1. H

    Offset after loop

    Hi All I would like to copy all non-blank cells in range R5:X7000 into the adjacent cell in Range K5:Q7000 as paste values. Essentially any non-blank cells will paste as a value in same row but 7 columns to the left. I have what I think is a good piece of code but need some help how to edit it...
  2. H

    Increase Print Size on PDF export

    I have a sheet that I export to PDF using a macro below I would like to amend this to increase the PDF doc to 150% before exporting the doc Sub Export_Summary_as_PDF() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Range("Summary").Select ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF...
  3. D

    vba code to refresh data from OneStream

    Hi, I have a user that logs into OneStream and gets all his data in Excel but he has several files, but I need to refresh all these files through a macro. The problem is how to I do this? I tried the following macro but it doesn't work: For Each cnct In ThisWorkbook.Connections Select case...
  4. I

    Apply text to a cell userform to worksheet in current working code

    Good morning, The code in use is supplied below. Currently when i press my Postage Sheet Transfer Button the values are added to my worksheet and the cell in column G is applied the interior RGB colour Red. Please can you advise how i also have text in the same cell, so not only is it then...
  5. L

    converting time to text and istext() question

    Hi I entered 1:00 and then 2:00 in cells B2 and B3, then in B4, I used = sum(B2,B3). <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> istext() time1 1:00 FALSE time2 2:00 FALSE total 3:00 </tbody> so far so good, then I highlight cells B2 and B3 and changed the format to "Text"...
  6. D

    copy column width using SpecialCells

    Still struggling a bit. I can run the code below but the target workbooks columns are not sized the same as the primary sheet. There seems to be many ways to copy so i think im trying to mix them is why i keep getting a object error. Any suggestion would be helpful in the code below i've...
  7. T

    Formula Help

    I have the follow formula in cell D26...
  8. B

    Setting up Previous and next Buttons for search results

    Hello everyone, I have my userform almost done. I am able to do my searches, a it sorts the data properly. It will show first match in my form, but have added Prev and Next Buttons to look through similar matches. I am not sure how to get it to work with the search results. Here is a screen shot...
  9. L

    Temp File Folder in MAC vs Windows

    Hi Experts! I have a line item in my vba that saves an excel file in a temporary folder and then attach in an outlook email. It perfectly works on a normal laptop but when my co-worker tried it in his mac, the vba is debugging showing a run time error '1004': Microsoft Excel cannot access the...
  10. M

    FALSE Result not desired

    I am using a logical 'IF' statement to distribute work to service providers. I have edited this to make it more specific however in certain circumstances the result is FALSE. The formula is below =IF(W2="","",IF(W2="Close Even","U/W Process",IF(AND(F2=1,(LEFT(E2,7))=LEFT(E1,7)),X1,IF(T2="GC -...
  11. S

    Code Error

    Could someone please help me out with this, im pretty green with coding, and the orange part is getting an error, thanks Sub Empl_Load() Dim EmpRow As Long Dim EmpCol As Long With Sheet1 If .Range("B5").Value = Empty Then MsgBox "Please enter a valid Employee from the drop down...
  12. D

    How can I edit this code to import local HTML files rather than an online Web Query fetch

    The code below -- created w/ help from this forum -- does a great job of cycling through a list of ~300 URLs (listed starting in cell A2 of sheet "URLs") and importing the table data from each into sheet "MXquote", pasting each chunk of table data on the first available row, such that the end...
  13. J

    FALSE instead of null in cell

    Hello gang! Quick question hopefully with a simple answer. Why would I get a FALSE in a cell that I set = to ""? This is in a Select Case statement. TIA
  14. gheyman

    Access: Keep Navigation pane closed

    Is there a way to keep the navigation pane closed or keep users from accessing it without proper permissions?
  15. S

    VBA PDF Export printing 1 page

    I have used this VBA code for publishing a PDF report which does work, but what it is doing is showing 2 blank pages below the PDF report been published. Is there anyway to say to the report to export just the range I want leaving just 1 page instead of throwing out good paper!. Private Sub...
  16. B

    Saving updated data record on current line vs saving new record

    Hello, Current userform has a save button, wich adds data to sheet 1, Added Search Button to find saved data for editing. If I use save button for Updated information it adds the information like new data at the bottom while old version still in the list. I added update button to use only when...
  17. T

    SUMIFS and Vlookup

    I cant seem to get my head around SUMIFS and VLOOKUP, Im currently using: =SUMIF('Gas July'!$B$2:$D$217, VLOOKUP($A3, 'Gas July'!$B$2:$D$217, 1, FALSE), 'Gas July'!$D$2:$D$217) Which points to a sheet with only July Data and multiple sites and it gives me the number I want (total usage for...
  18. S

    VBA Hide unhide depend on Cell Value where rows are same for different cell value.

    Hello colleauges, I came across a problem to be honest last time I used VBA was 3 years ago, so today I'm preparing a live sheet which shift cells dependant on cell value (product number). I tried to tweak around the code but it seems it just getting commands just from last lines of code for...
  19. C

    Problem with VBA Loop

    Hi, I want to loop through rows in my worksheet and compare the cell values in particular columns with other rows defining a variable as True or False (my segment_trigger variable below) if the values are the same or different. I have written the following code but its giving me "Compile...
  20. A

    Using same Recorded Macro to work on active Sheet - Slicers

    Hello All, I have tried to search on the site looking for a way to use a record macro on any sheet within a workbook. I currently select the slicers and it will work on the original sheet created, but not one the active sheet. Sub Yonick() With ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches("Slicer_GSM")...

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