, I am trying to format date over range of cells using Format(). Sheets("Details (Deliverables)").Range(Format(CDate(Cells(i, "N")), "dd/mm/yyyy"), Format(CDate(Cells(i, "W")), "dd/mm/yyyy")).Select I got error for this.I having Excel 2013. I tried using .NumberFormat but it is not working...
  20. J

    Alternate Filtering of Data Excel Vba

    Hi is there a way to make Excel column data alternating. For example : I would used it to evenly ditribute data to personnel so they would have a mixture of data and not only handling data with tagged as New or Old. Thank you
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