1. J


    Hello, Can someone help me understand this array formula. I found it online. It returns the value in the last occupied cell in a row but I would like to understand how the middle section works. My understanding is that ($T14:$HK14<>"") is FALSE, so what does dividing 1 by FALSE work. If...
  2. J

    Excel amortization calculation

    I have a question on mortgage payoff calculators spreadsheet its an advance formula but cant explain it so is there a way to send a picture of it?
  3. G

    I'd like to make a FOOD schedule spread sheet

    Guys, I am trying to make a spread sheet that keeps track of what I eat, when I do it and the average time between meals. I tried Excel since I'm assuming it's doable but of course, to do it, one must be able to explain it to others when one's asking for help. The actual span of a day is...
  4. M

    If VLookup

    I'll try to explain what I'm doing then add a picture for context. On another sheet (we'll call sheet 2) I have added two values together to get a sum. Those values are in column K. In K those values are either marked as "-" or a number. On sheet 1, I am trying to do a vlookup of that value...
  5. W

    What does this mean?

    HI, I've been using this formula for some time and I can just about fudge the way it works. =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&Courses&"'!b:b"),$B4,INDIRECT("'"&Courses&"'!"&SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(REPT(ADDRESS(1,COLUMNS($A:G),4),2),1,":",1),1,"")))) I understand its looking at the named range...
  6. Richard U

    What is this Index-match doing?

    I've stripped out all the path information and identifiable information. This is referencing an external workbook, but I have never seen an index match written like this before. Could someone please explain what this is doing...
  7. A

    What happens if i keep Application.ScreenUpdating = False ?

    Hey community, I want to use Application.ScreenUpdating = False in my VBA code to improve calculating time. I can't see difference between false/true I get result in both option. Can anybody explain me that please?
  8. D

    Help unstanding this formula?

    Hi, please can someone help and tell me what this formula is looking for or doing? =OFFSET('Current weeks data'!$A$1:$W$1000,,,COUNTIF('Current weeks data'!$K:$K,">"&0)+1) It's the last part I don't understand but if you could explain it all just incase im mistaken. Thanks Dan
  9. M

    Help with formula please.

    Hello everyone, My computer is Dell and my operating system is Windows 10. My goal is to be able to paste numbers in cells (in this example cells D2 to H2) and have appropriate numbers populate the target cells (cells above and below colored cells). I don't know the appropriate terminology to...
  10. P

    Can someone help me with these Slope and Linest Formulas?

    <tbody> <tbody> #DDEBF7[/URL] , align: right"]2.535 #DDEBF7[/URL] , align: right"] #DDEBF7[/URL] , align: right"]635.500 #DDEBF7[/URL] , align: right"]2.713 #DDEBF7[/URL] "] #DDEBF7[/URL] , align: right"]542.744 #DDEBF7[/URL] , align: right"]2.990 #DDEBF7[/URL] "] #DDEBF7[/URL] ...
  11. I

    Please can you explain this code

    Morning, I have an issue on one worksheet & trying to find the reason why. Please could you explain what the supplied code actually does. Please could you then advise another way to write it. Thanks Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim C As Range, d As Range Set d =...
  12. A

    Put a value to a cell only if two values of two other columns are the same

    Hello everyone, i tried to search and find what I am looking for but with no success probably because I cannot describe it very well. I will try to explain what I need with a picture. Thanks for your assistance in advance.
  13. P

    Difference between If, Then ActiveCell vs If, Or, Then ActiveCell

    Hello, Beginner at VBA here. Was wondering if someone could simply explain to me what the differnece is between: If ActiveCell = " " Then ActiveCell = 0 Else ActiveCell.Offset(1,0).Select V.S. If ActiveCell = '' Or ActiveCell = " " Then ActiveCell = 0 Else ActiveCell.Offset(1,0).Select...
  14. S

    Look up a value and display the score

    hi am finding it hard to explain it but it should be easy in the example <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 Score Level Score Level 2 10 AA 10 =????? 3 20 BB 15 AA 4 50 CC 18 AA 5 100 DD 25 BB 6 200 EE 70 CC 7 </tbody>
  15. V

    Need formula understanding

    =(NETWORKDAYS($AF2,$AG2,Lookup_table!$J$2:$J$10)-1)*("19:00"-"7:00")+IF(NETWORKDAYS($AG2,$AG2,Lookup_table!$J$2:$J$10),MEDIAN(MOD($AG2,1),"19:00","7:00"),"19:00")-MEDIAN(NETWORKDAYS($AF2,$AF2,Lookup_table!$J$2:$J$10)*MOD($AF2,1),"19:00","7:00") can anyone pls explain and understand me how this...
  16. A

    Formula help explanation (search function)

    Hi All I have the following formula =IF(SEARCH("Risk",D41),"x","no") Where there is risk an "x" does appear so the formula is working but where there isn't the word risk instead of getting "no" I get #VALUE . Could any one assist me in getting "no" and explain why the "no" isn't being...
  17. G

    doubt in code line

    Can someone explain me What the below line is .... " Fnd.Offset(1).Resize(sh.Cells(Rows.Count, Fnd.Column).End(xlUp).Row, 1).Copy" Thank you in advance
  18. A

    Spreadsheet Help

    Hi I am after some help if possible. I have a spread sheet where on 1 tab I have columns of data. However on another tab I have the main part for these. One Tab 1 - I want to add values in each CEL and then it update on Tab 2 going down the list. This is for budgeting Hard to explain I...
  19. N

    Auto Search Filtering

    So I am sure everyone or most people now how auto filters work. I was looking into, I guess dynamic searching. So as you type in what you are looking for it preforms an autofilter. I was hoping someone would be able to explain how to do this, as well as, is it possible to have two of these on...
  20. V

    Need understanding on - Network formula + some nested formula's

    Dear All, Can any one pls explain me how this formula works.. *Lookup_table sheet = J2 - J10 = holiday list *AF = start date *AG = close date Pls explain..

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