1. MrExcel

    Sending Effective Bug Reports to the Excel Team

    I recently had a conversation with several members of the Excel team about how they process submissions that are sent in through the Feedback icon that appeared on the Help tab in Excel. There is a specific set of steps you can use that will make sure a human reads your bug report. 1. After...
  2. B

    Date & Time Formula

    I'm looking for a simple excel formula that will populate a cell with the date and time when the file is opened. I appreciate the feedback. Brian
  3. S

    Comment section of next step list, capture date, feedback at the current date and change the revision of the next step

    Good day, I have a next step list where each next step listed has a comment section in column G, the comment section is usually only one cell with the text. Every meeting the feedback must be captured with today's date then feedback from the project manager and then if next step is not...
  4. S

    IFS query (I think)

    I really hope that someone could help me with this one as I have tried to study videos and still have no idea how to do what I'm looking to achieve, an I apologise if I'm not explaining properly. I have master table of data that I'm looking to develop a report from: <colgroup><col...
  5. E

    Feedback on this code to learn more efficient programming

    Hello Mr. Excel forum! In the past month and a half I have designed a macro at work, that after much sweat and many tears, finally does what I intended it to do. It was the second time that I made a macro with the last time many years ago. Since I had to google a lot to figure out how to write...
  6. B

    Finance Excel Practise

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone could take 5 minutes to review one of my spreadsheets. I have completed it to a good standard but was wondering if any one could provide feedback? It's not very complex so doesn't require a genius, although any help would be great! Thanks,
  7. C

    Replicating formulas from different rows

    Hi everyone, First post. Be kind. Not sure the title makes sense or does my question any justice. Basically, I have a team tracker for my business and want it to feed directly into a feedback form I've created. It does that nicely using a simple vlookup formula. Perfect. However, I need it...
  8. D

    Insert chart in comment

    Hello all, Does anyone know a way of inserting a chart into a comment associated with a cell, and at a push being able to change the values of this chart by dragging points which would then feed back? It would be great if someone could tell me. Thanks!
  9. P

    VBA Case Query

    Hi All, Hope you can help. I'm designing a frontend for users to enter specific details about a customer which will be referenced against a watchlist and i'm having trouble getting the desired response for two reasons. a) my first case query is fine when the Case is true however the CaseElse...

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