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  1. L

    Find Column Header From Another Workbook and Populate Column Data

    I have two separate workbooks. I'm wanting to use an Array Formula to search through the external workbook, find the column header header "Si" and populate all external column data into my local workbook. Can I use Index/Match or Xlookup for this?
  2. tlc53

    Linked to External Sources

    Hi, When I open my main spreadsheet, it comes up that the workbook contains links to external sources. However, it shouldn't do! I have done multiple searches for formulas referring to external sources, none found. I have checked my Name Manager, no external links there. When I Edit Links, I...
  3. D

    Find 'unsupported features" and "unsupported links"

    I have a large-ish .xlsx file that I keep live on sharepoint for multiple users to view/edit and it suddenly is saying that it has 'Unsupported Features' and external links. I've searched the whole workbook for external links and I have not found references to an external workbook in any cell. I...
  4. A

    External Link with Cell Reference

    I have this link that refers to a different workbook. ='N:\Accounting\[Test Mar-2019 MGMT Report.xlsm]Fiscal Year IS'!E32 I want the cell reference to change based on a certain cell or formula Example would be Cell C2 = March I know below is incorrect but I want to input that logic...
  5. R

    Stubborn External Link not going away

    Hi All, Now the title is famously popular all over the web - I know ! - I am faced with something unique in an ancient problem ! The story goes like this... I created 4 excel workbooks A,B,C,D as a part of major restructuring of my 'ERP' like model, in a folder in D drive 'A' being one of the...
  6. L

    External Links / Edit Links

    Dear all, I have updated excel version to 2016. My master data file is linked to many supporting files from different locations (last year & different months). In previous version, Edit links was showing file names (and it was very easy to identify which file is required to update). In new...
  7. D

    Copy multiple sheets with formulas to a new workbook without creating a link

    I have a master workbook where I keep a database of sheets with formulas in them. Is there a macro or other method someone would know, that would allow me to copy a subset of sheets, which contain formulas referencing only that subset, into a new workbook, without adding an external link...
  8. R

    Excel - Mapping External Links with Flowchart

    I'm working on updating a file from my work predecessor that has some external links. As I opened each external link, I find that each of those files have external links and this continues for about 5 levels deep. Is there a way or program that will map all the external links back to the...
  9. R

    2 versions of excel sheets opened at the same time updates values automatically.

    Hi, I have a problem with excel sheets. Let's say I have a version 1 that has a different values and then an updated version 2 which has the updated values and is the correct values. These sheets have external base sheets links. When I open only one of these versions, it does not cause any...
  10. D

    how to reference a linked external workbook in vba when it's folder name changes

    Hello, I have a main folder which consists of many student folders and 1 Admin folder and this folder is moved to various locations on the network as needed. The student folders are originally named 1, 2, 3.... but when the class starts the folder names may be changed. Usually, the names...
  11. R

    External links in excel file across different users via Dropbox (Mac and PC)

    Good day. I am experiencing some issues with regards to some excel files with external links when shared across Dropbox between different users. The issue is around the username in the path, which differs per user. For example: The path for user1 (Frank) would be as per line 1 below, while...
  12. E

    Check external (hyper)links

    Hi, i have a bunch of cells which contain hyperlinks; I want to check if these hyperlinks are still alive and if they are valid I could not find a real solution to this problem yet...is there anyone who can help? (at my job i work with excel 2010) Thanks!
  13. C

    External links in Excel 2016

    I am migrating from Office 2010 to Office 2016. Previously, when opening spreadsheets with External Links in Excel 2010, the linked cells would retain their stored values until I would select “Update Links”. With Excel 2016, even though I select “Don’t Update” when prompted regarding External...
  14. C

    External links - Excel 2016 Migration

    I am migrating from Office 2010 to Office 2016. Previously, when opening spreadsheets with External Links in Excel 2010, the linked cells would retain their stored values until I would select “Update Links”. With Excel 2016, even though I select “Don’t Update” when prompted regarding External...
  15. J

    External Links Won't Break

    I've scoured the internet for solutions to this annoying problem, but no solution has worked so far. I made a copy of two tabs from another workbook, and placed them into my current book. Then, I adjusted all formulas pointing to the old workbook, to the new workbook. However, somewhere in my...
  16. E

    Listing external links and modifying network path in VBA

    Hi everyone, Solution: I have a need for creating a simple message box that prompts a user with each mapped network drive in a file for an external link that shows them what the current drive is and a cell in the message box that lets them choose where the new drive needs to be mapped to. In...
  17. J

    Probelms with Corrupted Workboo

    I'm having a problem with a workbook that keeps getting corrupted. Even if I rebuild the file by hand in a new workbook, the problem persists which makes me think it's something wrong with my methodology. I'm running Excel 2013 32bit on Windows 7 64bit. I have a suite of workbooks for tracking...
  18. M

    Please help, External links need to be automatically updated with Scenarios

    I have let's say two sheets linked between one another. One sheet has external links to the other and vice versa the first sheet let's call it the "master sheet" has about 3 different scenarios 1, 2, and 3 if I were to input "1" into a cell on the master sheet, then a number of values in...
  19. C

    Need Help with External Links to Closed Workbooks that Change Folders

    Hi all, first time posting. I have a master tracking document (WB1) that needs to return values from an external workbook (WB2) even when WB2 is closed. I have done this successfully using workbook cell formulas. However, WB2 has to be moved around within a shared folder structure. I'm trying...
  20. S

    Excel 2010 – Chasing Links to External Worksheets

    I have a number of spreadsheets which are similar and so I copied one from another. I had the same problem that many people have had about links to previous spreadsheets (the ones I copied from). I searched the internet many times and looked to solve the problem like searching for “ [ “ and...

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