1. E

    Longitude Latitude Question

    Hi, I am trying to find a formula that would determine the distance (in feet) that these two coordinates varied from. In this case, to be expressed as "X" (amount of feet south) and "X" (amount of feet west) or original point. Then total distance as the crow flies. <tbody>...
  2. F

    remove quotes and apostrophe from cell

    looking for best way to remove the feet('), inch(") and the hyphen from d3
  3. S

    feet and inches and fractions

    Hi folks, I have been struggling with converting decimal feet inches and fractions and I am at a stand still. I have managed to convert to metres, and inches, but I am struggling to get to feet, inches and fractions. I am having 3 issues. 1) it is displayed something complex like 4' 3 51/71" (I...
  4. S

    Convert and display feet, inches and fractions in excel

    Hi folks I understand there are several forums on this or similar but I am having a nightmare with it. I have values displayed in decimal feet which I have converted to metres with no issues, but I now have to display this in inches and fractions as well as feet, inches and fractions. I have...
  5. D

    Calculate new coordinate with distance

    In my mind this is simple - it is probably an excel nightmare: My company has a geographical map that needs thousands of coordinates pinned so it can be accessed through a map app. The coordinates are close - so I want to pin one coordinate and calculate the next by adding a few feet in...
  6. R

    Excel: Formulas for feet and inches

    I am trying to combine 2 cells in excel. I have feet in column Hand inches(fraction form) in column I. I want to combine these two cells in column M and have it display feet and inches in fraction form. *I do not want to round. I have tried to use this formula that i found on the web but it...
  7. T

    combining cells

    is there a way to combine two cells info into one? if cell "A" has the word "happy" and cell "B" has "feet" cell "C" will say happy feet.
  8. M

    Two-way lookup with INDEX and MATCH return closest match

    I'm working on a spreadsheet and have run into a issue using Two-way lookup with INDEX and MATCH. If the value is not in the table, I need excel to use the next highest value. Below is the formula I'm using...
  9. D

    VBA problem with decimals and concatenation

    I have a range of numbers in cells that have General formatting. When a number in a cell is less than 43560, for example 40000, then I want to add the words "square feet", so it displays as "40000 square feet". I accomplish this with the following: If Val(ActiveCell) < 43560 Then ActiveCell =...
  10. C

    Is it possible to convert a decimal number to feet and inches in a single cell?

    Is it possible to convert a decimal number to feet and inches in a single cell? I have a formula that outputs feet and inches as a decimal number and I would like to convert it to show feet and inches with the appropriate symbols. Example: 37.74 converted to 37' 8 5/16" To add another layer...
  11. E


    Trying to create a spreadsheet which tells me the ETA to a destination but also gives the MPH based off of passing a certain point. The mph and eta to the next location would update based off the actual time entered for the previous location passed. If I were going a distance of 6150 feet which...
  12. F

    Is there an easy way to sort feet and inches?

    I'm trying to figure out how to easily sort feet and inches. Let's say I have a column with only feet.. IE: 34' 355' 154' 1503' 14' 6" 10' 7" 50' How could I sort this? I want to go greatest to least, and least to greatest. However, I'm having a hard time figuring this one out.. :( Any...
  13. JenniferMurphy

    UDF to convert a value to feet & inches

    I was able to find several solutions for converting a value to feet and inches where the inches are expressed as an integer plus a fraction. I couldn't find one that expressed the inches as a floating point number (n.nnn..) with the ability to specify the number of decimal points. So I wrote one...
  14. S


    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum so i'm hoping you guys can help me out. I'm trying to make a form that will be able to convert a measurement that is in carpenters form to a normal FT'In' Fraction Format. Ex. 9'6 1/2" is 09-06-08 the front 09-XX-XX stands for Ft, XX-06-XX stands for In...
  15. J

    If statement problem - #div/0!

    <colgroup><col width="91" style="width: 68pt;"><col width="99" style="width: 74pt;"><col width="89" style="width: 67pt;"><col width="99" style="width: 74pt;"><col width="123" style="width: 92pt;"><col width="97" style="width: 73pt;"></colgroup><tbody> Cubic feet Filing or Scheduling & CC Fees...
  16. B

    Calc new Long/Lat based on centroid Long/Lat

    Hello all, I have a centroid (center pivot) with a known Longitude/Latitude. I have a distance, in feet, away from the known center point for both Latitude(X)/Longitude(Y). I need to calculate the new Latitude/Longitude for each point so that I can create a yield map. In the example below, I...
  17. K

    VBA Code To Parse and Evaluate Various Feet and Inch Notations For Peer Review

    I needed a function to convert feet and inches into a decimal number (eg 5' 10 1/2" => 60.5 (inches)). I found various excel formulas and UDF while googling around but either found them to limiting or error prone. I've cooked up the following RegExp based UDF to evaluate feet & inch strings and...
  18. H

    Adding Feet and Inches

    I am looking of for a simple worksheet to add feet and inches. Ie: column A has feet and column B has inches. Row 10 (?) would give you the result with feet in A and inches in B. I can get the result in feet and inches in decimal format in the same cell, but now in separate cells.
  19. JenniferMurphy

    VBA code to convert ft + in string to numbers

    I need to write a UDF to convert a general string expression for feet and inches into two real numbers (feet and inches). The possible string inputs can be: 3' 4.5" 3 ft 4.5 in 3ft 4.5in 42.1" 42.1 in 42.1in 3.5' 3.5 ft 3.5ft Is there a better way than a bunch of nested IF statements where I...
  20. F

    How to format cells to show ' and " for feet and inches

    I would like to enter 12 5 in a cell and have them return 12'5" as a result. I don't know how to enter the formula in the format cells dialog box. Any help would be appreciated.

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