1. V

    Copying formula to the next sheet and extend loop

    I have a list of 150 formulas in Column B I want to put the formula in B1 on the second sheet and extend it from A1:H200 Then I should grab the next formula in B2 and put in on the third sheet And so on Any pointers? Thanks for your suggestions, will help me out a lot
  2. J

    If value is 12 then fill range 1-12 etc..

    Hi, Unsure best way to do this. Value in Range A1 If value is 12 then fill 1-12 starting at C1 Then if Range A1 is 6 Do nothing as 6 is already in the filled range Then if Range A1 changes to 21 Extend fill range to 21 Appreciate any help
  3. C

    Check each row for criteria and delete that row and the 2 below it

    <tbody> SKU Type KW1 KW2 KW3 SUM SKU1 Actual Sales 30 41 28 99 SKU1 LY Sales 46 41 25 113 SKU1 Forecst 40 42 43 125 SKU2 Actual Sales 1084 793 2022 3899 SKU2 LY Sales 950 958 765 2672 SKU2 Forecst 871 790 1659 3320 SKU3 Actual Sales 44...
  4. N

    Extend Array Formula

    I am using this array formula which works fine: =IF(ROWS(K$62:K62)>COUNTIF(accounts_table[§],"=P"),"",INDEX(accounts_table[Account Name],SMALL(IF(accounts_table[§]="P",ROW(accounts_table[§])-ROW(Ledger!$H$17)+1),ROWS($K$62:K62)))) however I need to add another OR condition...
  5. Sean15

    How to make SUBTOTAL formula range to automatically extend to include newly added rows

    Hi: This formula: =SUBTOTAL(9,I2:I4489) does not auto extend to include newly added rows, example of I added row 4490 Could you help please? Regards, Sean
  6. M

    Extend a formula to next row only if the next row contains data

    Looking for a way to extend a formula to the next row but only if the next row contains data e.g. if C1 contains =IF(A1="","",A1+10) is there a way to automatically extend the formula to C2 if (and only if) data is entered into A2? And then on to C3, C4 etc. The idea is to set up a template...
  7. O

    How to extend a dataset

    Hello! I would need to adjust my dataset in excel, exactly as it is exposed here: https://www.statalist.org/forums/forum/general-stata-discussion/general/1471548-how-to-extend-cross-sectional-units-in-a-panel-data How can I do this in excel? Many thanks to all of you! Occ
  8. M

    Extend Series Right

    Hi everyone. Got a small problem I'm really struggling to get my head around. Is there a VBA code that lets me take the active cell and extend the series to the next cell on the right, just like you'd do with your mouse manually as shown in the following picture: <a...
  9. G

    Cannot run vba code on another sheet

    Hello, I made a button to run the following via code on another sheet (the sheet where the button is in another one called 'input'). However, when I run the code it does only seem to affect the 'Input' sheet. I do not see what goes wrong, anyone has an idea? Thanks in advance, Sub...
  10. C

    Add Rows to a table

    Hello all, I would like to have a macro that adds 50 rows to a table when a button is pressed, and auto populate with my formulas. I have tried using the macro recorder, to no avail. I also tried with loops, but it doesn't work either. the reason why I need this is that this table is a visual...
  11. L

    Extend conditional formatting

    Hi - grateful for any help. I have a table and need to identify errors Namely I want E2 to turn red if greater than C2...that fine but when I try to extend to look at each row in turn ie E3>c3, E4>c4 im getting some strange results.... THANKS IN ADVANCE......
  12. M

    Excel sum of multiple column

    =((Attendance!$D$3*Attendance!D5))+ ((Attendance!$E$3*Attendance!E5))+((Attendance!$F$3*Attendance!F5))+((Attendance!$G$3*Attendance!G5))+ ((Attendance!$H$3*Attendance!H5))+((Attendance!$I$3*Attendance!I5))+((Attendance!$J$3*Attendance!J5))+...
  13. T

    Excel value carry forward to next month formula

    Hi , Have a clarification in excel formula. I have creating a template file now. It is related to hours Calculation. Concept is : Leader will update users extra working hous in a sheet. As per company policy all users should be extend 8 hours per month. If any one not extend 8 hours per...
  14. T

    Conditional formatting

    Assume I have to rows of data. If A1 < A3, then highlight it. I can do the above for one cell but how can I extend it so this rule applies if B1 < B3, C1 < C3, etc.? Thanks
  15. M

    Macro to add Borders

    Hello, I'm looking for a Macro to add Thick Outside Border to set width of columns, but will only extend down to the rows that are populated with info. In terms of my spreadsheet, The top of the Thick Outside Border will cover A5 to D5 and extend down for the cells that are populated. My gut...
  16. T

    how to extend a table with array formulas automatically upon entering new info in external table

    Hello guys, I am searching for a solution how to extend a table, containing array formulas, automatically upon entering a new info in external table, which my main table is relying on. The basic setup is as follows: I have initial table, in which I enter all neccessary values, it contains two...
  17. E

    Auto sort rows based on value in column G (range of rows is A:K)

    I'm wondering how to set up an excel sheet so that its rows automatically sort based on the value entered in column G (ascending order; the values will be 0, 1, 2, or 3). The rows extend from column A to column K, and I have about 150 rows in total, but more will be added over time. Thanks!
  18. Gerald Higgins

    ActiveCell.Offset - how do I extend the selected range ?

    Hi, tried searching for this but not found it so far. I am using "ActiveCell.Offset" to select a specific cell, based on the current week number. That bit works. I then want to extend the selection from a single cell, to a range 6 columns wide, 2 rows deep, where the active cell is at the top...
  19. G

    Extend Selection (in Col A) based on criteria (Col B is blank)

    Hello I am trying to figure out how to extend my selection from a single cell in Col A (active cell), downward, for as long as Col B is blank. That is, keep extending the selection downward as long as Col B is blank and to stop once an entry in Col B is encountered. The selection should not...
  20. A

    Auto Extend Table linked with another table

    Heya, I've got a table that processes info from another raw data table. I have converted my processed data table in to an Excel Table Object (the one you can drag down and it copies formulas). My issue is that i have to update the raw data quite frequently and each time i have to manually...

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