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    Exporting Excel Sheet Column into a text file

    Hi All, I am trying to export the same two columns from each sheet in a workbook (for example A2:A500 and B2:B500). I need the columns from each sheet to be exported into separate files that I will be prompted to name. Also, the two columns have to be separated by one space in the text file...
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    Copy sheet to text file with specific template

    I want to copy sheet to text file with specific template, I defined a range but the problem is my code begins in A3 instead of A2 and don't stop to LastRow so it bring empty rows and skippes even numbers it means rows A2, A4,A6... not copied Option Explicit Sub txtFile() Dim strPath As...
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    Create individual Text file from each Excel 2003 row using Macro

    Hello !! I am completely new to VBA. Can someone from community help me achieve following. I have an excel 2003 worksheet with three columns data as follows: <tbody> SYMBOL LISTING_DATE FV 20MICRONS 06-Oct-08 5 3IINFOTECH 22-Apr-05 10 3MINDIA 13-Aug-04 1 8KMILES 29-Jan-14 10...
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    export to text file from excel at fixed positions

    Hello, I have got a code from one of the threads on Mr.Excel, but that code fails when it encounters a blank cell in a row and it add that value in the wrong position in the text file. What i want is even if a blank cell is found ,the next cell value should be at the correct specified position...
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    Excel to text

    i have a excel file which I want in .txt output. In EXCEL sheet1 A1 contains number, B1 contains name, C1 contains Amount, D1 contains particulars. When I run Macro in text file to be created. In text out put I want spacing for A1 data is 14 {the account number varies from 5 digit to 14...

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