1. M

    VBA Error 2043

    Hi Team, While running the below Code, I am getting error 2043 (Red font mentioned - Do Until Row_start.Value = "End") and after a while once the value turns to Zero the code is running. Can someone please check and help me...
  2. S

    Loop through 2 columns and and return TRUE or FALSE if adjscent cells are matching.

    Hi lads, Need formula in cell E1 that loops through Columns A & C and if cell value is identical i.e. AB1234X vs AB1234X then it need to compare corresponding adjscent cell values in column B & D to see if they are matching. If they are matching then it needs to return TRUE if not matching then...
  3. G

    Help required in amending a macro if poss

    Hi I have this macro that filters out data by using criterial The macro at the moment goes into sheets 1 & 2 and filters out. What im trying to do is to compare the data between the 2 sheets and if data dont match I need whats missing from sheet 2 highlighted on sheet 1. I also need to...
  4. B

    Code not executing

    Hi all, I use this code to filter data in my workbook; Private Sub Workbook_Open()On Error GoTo Errorhandler Workbooks("Persnlk.xls").Close SaveChanges:=False Workbooks("VB_Macros.xls").Close SaveChanges:=False Worksheets("Shifts").AutoFilterMode = False Worksheets("Shifts").Range("J1:Q" &...
  5. J

    VBA Code to Auto Fit Row Height

    How do I modify this code to have Excel grab all used rows and format all row heights to 15.00? Sub Format_Make_Ready_Board() 'Formats columns and rows Cells.Select Selection.Font.Size = 8 Rows("2:2").Select With Selection .HorizontalAlignment = xlGeneral...
  6. B

    Formula seperators

    I have just upgraded to office 365 for Business All my formulae now contain the semi-colon symbol instead of the comma symbol and I have to capture a formula now using the semi-colon. Is this a setting I need to change to continue using the comma? e.g. vlookup(A15, A7:C14, 3, false) now shows...
  7. D

    For columns where row 1 returns FALSE, select, clear, delete cells in rows 10:54

    Hi all I have an IF formula resulting in TRUE or FALSE for S1:AT1. When false, I want to select rows 10:54 in that column to delete and shift left. Only cell/formula that may be disrupted is in row 1. There is data beneath row 54 that needs to remain so cannot delete entire column. From...
  8. G

    Excel for Macbook Pro error

    Hello Excel Gurus, I have a working macro for Windows but when I bought Macbook Pro and use it, I cannot save it and there is an error when I close and save it. Any help would be appreciated. Please see Macro below. Thank you. Gemini528 [CODE] Sub FileClose() Dim Backup As String myFlg...
  9. J

    VBA Custom sort pivot field

    Hi, (Adjusted), I have the following code which custom sorts the given pivot field: Public Sub Pivot_Data() With Application .EnableEvents = False .ScreenUpdating = False .AddCustomList wMain.Range("List_Status").Value End With With wPivot1.PivotTables(1)...
  10. H

    I want to paste a concatenate formula until the cell in the right is empty

    I was able to create this Macro with the help of @Logit in this section ' Create the Concatenate Formula and Autofill Formula to the Last Row with Data the concatenate works but it goes down to row 10,000 and I would like the macro to stop the concatenate formula when the cell on the right...
  11. P

    VBA code, insert code end of column

    <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=ega2xg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i64.tinypic.com/ega2xg.png" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> Sub CopyToAnotherSheet2()'copy and transpose Dim NextRow As Long Dim cpRng As Range Application.CutCopyMode = False...
  12. D

    Hide sheets

    I have a workbook with 4 sheets and a form. when i launch my workbook I have the form in front with 3 buttons to open the different sheets. Ont the sheets I have a button to bring you back to the form..looks like this. Sub openform() JFSmainsheet.Show False End Sub I would like to have the...
  13. Z

    Call a specific picture (PNG) to PPTX according to condition

    Hi, I have a list in excel sheet that has themes (words analysis) this list is generated from pictures that have these words. What I need is to create a macro to call any picture to pptx if it meets the condition below: If I choose the theme "Growth", then I need all the pictures that under is...
  14. H


    Hi, I am trying to compare 2 values: D39 and F39. The second IF gives me a FALSE result. Why is it so? I tried also stating it as D39>F39 and D39< F39 but still got the same result. =IF(D39-F39>1;ROUNDDOWN(D39/F39;IF(D39-F39<1;ROUNDUP(D39/F39;0)))) Thank you for any help.
  15. countryfan_nt

    VBA to Hide every Excel Ribbon (just cells)

    Hello friends, Hope all is well! Need your help please. I want edit the code below. it supposed to show only excel cells, no ribbons whatsoever. I know there is the manual option of 'auto-hide' ribbon; but I am wondering if it can be done via VBA. Can you pleas help me edit the below codes...
  16. C

    Set name of worksheet in vba

    Hi everyone I have been using the below code to automatically hide rows based on if a cell is = 0. This works fine as I'm hiding the data on the same worksheet, but now I am using the button on my main worksheet but want to hide rows on another worksheet called 'Hidden' in the same workbook...
  17. H

    XML Format Issue

    Hi I have an excel macro that is creating an XML but it saving the XML file like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <funds xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <fund> <id>123456</id> <name>Apple</name> <basis>F</basis> <type>Fruit</type>...
  18. I

    MsgBox Yes / No to make cell interior Hot Pink

    Afternoon, I have in use the following code which transfers data from my userform to my worksheet. Before i see the message "Customer Postage Sheet Updated" i am looking for a Yes / No Msgbox. Where if No is selected then continue to show the "Customer Postage Sheet Updated" as normal BUT If...
  19. davewatson86

    vba- hiding ribbon issue

    Hello all my vba knowledge is quite limited so please be patient. have this code to hide the ribbon and all the unnecessary excel bits from the user. it works a treat except when i open a workbook that has macros it throws an error because it is trying to show the ribbon etc before the user...
  20. M

    Would like to check if program(.exe) is running using vba

    I have osk.exe running and would like to have my program execute commands when it is closed. I run into an issue with the function portion of my code which is highlighted in red. Private Sub Label1_Click() If Is64bit Then Wow64EnableWow64FsRedirection False ShellExecute 0...

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