1. R

    Extracting PARTIAL words from cell

    I'm in a worksheet and trying to extract the words after the 3rd and 4th hyphens when they're available in column A (see table below for representation). <tbody> Digital - workbook - sheet Digital - workbook - app Digital - workbook - test Digital - workbook - sheet - max - version1...
  2. S

    Advanced Filter query - What are the rules with editing the extract?

    Previously, I have done an Advanced Filter query, with the Extract in the same Workbook, and: 1.) Sorted the Extract 2.) Made some changes to the Extract Sometimes this had a bad effect: With whatever change I made, it did the same thing to the rows above and below it - unwanted changes Other...
  3. A

    Extracting some data from a string in a cell

    One more help needed. In one column i have multiple email addresses of different length. For eg: amit.dhamija@rediffmail.com. How can i extract value after "@" and before "." which in this case is "rediffmail" ??
  4. T

    Extracting certain data from a worksheet

    I am trying to figure out the best way to only extract certain data from a download from our rating system. Below is an example of how the data is downloaded from the system VEH 1 - 2000 INTERNATIONAL 4000 4900 STRAIGHT TRUCK {1HTSDAAN7YH256306} City State Territory Stated Amount Cost...
  5. K

    Extract 9 matches and continue extracting next 9

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I have 9 unique patterns in the cells C4:K4 and some results in the cells D6:J44, My request is I need a macro which can extract 9 unique matches from the results and copy them in to N4:T44, </SPAN></SPAN> Start looking in the first result row...
  6. N

    Imported data into new table? (totally lost)

    Hello! I have a importsheet with data and need to extract and count several things from it, but I have no idea how or where to start (usually I only used Excel for math problem). I made an exampelsheet with some fake imported data and the right nr of columns, the real importsheet contains...
  7. R

    Auto Filter Pivot table

    I have file that on a monthly basis I dump an extract into. That extract feeds pivot tables on 3 other sheets displaying the information at varying levels of detail. I already have a VBA to auto refresh the tables when new information is added but I'd really like one that could auto filter the...
  8. H

    The extract range has a miising or invalid field name

    I borrowed some code that was in a worksheet that the people that came before me created... I have adapted it to work for me in another situation but I am wanting to modify it. Basically I have a data collection machine that creates csv files with information. I am wanting to extract...
  9. M

    Extract and arrange the numbers small to larger values

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to extract the numbers of column E:N and need to arrange them in order small to larger values in the columns P:Y</SPAN></SPAN> Example <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse...
  10. smide

    VBA to extract part of HTML code

    Hello. In cell A1 I'm receiving Customer names an their home town in form of huge HTML code. I need to extract Customer names in column A (A3:A600) and their home towns in column B (B3:B600). Part of HTML code for names is always the same: <div class="customName--1gBeC">J. Jones</div> Part...
  11. Penguinducky

    Extracting City and State from a cell without commas

    Trying to extract the City and State from a cell that has the Name of the Company, City and State in it and I only want to show the location. Problem scenarios I'm having: City and State are mushed together (example: MissssaugaOntario) Company name and city have a / or - between them (example...
  12. spencer_time

    Two numbers to left of * and two numbers to right of *

    Hello, I -had- part of my program working until I realized that the length of the filename wasn't always constant and I need help fixing that. In the following section of code it used to look for a sheet names *CEQ* and extract the two numbers before CEQ and the two numbers after CEQ. I then...
  13. S

    How to extract and cross match multiple occurences with Excel VBA

    Hi Friends, From past 2 days I been trying to extract multiple occurrences present in "cell text"(sheet1 ColumnA:A) and extract into sheet2 and sheet3. Cross match with IDs between sheet2 data with sheet3 and extract matched data into sheet4(Macro 3 final results). I have attached sample data...
  14. H

    Formula to extract characters from text string

    Hi mrexcel forum, Could you please suggest a formula to help me with this issue? Issue A: I will like to extract out the numbers immediately before and after the dot. This is the volume information. Issue B: I will like to extract the 3 characters immediately after the Volume information...
  15. M

    Extracting data from website search bar using VBA

    Hi everyone, I am trying to extract data from a website using VBA. This is the web site: https://gmsip.com.pa But i can not add my range of data to search bar is there any solution to this problem ? no i want to add IMO numbers for ship in the excel sheet and VBA run them in website and...
  16. K

    Extract list of non-zero cell values from a list AND whether Estimate or Actual AND the name of the product

    I have a list that I need to remove the zero value items from via formula to create a new list (imagine an order form). Because people will be using this second form without much excel knowledge, I need it 100% formula driven. <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Qty Item Estimate...
  17. L

    Extract value between text and character

    Hello, I need to extract the route number, which can be between 1 to 3 digits, see example below: Route 1-1 South Route 26-7 Ludlam Route 29-2 West Route A 101-1 North As you can see the Route value and (-) dash character are constant. Is there a formula in excel and/or PowerBi I can use...
  18. G

    Extract text between a character and first space left of that character.

    Hi, The title says it all. I'm trying to extract the text between a character (character is "%") and the first space to the left of that "%" character. I figure it would need to include the left and find functions but I am having a hardtime figuring out how to put it all together. Any help...
  19. J

    Excel formula (not VBA) to extract delimited string?

    I have the abstract string "firstString/secondString/thirdString/fourthString" in C2. I want to use a single Excel formula (not VBA; no helper cells) to extract "secondString". Any ideas? Note that "*String" is any arbitrary sequence of characters, not including "/". So, the formula must...
  20. N

    Excel Formula

    Hi, Is there a way to extract the numbers from the cell. For example: A1 <<<<< Manikandan S Natesan (17.09.2019-12:48:31) >>>>> 9161995548 9161995551 9161995552 9161995553 <<<<< Shanmugapriyan Malliraja B1 I need the numbers starting with 91, which is 9161995548 9161995551 9161995552...

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