1. B

    match function on a filtered list

    HI i would like to use the match function on a filtered list it should return n/a if it doesn't exits on other list how can i do that ?
  2. B

    save active sheet as text

    Hi i would like an excel vba that does the following #1 it would save the active sheet as a text (tab delimited) file #2 it would also make sure that the file name is not more then 30 characters, if it is more then 30 charterers ,it should trim the file name starting from the right side...
  3. JazzSP8

    If Exits in this table use this, if not use that one?

    Hey All I'm treading water in Access again :-/ I'm pulling together some data from various locations, one price field in has two different versions, a "now" and a "future" both held in different Tables. I want to be able to edit my Query so that; "If the price exists in the Future, use the...
  4. M

    Premature exit from Sub

    Does anyone know what can cause the logic to just exit a called Sub without any condition? The Sub is running, then boom, it exits...no IF/WHEN condition, no Exit statement...nada
  5. P

    VBA password request before sub starts

    Hello Everyone, Is there a way for the sub code to prompt for a password before it allows for the sub to continue? Where if the incorrect password is provided by the user it exits the sub. Something like this would help a lot! Thanks, Pinaceous
  6. S

    VBA bug - code exits sub before completion - no error message

    Hi, I am a frequent reader of this forum and learned quite a lot from you guys so I hope you can help me in my current situation as well because I haven't found the answer anywhere. I have a big file that I have been working with for a while. Many formulas, links between tabs and so on. Not...
  7. Roopher

    ws.Copy: VBA sub just exits there - Excel XP SP3 issue?

    Hello! Using Excel XP SP2, I wrote VBA that does a ws.Copy which works fine (copy a hidden template worksheet within a workbook). When I tried to run the VBA on three (professionally administrated) company Excel XP SP3 machines, the very ws.Copy line of the code caused the sub to bail out with...

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