1. A

    VBA grammar for sum of two fields in SQL table

    I have an SQL statement that sums up two fields and is working find in SQL Select w.Forecasted_hours + w.actual_hours as 'TotalForecast' however in VBA I'm not exactly sure what would be the right way to do it. If I paste the SQL it seem like not recognizing a plus sign. Can anybody please...
  2. V

    SharePoint Person or Group field entries returns multiple rows in PBI query and data table

    I have a direct connect to a SharePoint List. The problem that I am having is that in my report the data appears to be skewed due to me using two SharePoint Person or Group fields. What I have been able to determine is that if there are multiple entries in the two fields, then there are rows...
  3. gheyman

    Advice on best method

    I have a table with about 10 fields. What I am trying to do is keep track of data changes; What changed and when they change. I am thinking that when the user wants to change data that they duplicate the record and then modify the duplicate record. I have fields that show date/userId so that...
  4. V

    Count If Visible Fields Advice

    Hi all, I have this formula which provides a percentage of column B count for a Yes or No answer. =COUNTIF(B6:B6345,"YES")/COUNTA(B6:B6345) =COUNTIF(B6:B6345,"NO")/COUNTA(B6:B6345) I need to know if there is another formula I could amend the above to so it counts visble fields only after i...
  5. D

    Population of Multiple Templates from Workbook?

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me with the following: 1. I have a table of data with filters applied from which I would like to fill (and print) templates in another worksheet as quickly as possible. In other words, each week I input some more rows into this table and then...
  6. R

    Append Date to Imported CSV

    I have a pretty simple database that I use for basic reporting. Every day I download a csv report from a website that contains sales metrics from the previous day. There are 4 columns of data (A-D in Excel). The Access table I import into has 6 fields (the first being an auto number record...
  7. gheyman

    Access Fields disapear in Query

    My fields disappeared in my query after I unchecked the Show box. I don't mean they don't show data view, I mean when I go back to the design view they are all gone. What happened?
  8. P

    Fields and values bundled into one cell and text string

    Hi Guys, I'm cleaning a fairly sizable data set, approx 200,000 rows and I'm stuck on the final bit I need to clean so I can analyse the data effectively. There is one column where between 3 and 5 fields are bundled into one text string and I am struggling to separate the fields and values...
  9. gheyman

    Refresh DSUM Values

    I have several DSUM fields on a form. The fields are looking for values from a Query: =DSum("MONTH0_Active","qry_OnTimeDelivery_MetricData") But unless I have the query open at the same time as I have the Form open, I don't get values. How can I get this to calculate without having to open...
  10. B

    how to insert calc fields in a pivot table

    I have a pivot table with a ****load of fields. It would help if I could insert calculation fields within the pivot itself rather than doing it externally. With the data below I'd like to create a field which shows the Profit per Order and the Shipping Cost per Order. I went to the Analyze...
  11. R

    Required Field Check > Based On Color Index

    Hello - Thank you for any help in advance. I'm still trying to learn VBA and have been trying to figure this out for a while - and need some help. I am trying to make certain fields required before the user can access the print button I created using the form tools on a specific worksheet. To...
  12. S

    Pivot Table Data Field Format Macro Modification

    I use this macro to change all data fields to summarize value fields by: "Sum", how would I modify it to change all data fields to "Currency" Number format? Sub SumAllValueFields() Dim pt As PivotTable Dim pf As PivotField Dim WS As Worksheet Set WS = ActiveSheet Set pt =...
  13. Z

    Update Cross Reference in Word from Excel

    Hello all, I have an excel spreadsheet that i have added coding to fill out a word document. The current coding fills in a few text fields throughout the document. My issues is that there are a few points in the document i have filled with Cross Reference fields. The problem is when i run my...
  14. P

    Pivot Table

    Hi there I'm sure that this is an easy fix but I'm having difficulty figuring it out. I have recorded a macro that created a pivot table. The macro works great. However, I have a few questions in the macro below. Right now, the range is fixed. Is there a way to make the range not fixed in...
  15. O

    How to add an external Reference to an exported excel report

    I am using a Spreadsheet as a form. Currently my people are printing out the form and hand writing the data in to the cells. I was wanting to speed things up. We have 2 exported reports that could be used to fill in the data fields and ranges. Currently I've been cutting and pasting the data...
  16. B

    Calculate the number of days between dates

    Question 1: Using the date field below, I would like to create a new field that subtracts today (current month/year) from this field's format below. There are some fields that do not have a date value ('-' or blank) - in those cases output a '-'. Current Formula...
  17. M

    Excel Autofill contact info from previous times entered in

    I have a "Form" that I input a customers contact info in such as Name, company, city/state, phone, email. I would like excel to remember the name I typed in and when I go to type that name in again the contact fields will autofill with that persons information. is there anyway to do this or am I...
  18. S

    Code to generate new tab transferring data in to new fields

    Hi, I am trying to create the option to click a button/ field/ word on a line in an excel spreadsheet table that will generate a new tab which transfers some of the data from the fields on the row in to a new pre-defined template. The template requires the following fields to be populated from...
  19. T

    Need help making a routing table

    Hello Excel and VBA Experts I have a challenging problem to automate a routing table. I am given data with missing users names and the routing table to determine the user names, and I can’t change how the information is presented. The data with missing user names has 5 fields; for this example...
  20. C

    Extract Word Form Field Data to Excel

    Hello all, Google makes it sound like this can be done but I can't understand the guidance. Hoping you can help. We have a new word document with about 16 form fields (a mix of legacy form fields and content controls). I'd like to be able to automatically compile the data from the 16 form...

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