1. gheyman

    ACCESS: I dont see my fields on my form

    I created a Split form. Used the wizard. It put my fields in the detail section - which I can see all of them and edit them when in Design view. But when I go to Form view there I don't see my fields. I see them in the datasheet section on the bottom and I see the buttons I put in the form...
  2. C

    IF function returns NA when FALSE?

    Hi, How do I get the first IF function to return FALSE instead of NA? What is wrong in the formula. =IFERROR(IF(A21=INDEX(P:P;MATCH(A21;P:P;0));TEXT(INDEX(S:S;MATCH(A21;P:P;0));0);TEXT((INDEX(R:R;MATCH(A21;T:T;0)));0));"") All fields are formatted identically.
  3. I

    Userform question

    I’m thinking of making a userform for my grass cutting business. I’m not entirely sure how to approach it yet but something like select a customers name & the relevant info fields are then shown. One thing I’m stuck with is some customers have repeat visits so maybe by clicking on a fields...
  4. S

    Power Pivot Table fields not refreshing

    Is there a finite number of measures that can be created in Powerpivot? I have numerous measures; after refreshing all; some measures disappear from the table fields. I've tried searching by name under the ALL tab. They are simply gone. I can see the measure in the Powerpivot Manage...
  5. O

    Error: PivotTable report cannot overlap another PivotTable Report

    Hey all. I've found where other people have had this error but those solutions haven't helped me solve this one. Long story short I built this for another employee about a year ago and my memory is fuzzy on some specifics. There's only one PivotTable on the sheet. I get the typical error...
  6. O

    Dynamic Information Table

    Hello, Just hoping someone could help point me in the right direction here, as I'm sure I'm going about this problem all wrong. I have two data tables, each with transaction data and 3 key fields: Company, Cost Center, Project. To work with the data from the two tables, I concatenated each...
  7. montyfern

    Using Concatenate in DAX in PowerPivot as a Measure

    Good Day, Thank you in advance for answering this question. I can't combine two fields with an "x" value. For example, I'm combining lumber height & width so I write a calculated column =CONCATENATE(Data[Height],[Width]) and it shows 812 instead of 8x12. So then I read several websites &...
  8. D

    Type mismatch '13'

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a code snippet in order to save my useform entry into my Access sheet. The code is <code><code> Next ctrl If IsNull(str) Or str = "" Then MsgBox("Record Saved") DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord -- line that is highlighted when code errors out...
  9. A

    Adding Calculated Field with multiple Columns

    Hello, Is there any way to create a calculated field when there is multiple columns in pivot table? there is two fields inserted in to column section and use the number from there to create calculated field. I am trying to create Rev Prod- cost 1 field. For example: Data would look like this...
  10. 8

    I need a sort macro used to sort same fields in different range of data

    I have a data field between C8:j350, need to sort on C, then G, then I on different selected ranges when selecting fields between C and J any help will be appreciated
  11. F

    Hiding rows with a drop-down list

    Hi, File with an examlpe - It's a part of the test checking the knowledge of the training participant. When someone fills the fields and comes to the conclusion that, however, he should not answer, then set to "Not...
  12. C

    Open and close field based on input of another field

    Hello, I have a Table with 11 fields. The first field is a drop-down field with two options. Lets call them option A and option B. The remaining 10 fields relates to either option A or option B, but not both. For example, if option A is selected, then fields 2, 4, 8, and 10 would apply...
  13. S

    How to make/create OR operator between fields in Power BI ?

    So I have 2 fields Problem Work Performed Both can contain similar information, thus both can contain specific info. So far apps provide only AND operator. If I create filter for Problem and Work Performed. I will either miss information if one of the fields doesn't contain keyword, or I don't...
  14. M

    Fusion many pages in one book

    Hello, I need to consolidate a lot of spreadsheets in one book. All have the same format and fields. I need something that it could be sure and not lost my information.
  15. M

    VBA form data to specific cells

    Hi, I'm new to forms and a beginner on VBA, so struggling with a VBA to make a user form fill in specific cells in a sheet. I have created the form and now I want to get the data from the fields into the cells on the worksheet and if the cells in the worksheet have data in them for this to be...
  16. J

    Conditional Formatting when all Fields = TRUE

    I am trying to change the border of a group of fields once all the fields contain the word TRUE. I was trying to set up a formula in Conditional Formatting but I do not know how.
  17. M

    #Error in output query

    Hello, I have this formula in access - that converts different formatted phone numbers into a numeric field - because some fields are blank it give me an #Error message. I tried to run the query and append it separately to a table (with a right join) - excluding Nulls, etc. But I cant seem to...
  18. E

    Select items in Page fields in Pivot table using VBA

    Hello Using Excel 2010 I have these two pieces of code below that put 2 fields into the page area of a pivot table. I want to choose 2 out of 40 items in OrderID I want to choose 1 out of 20 items in CustomerID Is this possible without having to write true vs false code for each item in VBA...
  19. E

    Select items in Page fields in Pivot table using VBA

    Hello Using Excel 2010 I have these two pieces of code below that put 2 fields into the page area of a pivot table. I want to choose 2 out of 40 items in OrderID I want to choose 1 out of 20 items in CustomerID Is this possible without having to write true vs false code for each item in VBA...
  20. gheyman

    Access: How to Sort a Query if I used *

    I am querying two tables. I am trying to show all the fields from one of the tables, in my query results, by using the *. I want to sort by one of the fields. is there a way to do this when you're using the * to identify the fields?

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