1. kelly mort

    ENC file problem- don't know how to open it

    A friend sent me a file to open for him. The file extension has now become like this: Book1.docx.nakw From his end, he inserted a flash drive into his system and all his files got the new strange file extensions. I have come across such situations, mostly when I send an unzipped workbook...
  2. K

    I cleaned up my mp3 collection - remove track numbers etc. Now I need to rename them

    Hi all, through some YouTube vids I have succeeded in listing all my mp3's from the music directory H:\Music. The full path shows in column F. Existing track name excluding file type extension is in column A. eg. 01 - Beethoven 9th symphony. New desired file name is in column B eg Beethoven 9th...
  3. Y

    Extracting A File From An Archive

    i have a file written by another program, but changing the file's extension to zip, i could view the contents of the file. Is it now possible to extract a specific content from that file without changing the extension using vba? Actually the content i want to extract is a picture file and i want...
  4. A

    Capitalized File Extension???? Why and How to Change from ".XLSX" to ".xlsx"

    I have an excel file that is saved with a capitalized extension, "XLSX". I've tried to resave the file with a lowercase "xlsx" extension, but I am unable to do so. I've checked in the options and settings, and searched online for an explanation, but have had no luck. Can anyone tell me when and...
  5. A

    Worksheet Tab Being Renamed During Save Process & Unable to open newly created .xlsx file (invalid file extension?)

    Please consider this code ... With wb_classcsv .Sheets.Add(After:=.Sheets(.Sheets.Count)).Name = "Stats" Set ws_stats = .Worksheets("Stats") With ws_stats .Range("A3") = "Date: " .Range("B3") = Format(usr_date...
  6. M

    HAVE I CORRUPTED MY WORKSHEET? - 7Days of work!!

    Hi all I'm losing the will here.. I've just spent a week working on a VBA project. My last step was to copy and save as a new file.. tried the below code which didn't work but now it won't let me open my file? It states: Excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is...
  7. S

    Can a Letter Represent a Value?

    Brand new to the forum and fairly new to Excel and my question is: Can I format a cell so when I place a letter it will represent a numerical value in a formula? Here's the scenario: I want to format a cell so when I type in the letter 'E' a multiplier of '1' is placed in a formula but the...
  8. V

    Change pdf files names in folder with VBA

    Hello all, i have this: <tbody> A-scan B-Name Scan01 GR18987564-Plat1 Scan02 GR18987564-Plat2 Scan03 SR-85-18987654654-PL1 Scan04 SR-85-18987654654-PL2 Scan05 GT6576846465-Plat1 Scan06 GT6576846465-Plat2 Scan08 GR18987798-Plat1 GR18987798-Plat2 Scan07 GR18897-Plat1...
  9. M

    Saving a CSV File To .VIZ Extension

    I am trying to save a .CSV file to .Viz extension as per the instructions here: https://www.incrediblecharts.com/help/watchlist_excel.php But if I click on the file it says: altman watchlist.viz It is still an CSV file.
  10. S

    Add Attachment in Excel

    Hello all, Good day. I my Excel "A " Column Have ID. In my desktop Folder name " Attachment ". Based on ID i need to insert attachment in the excel "B" Column. Note : Multiple attachment will available. Attachment extension PPT , Excel , PDF, Word Document. Need to use ID As Contain...
  11. G

    Converting an excel sheet to PDF and attaching it to an email

    I have created VBA code that checks to see if certain cells on a form have been filled out and then attaches the excel sheet to an email. What I need to do is send the attachment as a pdf instead. I'm at a loss for how I would change the code (see below). Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks...
  12. M

    Need vba code to open save as box and prefill file path only

    Is it possible to use VBA to open the save as dialog box with the file path already chosen so all the user has to do is name the file and pick file extension and save? also if this can can done can the file extension be pre-chosen also? Thanks
  13. R

    Userform Data to excel sheet along with specific row formatting

    Dear All, With the help of below codes, I am able to transfer userform Data to excel sheet name, "Extension Details". But, while data are getting captured in sheet name "Extension Details", Colour and other formats are not same for every new addition. I want formatting for all new addition, to...
  14. S

    Can you use VBA code to access a corrupted file?

    I have a file which I've tried numerous ways to open: Excel's Recovery method to resore Renaming Moving from my OneDrive to desktop Outside Software Safe mode in Excel Changing extension from .xlsx to .xls As far as I know I have tried everything and wondering if it's possible to duplicate...
  15. N

    Renaming the worksheet with the same file extension more than one time with macros?

    I have 4 Sheets where it must not be renamed/touched ... the name is ... "Menu" / "Original" / "Original (2)" / "UTP" I have to import multiple ".csv" worksheet and rename accordingly to identify them using the macro below This is my code to identify the sheets which is imported using the...
  16. D

    VBA Open .Accde database from Excel

    Hi, Is it possible to open an access database from Excel that has the file extension .accde
  17. A

    Macro changing all files extensions in the folder to .xlsx

    Hello! I have an issue with Power Query add-in. As you know, Power Query doesn't allow to work with files with extension .xls. The issue is that I have many files in my folder (over 50), the majority of which have extension .xls. I need to get and transform the data from folder with Power...
  18. S

    Add In extension help, please

    I need help with the Add in extension for posting my excel sheet here, for some reason it disappear from my excel program, I don't know why ? Can someone send me the link for it please, I can't find it, I believe its called " Jannie " Thank you. Serge.
  19. S

    is there any way to save a file in a csv format, but rename the extension when saving it to another 3 letters

    Simply put I have a device that saves tables in a standard csv format.....but it names them as a .etf Wondering if there is a way to allow add a custom extension name to excel.... and tell it to to treat it as a csv...... and when I save it, to retain the .etf name(and not name it .csv) so I...
  20. S

    SaveAs sometimes not adding file extension ......

    I have a workbook that I am making copies of and saving those copies as different names. For some reason, what appears to be random, some of the files don't get the .xlsx extension added to the saved file. The files are being saved with the correct name convention I setup, but the file...

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