1. E

    Searching Field for Contents of Named Range

    I am using the following formula to check if a contact's job title, stored in cell K5, is found in a named range of job titles. SUMPRODUCT(--ISNUMBER(SEARCH(LeadershipTitles,K5)))>0 The problem is that this formula returns TRUE when the value in K5 is "Sales Coordinator" but that text (i.e...
  2. V

    How to extract multiple matches into separate columns in different sheet?

    Hi All, I am new to this forum & this is my first Q. We have 2 sheets. Sheet1 has Column A & B. Column A has a unique area name from A2: A100 and column B has our executive names from B2: B100, Each executive can have multiple areas. We have 10 executives. What I Need is... In Sheet2 I have...
  3. B

    Replace the current Picture on a Worksheet with another of choice.

    Hello Excel Gurus Once again I am thankful to this platform to help me when I got stuck in anything related to excel VBA. I have been searching all day today to look for a solution which matches my case but unfortunately did not find a single one or may be I am searching it all wrong. Kindly...
  4. S

    Deleting rows based on values in next row

    Hi All, I have a file from our SAP system that exports our company's organizational structure. It contains rows for each individual org relationship. I need to send this data to an external vendor that only wants one row per relationship, so they don't have to process extra rows. The example...
  5. proficient

    Spli data from cell to columns

    Hi everyone, I have number of cells having complete detail of an employee in one cell (for each) need to split by heading, data is like; Designation: Executive, ID card: 0011, DOJ: 25-May-2016 How can I seperate the data? As I need designation in seperate column, Executive in seperate and so on...

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