1. M

    vb to extrapolate data

    I have 2 columns of data in a workbook and need to use VBA to extrapolate data. I need to know Y for any value of X. I have a range of known Ys and Xs (as below) The trickier part here might be that I only want to consider part of the range to extrapolate (say the middle 6 values) - I then to...
  2. J

    Extrapolation over random blank lines

    Hi all, Please can someone offer me some help? I have the following spreadsheet (below), it has a list of times with associated ranges, the time goes up in seconds (every second) the range if whatever is measured, always decreasing. Every so often the data received is missed, so I get blank...
  3. E

    Difference/Spread Between Two Line Graphs when Data does not Align.

    Hello! I have a set of data similar to the following plotted as two line graphs, one for Bills, one for Coups. As any point between the two lines, I would like to find the difference. The problem is, the data points do not line up, so I can't simply take Coups minus Bills. Is there a way to...
  4. Prevost

    Linearly Extrapolate between values in column

    Hi There. So I have my Supply and Return water temperatures and I am trying to calculate heat output using those. However, the temperature values do not have any decimal points which is an issue. What I want to do is basically linearly extrapolate to obtain temperature values with decimal...
  5. M

    Estimating Remaining Sales Given a Target (dynamic chart)

    Hello, I would be grateful if someone could help me create formulas to determine how much sales must happen going forward (for the month, or for the quarter or for the year) based on YTD, Week-to-date or Quarter-to-date actual sales and a target for the year, the month, and the quarter (simple...

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