1. X

    VBA code to include the headers in my VBA code and paste special to keep source formatting

    I need help with my VBA code. My code autofilters Column D(Department) from row 19 and paste to different sheets by Department Name. However, Row 1 - 18 (Headers & body text) which are currently excluded in the new sheet. I need to include row 1- 18 and paste special to keep source formatting...
  2. S

    Advanced filtering of data into other sheet and copying the same sheet into a new workbook

    Hello ..!! This is my 3rd thread with Mr.Excel and my journey here is making me visualize what all can I automate using VBA and becoming successful with smaller macros for now. Thanks to everyone who is making my journey here fruitful ..!! :) So I am here with a request for macro that I need...
  3. C

    copy range form one sheet to another

    Hello all, Need your help. I am unsure why the below is not working. All I am trying to accomplish is to lookup a value in column A, find that same value in Column A on a different sheet, and copy the data from the first sheet in Column G:O to the same G:O range in the second sheet... When I...
  4. V

    stuck with my excel macro, to pull subject from email to a new sheet

    Stuck with my excel macro: to pull subject from email to a new sheet. The macro pulls the information to new sheet but when I tried to add column header it gets added to the sheet 1 where I have added the macro button.
  5. C

    VLookup Worksheet Function: Run TIme 1004 issue

    I am receiving a "Run Time Error 1004 - Unable to get the VLookup property if the WorksheetFunction" for the below, but not until the 3rd Vlookup runs. Values are in the lookup table, etc...Help! I don't understand why the first two run but not the third and fourth. The only difference between...
  6. C

    Working with a grid in user form

    Hi all, Need some guidance... I have a user form that has a grid that represents 7 years worth of text fields...it also has two text fields which are start date and end date. it is laid out like... y1jan, y1feb, y1mar, etc all the way through y7dec y1, y2, y3 etc are all populated with the year...
  7. Y

    color cells if two conditions met with vba

    Hi, basically I have this table range. I want to color the cells that are "0" but have length and serial number. but do nothing if don't have both conditions. i tried but it turns out all cells with "0" is colored even the conditions not met. I'm new with VBA. Still trying. glad if you could...
  8. J

    Find Specific String in Row and add to column on left hand side

    Hi, I am working on a production schedule file. A company is producing batches of product and each batch goes through three different processes. Each color represents a new process and GP/SP/RP represents a different location of the batch. I am wanting to have excel generate in a column on the...
  9. N

    Excel range/cell or cell value/data to copy into a certain outlook OFT Template body

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is keeping well! I was just wondering if anyone might be able to lend a hand or point me into the right direction, please? 😊 I have been experimenting with a few different ways that I could send excel data using VBA but have been struggling with this for some time now...
  10. M

    Bypassing Outlook Security Module when sending mail from VBA

    Hi All, I'm trying to send email from excel sheet, but before sending im getting a Outlook warning "A program is trying to access outlook email information..." with Allow, Deny and cancel button. im thinking of fully automating it but then this warning keeps on poping up whenever i sent an...
  11. M

    Extracting the content of Email Attachment into excel

    Hi All, I did an excel macro that will take the server logs from my outlook inbox and populate in excel sheet, in which my subject itself say on what date it ran, what job and the status(PASS/FAIL).Every thing is smooth here. But i wanted to take it further, for the failed emails we get logs...
  12. M

    Getting Key value from last occurrence of another table

    Hi, Im fairly very new to VBA Scripting. i have a problem please find the below table Output column is Comments Name Comments Alert A1 Phone P2 Email Not started The comment column gets the value from the below table Name subname value Alert A1 1 Alert A2 0 Alert A3 0...
  13. M

    Deleting Duplicates based on Active condition

    I'm new to VBA scripting trying to write a condition for the table, The condition is to take the fail status and loop through the same table and find if the appropriate ID has a pass status, if yes i need to delete the record, if no i have to retain the fail status. so my output will be i...
  14. S

    .Send function is not working for by below code

    Sub Mail_workbook_Outlook_1() Dim UserInputToEmail As String Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0) UserInputToEmail = Application.InputBox("Enter your email id") On Error Resume...
  15. S

    vba code to automail user based on user input

    Is there a way to take input(email-id) from the user and automatically mail the same excel sheet using vba code ? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. S

    How to copy the highlighted text from ColumnA to ColumnB, ColumnC

    Hello There, I want to copy the highlighted text from one column to other columns. There are two options. 1) Highlighted text is "BOLD" 2) Highlighted text is "COLORED" Ideal two separate solution each for "Bold" and "Color" If either of one is not possible then please give any one solution...
  17. W

    Create and Increment Numbers with Letter Combinations to make a serial number in VBA

    I have a data sheet that I input data from a user form. One aspect of the form is that as you finish adding the data and before you submit it to the data sheet a ID number is generated using the MAX function +1 in the VBA code which just increments 1,2,3,4. The user form is used to enter, add a...
  18. T

    expand/collapse pivot table based on slicer selection in pivot

    Hello All, Please find below the raw data and pivot table My requirement is, If i select "India" in "ops_center" slicer, the chart has to show only the "Mgrs Name" for "India" center like below The same way, if i select "Australia" in "ops_center slicer, the chart has to change like below...
  19. J

    How to merge rows so whole sheet shows “text” and “url” one under the other

    There are a bunch of highlighted yellow text. I want to merge rows e.g. 6, 7, 8 and 9 into 6. Similarly 17 & 18 into 17. So and so forth So the final output I want is Text URL Text URL Text URL Note: 1. This is sample file but it could have hundreds of rows with uneven rows to be merged. I...
  20. Z

    Modification required in VBA PDF to excel conversion

    The following VBA converts PDF file to excel. But i need some modification with it, At address A2 path of PDF file is entered and at B2 type is selected like .xlsx. When convert button is pressed it converts PDF to excel at same location. Now what i want with this code to be modified is that: 1)...
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