extract numbers from cell

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    Formula to extract numbers between two characters?

    I have the following data for HS & College and I'd like to extract only the HS Year as shown below: <tbody> HS & College HS Year (Result I want) HS Year: 2001/Univ Year: 2006 2001 HS Year:1997/Univ Year:2005 1997 </tbody> Is there a formula to achieve this? Noting that the original...
  2. D

    vba extract only numbers in next row

    Hi, I have been trying to extract only numbers in the next row. actual result as follow: The result I want is <tbody> abc125 125 bcd121 121 111aaa 111 </tbody> While the code works as: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> abc125 125 bcd121 125121 111aaa 125121111...
  3. H

    Can you extract each instance of *##-##-##* in a string?

    Say you had the following data in "A1"; 12-24-16 was Christmas, 03-15-16 was another day 07-13-16 people didn't always use commas; 09-27-16 or whatever type well. Could you get the data extracted like this?: <tbody> A B C D E F data thats above 12-24-16 03-15-16 07-13-16 09-27-16 open for...
  4. K

    Extract 4 digit year from inconsistent string of text

    First posting here so apologies for anything I miss out. I work in an academic library and I'm trying to profile the collection by year published. The only problem is that the dates for academic journals (which span several years) are inputted manually and therefore are written in an infinite...
  5. Z

    extract numbers from cell

    Hi, I need to extract numirical numbers from the cells and move to it's next cell. see need to extract data below <tbody> PICKLES (V.GF) PICKLED VEGETABLES & OLIVES 8 0.00 BATENGAN Bl FURN [V) OVEN-BAKED EGGPLANT AND FRESH TOMATOES SERVED WITH CHICKPEAS, CARAMELIZED ONION, MINT...

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