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    How to extract only first 2 items, from different groups in the same data, meeting certain criteria

    I have a table as below. The goal is to extract only first two shop i.d.s from each country having the status either "Active" or "Completed" or "Discontinued". If there are no shops in the country with that status do not extract. If only one than extract only one. Finally the answer should be in...
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    Extract informations if distance (lat,long) between two lists of places is lower than 50km

    Hello, I have two lists of places (in two Excel sheets) : cities and swimming pools. I have the lat and long of all the places (for the cities it's the center). I want to extract a list of all the pools nearby every cities. So I would have a final list like this : - Name of the city / CityLat...
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    Extracting Unique Items from a List w/conditional formatting?

    Greetings! The project: I have a large set of tables in one tab that is acting as a tracking system for team participation. When a member doesn't show up, I'd like to ask the captains to indicate the missing participant with either a color or italicizing/strikeout. I would like a list to...
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    Extract information from website into Excel Table (no API)

    Hi All, Is it possible to extract data into an excel table without the use of API? For example, I would like to goto the below website, search by CUSIP (13063A7D0 if an example helps), use trading activity (one of the headers), and extract all the trades for a certain date...

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