1. D

    Subtotal + sumif?

    Hello! I have created this chart to track company travel for the year. I wanted the chart to be sortable so I could look at the number of trips a team, individual, etc. are taking each month and the costs associated. Where I am getting stuck is the monthly totals formula. I need the monthly...
  2. M

    Chart Help

    Hello, I have a sample below of my spreadsheet for data that my customer provides. I need to create a graph (preferably line graph) to show the trend of information. We want to be able to switch/filter between the different part numbers so we can see that specific part's history. I have...
  3. P

    Index Match, sum if or vlookup?

    <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;" span="7"> <tbody> Looking for the following resuts: Year to date Blue Florida April 20...
  4. F

    Convert text date to start and end date

    I would like to find an easy way to convert something like this (January 18 - February 2, 2019) stored in a single cell to start date and end date in separate cells. Here are a couple of examples: January 18 - February 2, 2019 February 6 - 19, 2019 Thanks
  5. B

    Counting consecutive numbers greater than a set value

    I am tracking snow data for skiing. In column D I have the snow that fell in the last 24hrs. I want to count how many consecutive times the value over 10 occurs in the column. I thought I had it with =MAX(FREQUENCY(IF(D2:D153,">10",ROW(D2:D153)),IF(D2:D153,">10",ROW(D2:D153))))) A B C D E...
  6. D

    incrementing the month

    I input the month (ie. January / February / march / ... etc.) into cell A1. I'm looking for the formula for cell A2 that will increment cell A1 by one month. I'm NOT using full dates ... just the words January, February, .... etc. So if i put January in A1 ... February will appear in A2 or if...
  7. S

    Formual Help - Duplicate Dates

    Hi everyone, Need help with a formula. In cell range A1:A365 I have the numbers 1 through 365 In cell range B1:B365 I have the dates. Most recent date in cell B1 March 1, 2019 In cell B2 I have the same date March 1, 2019 Cell B3 = February 28, 2019 Cell B4 = February 28, 2019 etc. etc...
  8. H

    comparing to data sets

    Hi all, I am quite new to excel so pretty basic questions from me but I would appreciate your help. I am trying to work out how I would find the top 3 reasons for a particular month compared to another month with percentages. And if they have changed position. example. the data would be on a...
  9. S

    Help with Nested IF

    I have someone that doesn't need to make a payment until after they reach $15,000 year to date. However, if they reach it within a month, I need to only charge them the difference, and then every month after needs to be what they actually owe. I am trying to figure out the formula where these...
  10. E

    VBA - Convert daily data to monthly data.

    <tbody> 21/01/2019 5 25/01/2019 9 01/02/2019 8 05/02/2019 2 12/03/2019 7 </tbody> Good morning, I do have a table presented as above. On column "A" a range of daily date with the format: dd/mm/yy. On column "B" a range of values. what I want to do is to make a sum of values...
  11. C

    Pivot Column Question

    I assume this is a very easy thing to do and I am just missing what I want for some reason. I am using PowerQuery and Excel 2016 (Office 365) I have 5 columns of data that look like below Location Usage Date BMD IMD PMD Home January 50 100 100 Home February 75...
  12. A

    Formula to calculate depands on headers

    Hello All, I will need help with below tables calculation... There are huge datas all the way down from column A. So if its possible I need to place formulas to get proper calculatin base on given table below starts from column J Many Thanks...
  13. F

    Date format custom

    How do I format cells with the following date format: Months all in caps and the year JANUARY 2019 FEBRUARY 2019 etc. Thanks in advance.
  14. L

    Convert text to number in VBA

    Hello, I have 4 month: January, February, March and April in range A2:D2 January actually means 1; February - 2; march - 3 and April 4 I need a code, that converts month name to number and return number Lets say row 3: February, february, April, April = 12 (2+2+4+4) row 4: January, April...
  15. O

    Countifs with repeated values

    Hi there , Please help <tbody> month worker month no of workers Jan john jan ? Jan james feb ? Jan james Feb james Feb james </tbody> i need a formular in the cells with question marks. The formular should return the number of workers in each month. Eg January should...
  16. P

    AutoFilter using a vba generated array

    Hello, I'm trying to automate some of the updating I do within an excel 2013 workbook. Each month, I refresh the rolling-6 month data for the past 3 years and add a new rolling-6 months of data. to do this, I manually filter and delete the respective periods. As an example, if I'm doing the...
  17. F

    Hiding a row across multiple sheets

    I am trying to hide row 129 across these sheets. It works great but when done all the sheets are high lighted. I want it to return to sheet "Chart of Accounts" only. It doesn't mater what cell. Any help would be great. Thanks Sub Line129callapes() Sheets(Array("January", "February"...
  18. S

    Pivot Chart - Mean Line

    Hi Guys, I have been searching around for an answer to this for a couple of hours and struggling to find a solution. I would like to add a dynamic mean line into a pivot table/chart dependent on which department and month I am looking at. Source data is set out like this where I have a...
  19. B

    Can Power Query solve this problem for me?

    I tried searching for the answer, but the problem is that I don't even know how to phrase the question for a search. I receive a csv file with data broken out into different groups of rows and columns. I want to clean up all of the data into one table. I tried highlighting the examples below...
  20. L

    Finding column title and returning row values in descending order (top 10)

    Hi All, I appreciate the future input, I'm a bit stuck at the moment using index/match! I'm looking to create a drop down that contains all of the months (January, February, etc.) Based on this drop down selection (i.e. February), I need the formula to pull out the top 10 sales values in...

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