excel vba

  1. V

    Need help for VBA/Macro please!

    Good morning all, I'm having some difficulty with setting up a macro which will trigger if two conditions are met in a worksheet. Require a message box to appear if the value in a particular cell (D4) in the D column shows the keyword “Supplier” and if the value in a different cell (H7) in...
  2. S

    Printing Excel File to PDF combining with a Word File

    I've got 2 seperate files. One is a macro-enabled excel(Data) with userforms ad another is a macro-enabled word(Cover Page) with userforms. I want to combine these 2 into a PDF to form a report. Is something like that possible? Could you also please refer to helpful articles on this situation...
  3. M

    Using Word Mail Merge to create Barcode sticker labels from Excel

    I am trying to generate printable stickers using Mail Merge from Data I have in Excel. The Data I have: Using Mail Merge it turns into this as the Font changes from Code 128 in Excel and into Calibri in Word: Ideally, I would like it to look like the first record automatically but I had to...
  4. B

    When hyperlink in specific cell clicked, then record that cell address as a last action log

    im very new in VBA, and i gonna appreciate who ever wanting to help me... Here i have a case, i have several conversation action that linked with Hyperlink. lets say conversation module placed in cell Q6-Z6, and every cell has a title as a code (p1-p9) which placed on cel Q5-Z5.. i want to make...
  5. J

    HELP with VBA modification

    Hello everyone, I need some help in recompiling this code. It is meant to copy a range from a sheet, paste the range in a new sheet and save it at a given directory. It works as expected, except that it copies and pasted the range at A53:I54, while I want it to be pasted at A1. Plus, if possible...
  6. S

    Excel VBA how to search data from a date

    Hi, I'm trying to do a research in a userform from a date, I can search from a word but can't figure out how to do it from a date. Like here in the picture, from the textbox I have to enter the date of birth then click search and then the looked for data would go in respective textbox. Can...
  7. T

    Excel Solver Diffucult Problem

    Hello, Fabrics are to be cut to certain sizes. Example; 24 pieces of 225 cm 32 pieces of 175 cm 88 pieces of 150 cm 24 pieces of 75 cm 32 pieces from 50 cm 80 pieces from 35 cm These require 304 meters of fabric. One ball of fabric is 6 meters. 51 balls of fabric is enough without any loss...
  8. E

    Excel, Loop to add data in cells

    Hello, I need some help with coding in Excel VBA. I have a file with 2 worksheets, and I have to code a macro in VBA, but I do not know how this works... In WS 1 there is data being added by some formulas that extract data from WS 2. I have to operate in WS1. In column F there is added, what...
  9. D

    Copy as formula paste as formula

    Hello I have two workbooks one in which i wish to copy from and the other i wish to paste into. My source workbook some cells have formulas but some have values and i would like to paste as what they are in a tare workbook but the same way So if source cell copying from is a formula then paste...
  10. 2

    Copy paste the value between two worksheets in different workbook only if they have same sheet name

    Scenario: There have two excel files, one for 2pm and one for 3pm meeting. The files are not exact same, but currently we need to copy some of the data from 2pm file to 3pm one everyday. Requirements: Only copy the value between two worksheet on two different workbook (2pm and 3pm) if they have...
  11. A

    Extract 4 weeks data from a planning worksheet at increment of "1" in a cell for every worker and every task on each day

    I have a planning worksheet (sheet1) with number of vba codes (command buttons) that performs various task. I am now trying to add another function which is to extract and generate a 4 weeks summary (Sheet3) from sheet1 anytime the command button is clicked. This is how the code on sheet3 will...
  12. dss28

    Show desktop when a command button is clicked on a userform

    I desire to have a command button on a userform which can show the user the desktop for opening and referring any file or running other program. Basically required to start the whatsapp for desktop application when the user does not run it before opening the macro application for messaging. So...
  13. H

    Call to second macro doesn't work if no results in original

    I have a sheet which I run a VBA macro on and that macro has a call to run an additional macro. What I am finding is that if there are no selections when the first macro is run, it does not continue to run the second; only if there ARE selections in the first. I have obviously missed something...
  14. S

    Excel VBA Error handling

    Hi All, I have a button my protected excel sheet named " Delete line item" . This is the following code: Sub del() Call shtdeclaration rowval = InputBox("Which row would you like to clear", "QA_Matrix") If CInt(rowval) <> 0 Then Application.EnableEvents = False sht_Reactive.Unprotect...
  15. S

    Excel delete number of rows if cells equals certain text

    Hi there, Im looking for a way to delete a total of 6 rows if a cell (C20) in the first of those 6 rows contains "#REF!". Here's what i have so far : Sub Button7_Click() Dim srchRng As Range Worksheets("Summary").Activate ActiveWindow.DisplayFormulas = False Set srchRng =...
  16. L

    Macro to Find a match and update corresponding value

    Hello All, I have something similar situation on my workbook. Sheet1 has large amount of data with Product name (column A) and current value (column D). There are some blank records in between too. Sheet2 has Product name (column A) and sold amount (column B). There are no blank records in...
  17. szita2000

    Excel VBA R1C1 formula with variable

    Hi Guys. I am trying to solve a bad-bad report where I have 135 columns of skills. I need to filter out people with no skills in any of the skills columns. (124 of them) So I went with adding an extra column to the end of the table and in the second row I am adding a Countblank formula which...
  18. dss28

    VBA excel code for saving task with frequency based on incremental date value

    I have a userform which is used for billing as well as task management. there are several textboxes in the userform but most important for this are: txb34 (srNo), txb21 (task name), txb7 (Donation), txb37 (schedule on date), txb8 (Qty.), txb9 (total price), txb1 and combobox2 arranged in the...
  19. O

    Add multi-row range at the end of a Table(Listobject)

    Hello I have some data in a worksheet in columns A through E...The rows of data are changing..Some day the range may be A5:E10, another day A5:E30..These data are not in a table (listobject).I am trying to paste them in a table (listobject) in another workbook.I have managed to paste them...
  20. J

    Outlook VBA set focus on Excel workbook

    I've got a pair of macros that interact with Outlook and Excel. The process starts when a new email comes into my inbox. The first Outlook macro kicks on and opens a specific Excel document. It then takes apart the email body and subject and passes those strings as vars to the Excel doc. Once...
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