excel vba

  1. arup1032

    VBA solution need to hide columns

    I have an Excel sheet where columns A and B need to be visible always. I have some range C to O Q to AC AE to AQ AS TO BE BG TO BS BU TO CG CI TO CU CW TO DI DK TO DW DY TO EK EM TO EY FA TO FM FO TO GA GC TO GO GQ TO HC HE TO HQ HS TO IE IG TO IS IU TO JG JI TO JU i need When I will select...
  2. V

    Create sheets from templates selected according to unique cell data

    Hello, Can anyone help in cranking out the VBA code I have a "Master" sheet with 2 columns : "TYPE" and "NAME" and I have a command button (ActiveX Controls) created and named it "CREATE SHEET" And, I have 2 other sheets namely "TEMPLATE A" & "TEMPLATE B". What I would like to do is: EXAMPLE...
  3. H

    Applying conditional formatting to all tables

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum / VBA and I’m trying to create a code that applies conditional formatting for all columns in every pivot table and refreshes every table in my Excel workbook. I’ve been able to set this up for one pivot table / one sheet but I’m not sure how to change my code...
  4. S

    Need to save workbooks in today's date folder

    Good Morning, Everyone is doing well !! Though I am still in the learning phase and in past years learned so much from Forums and Youtube videos. Need help with the below code where I have successfully saved the files in a folder by giving them a location and the location we need to put in...
  5. M

    VBA for sending all emails in outlook draft folder

    Hi, I need support for knowing the problem in the below code as the error message "Run-Time Error '13':type mismatched" appeared Sub SendAllDraftEmails() 'Declare variables Dim objOutlook As Outlook.Application Dim objFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder Dim objMail As Outlook.MailItem Dim lCounter...
  6. K

    Excel x powepoint ayuda

    quiero pasar una base de datos de excel a powerpoint pero cada vez que se genera el archivo se crea en las mismas diapositivas , quiero que se haga en el orden de la base de datos en la misma diapostiva Opción explícita Sub Combina Correspondencia() Dim strBaseDatos como hoja de...
  7. F

    How to Export Worksheets to separate excel by sheet just have 1-100 row to file with vba

    While import file will have many row maybe more than 5000 row, so I want to cut 1-100 row to in 1 excel and then 101-201 loop file until to 5000 row. Sub test() Sheet60.Range("A1:BX100").Copy Workbooks.Add Application.DisplayAlerts = False ActiveSheet.Paste Destination:=Range("A1")...
  8. D

    How can I use Application.XLookup across every sheet in my workbook?

    Here is my code, first off: Sub namelookup() SalesForm.BHSDTAPNAMELF.Value = Application.XLookup(Val(SalesForm.BHSDMAINNUMBERLF.Value), Worksheets("NICK TAPS").Range("S:S"), Worksheets("NICK TAPS").Range("T:T"), Application.XLookup(Val(SalesForm.BHSDMAINNUMBERLF.Value), Worksheets("CB...
  9. K

    VBA to copy row from one sheet and paste above row on another sheet

    I have a workbook with 2 worksheets, one named "Timesheet" and the other named "Data". I created a button on the "Timesheet" worksheet (Add Work) that will insert a blank row on the row directly above the button. Row 2 on the "Data" worksheet has code in some of the cells and I want to...
  10. K

    #When "ITEM LIST" is selected in the range in particular cell, the HYPERLINK should be visible on the side. (VBA)

    When "ITEM LIST" is selected in the range in particular cell, the HYPERLINK should be visible on the side. *My Hyperlink click and Jump Sheet 2 "Table 2" (Table 1 location = Sheet 1) My TABLE NAME IS = "Table 1" Range name (B3:B8) = "ITEM_LIST" How to possible This Query ??? Kindly Share...
  11. W

    copying contents from multiple sheets and paste to one sheet while clearing contents before.

    Hello all, Hope you can answer me I have been trying to add (clearcontents) to the code below that I have to copy from all sheets , clearcontents in master sheet before paste then paste , and everytime I am getting an error. to sum up what Im trying to do, copy contents from all sheets I have...
  12. U

    Filter Pivot table based on cell value with multiples value separate (with comma)

    Hi Mr Excel Community, Please note I have a report and already have a macro that user be able to select multiple options in dropdown (Data Validation List) (Range C4) but now I need that everytime C4 changed the pivot table be updated with the values according the cell. I already have the code...
  13. F

    Device ID Lookup through VBA

    Hey Team, Device ID is not one of the Environ Variables Excel can access. Does anyone know how to lookup the Device ID of the computer you are currently working on using Excel VBA? I can find this variable myself by going to the about section in settings. however I am looking to reference this...
  14. Q

    Automatically insert new rows with predefined values

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to automate specific tasks for our business and decided to rework our excel files. These excel files are used to upload specific products automatically. The base idea is to insert new rows with predefined values with checkboxes. I've already written some code which...
  15. M

    Delete filtered rows on a sheet with unknown number of rows

    I recently started learning excel vba and so far I have relied heavily on the 'record macro' option for a lot of the formatting work. I've run into an issue, where I need the code to delete filtered rows (while keeping the headers), but the number of rows changes between sheets so I can't code...
  16. K

    Syntax Error in Access VBA

    Hi All, I am a novice in MS Access and VBA. I have written this code below to get a cumulative sum when a certain condition is satisfied. Calling this function in a Access query design. But it throws an error saying it contains a syntax error. Could anyone help rectify this? Public Function...
  17. E

    Excel VBA Date Formatting help

    Hello I hope someone can help as I have been trying to figure this out for the last few days and getting nowhere. I have a complaints database that I have put together where the user fills in the userform with the details of the complaint and it gets put into the correct tab in the workbook...
  18. C

    Comparing Cells

    I have a large workbook and the data within in needs to be filtered, I have datestamps in column A, these then need to be checked over all of coulmn A to see if there are any duplicates, if there are that duplicate then needs to be check against a value in column D, coulmn D contains a value...
  19. C

    Lots of help Please

    Hi all, I am Currently working on a VBA that is able to open lots of workbooks from within a folder, each of these workbooks only has 1 work sheet, this work sheet will have multiple columns and 1000s of rows. I have an identifier in Row R that I use to separate the data. I then want excel to...
  20. M

    Macro Fit a image in a cell acording to his size.

    As this is my first message here and I don't see any place to make it, i Want to say Hello word and thanks for the amazing job all you are doing for teaching us. I have a question with a macro that works well, but I can't adapt it to improve what I want. I have a book that the first sheet is...

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