extract numbers string

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    LEFT RIGHT combination help. Extracting MID data with many variables.

    So I am dealing with a big project, trying to tear apart written MD orders for reporting. I have hundreds of patients and pull a very long dense report and figured out some of the keys to make it bite size. Take for example the following: right now I am trying to strip out the "50 mg". I've...
  2. H

    Extract first numerical value to the left & right of a defined criteria from a string of text

    <tbody> A 1 10 yr spring 399 rollers 188 sc 40 total 627 ck 2 sc $40 radio board $140 spring $103.80 total $283.80 ck 3 same day 5 yr 299 cables 58 rollers 148 sc 40 545 </tbody> Above are a few samples strings from Microsoft Excel that I need the extraction from, respectively in cells...
  3. K

    Extract 4 digit year from inconsistent string of text

    First posting here so apologies for anything I miss out. I work in an academic library and I'm trying to profile the collection by year published. The only problem is that the dates for academic journals (which span several years) are inputted manually and therefore are written in an infinite...
  4. G

    Extract numbers from text into multiple columns

    I hope i am not repeating someone else's question but i couldn't find the answer to my question - I have a column of text strings that i need to extract the numbers out of each text string but not as a long number, instead into separate columns in order to perform a calculation from the various...
  5. A

    Extract numbers from strings in two different collumns if a certain set of letters follows. Choice of column based on IF statement

    So, I have two columns where both might possibly contain the numbers I want to extract to a third column in the same row. The numbers I am looking to extract will allways be followed by a "G", an "L" or a "KG". As G denotes grams it would be great if the numbers extracted before a G would come...
  6. E

    Extracting Numbers out of a String from MS Project

    Hello All, I’ve been trying to collect some data from a consolidated MS Project file. When I export to Excel all of the durations are in the format (4.5 days, 6 days, 18 days, etc.). In order to perform statistical analysis in Excel I need just the numbers. I’ve tried looking into MID and...
  7. J

    Add the numbers only in a cell

    in a1 i have ns24 in this particular cell im looking for a formula that will add the last 2 numbers together 2+4 but if the cell has on one numerical value such as ns4 the value should return only the one numerical digit 4
  8. M

    Extract Only Numbers From Text String

    Dear Smartest Excelers Around, Is there a one cell formula that could take this string in cell A1: 45t*&65/ and extract only the numbers and deliver this 4565 to a single cell? The formula would have to be able to deal with all 255 ASCII characters and be copied down a column.

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