1. P

    Dynamic arrays missing in 1911 (but working in another installation)

    I have two different but identical computers with Office 365 (up to date to 1911, monthly channel) + Win 10 (both x64). In one computer Excel dynamic arrays work as expected, but not in the other. Should this happen and is there any way to "fix" it?
  2. D

    Find 'unsupported features" and "unsupported links"

    I have a large-ish .xlsx file that I keep live on sharepoint for multiple users to view/edit and it suddenly is saying that it has 'Unsupported Features' and external links. I've searched the whole workbook for external links and I have not found references to an external workbook in any cell. I...
  3. T

    Excel features no longer working

    I am creating a budget template. I am sharing it with two others but they haven't added any restrictions. For some reason, I can no longer click certain features in Excel (such as add border or font color). The workbook does have a macro which locks each of the three tabs when the file is opened...
  4. P

    Data TAB

    I have Excel 2016 for Windows. All the features of the data tab are greyed out. The file is not protected. Anyone have an idea how I can access these features? The features under the other tabs are all active.
  5. R

    Here's a doozy - lookup against a list, determine number of same names, then apply a different formula to each instance.

    I feel like I'm abusing this forum with the amount of questions I have. On Column A there is a list 300-strong of paper names. You can have things like: <tbody> A B C 1 Paper Template Size Ideal Result 2 Banbury Guardian - Mon 16x9 Promo 3 Banbury Guardian - Tue 17x9 UK 4 Banbury...
  6. S

    Unable to completely unprotect workbook

    Hi all, First of all many thanks for all the good stuff on this forum! I'm using this forum for a while but can't find the answer to my problem this time, thanks for your help! In my macro to protect I use: ThisWorkbook.Protect Password:="BlaBla!", structure:=True, Windows:=True To unprotect...
  7. E

    Re calculation of weights

    Hi, I have excel files. There are different sections in this file. There are different features under each section. Unequal weights are available for these features. The sum of each section is 10. However, if there are no features under a section, the weight of the non-features needs to be...
  8. M

    Data Sorting

    I was just wondering if I could get some help on sorting data. I recently started working at a car dealership for the summer and I'm having trouble finding the right vehicle trim levels for customers based on the features that they want. What would be the best way to do this in excel? In the...
  9. K

    Link to spread sheet using userform

    hi all, I am very new to VBA coding features . My company given me database spread sheet in which there are about more than 150000 lines in that sheet. So i need a user form to retrieve the data from the database spread sheet and edit the features and update the same in the field. I have...
  10. T

    Seperate product description into 3 bullet points. #Bullet Point, Product Description, Divide, Seperate, Features

    Hi everyone, Thank for coming in. I have product informations and would like to seperate into 5 bullet point like below. <tbody> Product Description BP1 BP2 BP3 Solid,durable,waterproof,rustless. A must-have tool for your car. Set you free from the danger by cutting the seat belt. You...
  11. MrExcel

    New Forum Features July 31 2017

    Hello All There are some new features installed today: vbOptimise - using regis caching to speed page load Like/Thank posts - If you like a particular reply to a post, you can like the post. Anything with > 5 likes will appear in a special color Cookie Control - to be compliant with the EU...

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