1. G

    Update stock when title and size matches between two Excel or Google Sheets

    We have 2 sheets (Sheet 1) and (Sheet 2). sheets1 has 3 columns (Title1) - (Size1) - (Stock1). sheets2 has 3 columns (Title2) - (Size2) - (Stock2). We want to update each cell in (Stock2) Column in (Sheet 2) when any cell in Title1 and size1 in sheet1 = any cell in Title2 and And Size2...
  2. S

    Excell Formula is miscalculating based on other cells.

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice. i have a built spreadsheet where i am calculating the cost of a product based on other factors. To give an example: A1) 2.21 >>>>entered manually A2)=A1 >>>> (so shows 2.21) A3)=ROUND(SUM(35/B11),2) >>>> to explain, this is taking a figure of 35, then...
  3. L

    Highlight Cells on Sheet 1 Where differences are found

    I've managed to compare 3 separate ranges on one workbook with 3 single ranges across 3 workbooks. Right now it's written to just pop up with a message box either letting me know the data is the same or the data is different. What I would like to do is for the macro to not only let me know there...
  4. I

    vba to transfer data from excel tab into ppt presentation.

    Hope you guys can help, I have an excel file with multiple tabs and power point presentation template. One of the tabs on excel file has following information: column B is Product column and has following products (each product has multiple lines): AINJ CRIV HCRV column K has dollar amounts. I...
  5. N

    ISBN 13 and ISBN 10 validation function in VBA/Macro

    HI , Looking for ISBN (10 and 13) validation specifically for ISBN 13 so I can used on VBA Macros , I saw some ISBN 10 validation , but couldn't find proper one for ISBN 13 , the function I can used in VBA like the following : if fn_isValidISBN13('1234567890123') then 'do something end if...
  6. M

    Activate next workbook

    Hi all, Every day I export 4 workbooks from Navision. I would like to create a macro that will put all 4 workbooks into one and then do some calculations. The problem is that these workbooks have different names every day. Is there a way to activate the next workbook regardless of the name?
  7. G

    Find Multiple Command For VBA in Excell

    Good day, I am new to the VBA code for excell. I am trying to automate a process for my small business. I am trying to create a macro to find multiple values, one of them is "B00ZL31582". All i came with so far is: Cells.Find(What:="B00ZL31582", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlValues, _...
  8. G

    % Math for usage Excell

    I have a system which generates alerts for part usage but I worry its spamming them. Part lifespan = 30,000 (approx 1 month), Device “A” Average is 1% part lifespan per month or 300 counts per month Device “B” Average is 100% so 30K per month So how do I math? To get a dynamic usage figure...
  9. A

    5F921200 file format is not valid

    Please can anyone explain the following message I am getting each time I open Excell ... 5F921200 file format is not valid Thanks
  10. N

    Getting List of file in certain folder

    Dera Sir, I want to get all the name of files contain in certain folder in Excel by using VBA Code. I want to update all the files name in certain column in certain sheet. Can It possibe in excell. Thank You in advance.
  11. Z

    Paste but keep Destination formatting

    hi heres my code but its keeping the sheet 1 text format when i want it to be like sheet 2 text and cell format Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Sheets("sheet1").Range("A1:A4").SpecialCells(xlConstants).copy _ Sheets("sheet2").Range("A1:A4").End(xlUp) End Sub
  12. Z

    If and Else Copy & Paste

    1 Copy only the text of a range (A1:A20) on sheet 1 2 paste that text on the next empty row on sheet 2 I would give my code buts its all rubbish because as far as i got was to copy the whole range and paste it on sheet 2 with spaces
  13. Z

    Ampersand from another sheet and keeping two different text colors VBA

    Hi Im trying to get a code that can take data from multiple cells from sheet1 and place them in the same cell on sheet2 but the tricky part is keeping the same colors of the text from sheet1. For example sheet one A1-Roses A2-Are Read should read on sheet2 A1-RosesAre Red
  14. D

    Storing work sheets from other Workbook into One Excel work book

    Dear Mr. Jury, Please help me for storing all worksheets from Workbooks into One Excell Book. Thanks and Regards, DINAUKAUR
  15. S

    Help formatting an overdue column however want blank if source cell is blank

    Hi, i have a column which is formatted to populate an overdue when a date is less then today. When I drag the formate down it populates overdue as there is no date currently. How to i I keep the formate however when the source cell is blank the formatted blank remains blank too? sam
  16. J

    Sql Store Procedure from Excel for Mac

    Friends, How can I call a stored procedure from Vba Excell for Mac? Thanks
  17. I

    converting expression into total mins

    i have data that is imported into excell. the data is expressed like this"1h, 24m" which indicates 1 hour 24 minutes how can i convert that into total mins excell doesnt recognise "1h, 24m" as a measure of time is there any vba formula i could use to convert it into total mins? thanks for any help
  18. C

    Assigning 6 values to another Cell

    Hello I am trying to find a way to assign 6 different values to a cell based on numbers that were entered in another cell. So for example: in Cell D2 someone would enter either 1, 2,3,4,5 or 6. I then want Cell H2 to automatically put a 10 if there was a 1 in D2, a 6 if there was a 2 in D2...
  19. D

    Quick Question

    Hello everyone. I have a short question i really really need answering. A1 = 350 euro B1 = 500 euro C1 = B1-A1 (ok i do a simple SUM) but in case 1 variable "Say.... B5 isnt in yet so the box is blank..." How do i B2 = 450 euro C2 = B2-A1...
  20. C

    more level of nesting

    I had excell 2007 and i upgrade to 2016. everything was working fine with 2007 and also excell 365 i have this nesting and how i can change to be able to used with excell 2016 =(IF(G3="STORAGE 1",".666666666",(IF(G3="STORAGE 2",".80",(IF(G3="TRANSPORTATION",".80",(IF(G3="STORAGE...

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