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    Extract 4 digit year from inconsistent string of text

    First posting here so apologies for anything I miss out. I work in an academic library and I'm trying to profile the collection by year published. The only problem is that the dates for academic journals (which span several years) are inputted manually and therefore are written in an infinite...
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    Extract numbers from text into multiple columns

    I hope i am not repeating someone else's question but i couldn't find the answer to my question - I have a column of text strings that i need to extract the numbers out of each text string but not as a long number, instead into separate columns in order to perform a calculation from the various...
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    Extracting a number from an inconsistant text string

    Hi all, Very good evening... I have an excel stock price template, where I need the current price to calculate the mid point if the chart. This is the text I get from the webquerry Underlying stock: SBIN 2699.00 as on Jul 04, 2014 15:30:36 IST I need a formula to extract the stock price...
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    Separate elements from numbers in chemical formulas

    Hello, I have looked at many topics on how to separate numbers from letters in different columns, but I couldn´t find a solution for my problem. I need to take a chemical formula in a cell, for example Fe2O3, and separate each element and number into different cells, like: Fe 2 O 3...

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