1. A

    MS Query Compare Two Tables with Date fields

    Hello All, Thank you for taking an interest in this post. I would like to compare two date fields in two different tables in MS Query to return records that meet this criteria table1.DateTime <= table.ExpireDate. Can this be achieved in MS Query? I have tried a JOIN table1 t1 JOIN table2 t2...
  2. A

    Calculated Column. Averageif/Maxif/Minif

    I want to create/assign a new value in to some rows in my data depending on the average, maximum or minimum of an multiple criteria if based calculation on rows other than the current row. I've created a regular xl file to illustrate where I want to go, however, I can't post attachments yet. In...
  3. J

    How to get fields of a make-table query in VBA?

    I'm writing VBA code to open objects and document them. When it gets to a make-table query I'd like to get the fields of the table it makes along with each one's source. But when I set a QueryDef object to the make-table query, then set a Fields object to QueryDefObject.Fields, the collection...
  4. Z

    VBA to create Pivot Tables using muliple Source Data and creating a new sheet

    Hi All, I am having a bit of an issue trying to create a pivot table in VBA. Basically I run a report which creates a new workbook with a few tabs. I need a new bit of VBA code to add onto that code to create a Pivot table using the "All" worksheet in the newly created workbook to create a new...
  5. E

    Macro needed to export information & match them up to fields

    I have just exported 200 individual contact information such as name, age, location, email etc from a word document into an excel spreadsheet. I need each of these fields to be in individual columns into one sheet, however all the information has been exported into rows rather than columns...
  6. J

    Macro to copy pivot layout(filters, fields etc) to an other existing pivot

    Dear all, I have a couple of sheets that consist out of several pivots. These pivots are standardized and the user can't change anything to them exept the filter value. Now i added an extra sheet where the user can expirement himself with a pivot table. Now i want the user to be able to copy...
  7. D

    Populating excel form template with data from another excel book

    Sorry for the ambiguous title... I have one workbook that is an excel form template. It has a field for name, date, date of birth, etc. I have a different workbook (not different sheet, but different workbook) that has a table listing a bunch of people and their information. Is there a way I...
  8. R

    [XL 2007] Filter field list in pivot table

    Guys, a simple pivot table in excel 2007 has some fields that I filter (like subfields) however the last fields keep displaying all values into the fields list like ignoring previous filters, is there an easy way to fix it? Help me out!
  9. T

    ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Error - too few parameters expected 1; Access Table Fields Renamed

    I need to know how I can update the SQL Command in an excel spreadsheet that is connected to an Access Query where data is refreshed in order to change the names of the fields that is being pulled from the Access Query to match after they were changed. We recently changed the names of the table...
  10. S

    How do you automatically add www. in front of every single field in a column?

    The fields in my column are a list of websites, however they are missing the "www." in them. So I want to know what formula will automatically add the "www." in front of the values of each of the fields in the column?
  11. J

    Pivot: break values into two sets

    I have sheet where records are people: name, department & zip code. I would like a Pivot Table count of people in each zip (col) for each department (row). BUT - For zip field I only one two columns: all zips under 50000 and all zips over 50000 (roughly, East and West of US) I know how to add...
  12. strive4peace

    video: Learn Access -4- Tables and Relationships

    Learning Access or know somebody that wants to? This lesson focuses on building Tables and Relationships in Microsoft Access. Learn Access -4- Tables and Relationships (cc) 36:04 (music: JD Live) Learn Access -4- Tables and Relationships (cc -- coming!) 36:04 ~music: JD Live - YouTube The...
  13. M

    Expanding on 'concatenate-maybe-countif-but-how'

    Dear Masters of Excel, Expanding on an old thread - - I could do with a little help. Mr Excel offers the macro; Sub Rearrange() Dim lr AsLong, r AsLong Application.ScreenUpdating = False lr =...
  14. K

    Excel 2013 PIVOT Limitations

    Can anyone please help. Our company is in the process of moving over from Excel 2007 to 2013. In Excel 2007 it was possible to have a maximum of 65,534 items in a pivot field before the software would apply a cut-off and display a limited list of items. I have noticed that in Excel 2013 when...
  15. O

    Pivot table fields expands automatically when updating data (only where data has been changed)

    Hi, I have created a pivot table that is connected to an input sheet with data. The input sheet retrieves data automatically from a external source through an add-in to Excel. When updating data the fields expands, but only for the items which have been changed. I want the table to be updated...
  16. H

    Import Load Multiple Calculated Fields from one Pivot table to another

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2007. I have 60 calculated fields from a pivot table that I would like to use on a new data source. The new data source has 20 new columns that original did not have. The existing calculated fields from the original pivot table will work with the new data set and I...
  17. K

    Dtabase Crashes when Selecting the Tab Order button!

    I am trying to reorder the sequence/order in which a tab button will take my database users through the fields (nothing to do with tabs on sub-forms). I have been told that this can be achieved by going through the Arrange tab on the menu bar and selecting Tab Order. However, as soon as I...
  18. C

    Sort Form by 2 Fields on Form Load

    I have a form that I always want sorted by Rank_Order, then by Ind_Ser, every time the form loads. I can do this using the form property sheet, order by, then entering: [qry_Update_Personnel_Data_Filter].[Rank_Order], [qry_Update_Personnel_Data_Filter].[Ind_Ser] However, this is lost if I...
  19. B

    Pivot table - Daily and Monthly Field Grouping

    Hi I'm using Excel 2007 and am having an issue with grouping/ungrouping fields in pivot tables. I have 2 separate pivot tables, both from the same named data source, but summarising different data selections. Both tables include the date field, I am trying to produce both a daily and a...
  20. A

    Division of existing fields to create new field

    Hi Im new to Access and am now very stuck so any help would be fantastic. i have put the following into the zoom box of an empty field of my query Profit %: [profitvalbase]/[costvalbase] this returns a "this expression is typed incorrectly or is too complex" message however and both are...

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