1. T

    don't copy sheet with specific name

    how to not copy a sheet with specific name please, thanks!
  2. A

    exel 2002 total accumulated payments

    i need to know what is the toal of monthly payments i have made i have forgotten how to include a spreadsheet on this forum post! thanks all <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2560;width:68pt" width="90"> <col...
  3. S

    LARGE MATCH and INDEX formulas with dublicates

    Hello, I have big problem. I want to make a 1,2,3 biggest numbers but there is two simillar so exel write two same words, how should I write the formula? =INDEX(A4:A16;MATCH(LARGE(H6:H16;{1;2;3}); H4:H16; 0)) How should I correct this formula? If it need, i can add the photo. P.S. sorry for...
  4. L

    Adding dynamic excel filter search box to existing exel tables?

    Hello all, Please help me with this. I have tried many vba and tutorials on youtube but with no any luck. I wanna add dynamic excel filter search box to existing exel tables. Can you please help with any tips?
  5. M

    random assignment

    Hello i have 1001 individuals in my dataset, i would like to assign randomly to each one "owner" and "non_owner". knowing that after the random assignement i should have 71% owner and 29% non-owner. is it possible with excel? thank you for your help
  6. F

    Combox list depend on OptionButton value

    Hi all, I'm trying to include 2 lists for my Combox listing, but it's not working.... Here's my code and I hope someone here is able to help out Private Sub OptionButton1_Click() End Sub Private Sub OptionButton2_Click() End Sub Private Sub OptionButton3_Click() End Sub Private Sub...
  7. G

    Excel Macro Just need to go next ROW if the value is not Numeric.

    This code has some syntax error but its generic I cant understand. Says For with no Next I have got an next in code it as I am new at this how can I Skip to next row if the row does not contain a number? For Each Nextcell In Range(InitialRow) If Not IsNumeric(Nextcell) Then...
  8. J

    Data Validation and Current Time

    I am creating a spreadsheet for users to punch in an out after they have completed a task. I need to ensure that these entries are honest. Is there a formula I can use that will ensure a user can only enter the current time in a given cell?

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