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    VBA Coding to select cell under Headings when using filter

    I am using a filter to show all "BB" transactions and delete the rest of the rows that are not "BB". Here is what I recorded when I did it: 'Set autofilter on Column E for "BB" and delete all other rows Range("A1").Select Sheets("PPDR_BB").Select Rows("1:1").Select...
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    VBA Macro for filtering on multiple set criteria

    I'm using the code below which is assigned to a button to filter based on a list of criteria. I'm getting an error when running and I can't see my problem:- Public Sub cmdLiveJobs_Click() ActiveSheet.ListObjects(1).AutoFilter.ShowAllData Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
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    VBA Multiple <> Filter

    Hello! I'm looking to delete all rows not containing the following in column E. I have the following code, but it's not working. Any ideas? With ActiveSheet.UsedRange .AutoFilter field:=5, Criteria1:=Array("<>PN", "<>RN", "<>DR", "<>TA"), Operator:=xlFilterValues .Offset(1...
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    define an Array in Filter as a String

    Hi, I want to define an Array as a string and fetch the values for the same from a cell in a autofilter, below is what i have tried so far but it's not working. can someone help existing code: Selection.AutoFilter ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$U$9995").AutoFilter Field:=5...

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