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    How to apply a formula in a column next to data using VBA

    Hello, I have data in columns A:B that changes in the number of rows. How can I apply a function I wrote (RemoveChar(B2)) to column C2:End? I can't seem to figure out how to apply the formula downward until the last data point at the end of column B. Thanks!
  2. A

    I hope this can be done?

    I have a sheet that column B thru M equals January thru December, in row 589 for each month is a dollar figure that I would like to reflect in column P row 589 for each month as the appear. Is this possible?
  3. T

    Number formatting in arrays

    In Excel, I have 3 numbers in cells A1 through to A3. These are: 1, 2 and 12345678901234567890 If column A was formatted as a number, it will show as: 1, 2 and 12345678901234500000 The reason is Excel truncates long numbers. When I look at the Locals Windows when running this code...
  4. N

    Number format as millions

    Hi, does anyone know how to display numbers as "£0.55m"? I have the code type for displaying anything OVER £1million £#.##,,"m" ...but whenever a figure is below £1m, it shows as £.55m and I want it to show as "£0.55m" Thanks!
  5. B

    Sumif help!

    I am using the following formula: =SUMIFS($D:$D,$C:$C,Inventory!A3,$A:$A,$A$59) What i need is for the data from the inventory sheet stay constant in Column A but adjust for the row and I cannot seem to figure it out! Help!
  6. J

    Locking cells

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with some formulas in to represent a receipt. I want to be able to lock the cells with formulas. I think this is easy enough. My trouble is I want to lock some cells to accounting GBP currency. basically so a figure can be entered but so that somebody cannot delete...
  7. G


    Good afternoon, Excel gods. I am in charge of gathering price changes of restaurant items from our distributor. Our Distributor sends me weekly and bi-weekly reports on only the items that have changed prices. In total, I have a little under 700 total items. I can't seem to figure out how to...
  8. C

    Formula deduction

    I have created a spreadsheet in google sheets and I am having problems with the following formula. Please see attached link to the google sheet. In column K the formula works out the figure after a number is entered in column M but I need the figure in column K (after calculation) to also be...
  9. J

    Formula to calculate payments

    I have a formula to calculate payment in 30 days, =PMT(cell# with percentage rate /12, cell# wit term, - cell# of amount financed) BUT I can not figure out the formula for a 45 day to payment, can anyone help? THANK YOU
  10. J

    Summing multiple lines based off of date in single cell?

    Hello, I have to do these tedious time sheets everyday. I'm trying to spend some upfront time to hopefully same me time in the long run. Below is a link to an example file. I found code to get unique project numbers from the list, but I can't figure out how to sort them (yellow column) With...
  11. D

    Warning Message for non-zero check figures

    Hi, I have a databook with a large number of tabs that we use check figures to ensure consistency from tab to tab. These check figures are just a simple sum function that also subtracts from another tab's subtotal and when everything is working right, should sum to zero. For example, a check...
  12. E

    Wondering whether a formula could assist or is even possible ...

    Hi all I work for an education facility and a number of times throughout the year I have to manually check student grades for accuracy. I can have up to 40 spreadsheets with up to 300 students per sheet so it is quite a time consuming process. I am wondering whether a formula might help...
  13. D

    trying to add 2 cells to a save as pdf file

    Hi, his s the code I am using but where it says =range("C5") I want to add another cell like H1 but I must be blind and can not find it on here. I have tried multiple ways but just cant figure it out. sorry Sub saveaspdf() ChDir "C:\Users\he138642\Desktop\Test INVOICE"...
  14. C

    Summing the bottoms of two columns

    Hey guys!! Alright so I have a rather simple problem that I just cant seem to figure out for the life of me. Its fairly straightforward. So I have a data table, <tbody> 5 241 3 244 4 248 3 251 225 </tbody> I want to take the 251 in its cell, add it to the 225s cell, and then put...
  15. R

    Lost with the Time in Excel and require a helping hand...

    Hi Folks, I'm lost trying to figure out how to aggregate the Time data in the table below to make it easier to work with and more presentable. Unfortunately, I don't have control over how the data is exported and I'm stuck to work with what I got. Luckily I've found this Forum and I've been...
  16. P

    VLOOKUP working on the calculation rather than the number shown

    HI, I am sure this is a very quick question/answer, In one cell(D38) I have a SUMIFS formula, the answer it is returning is 0.415. This number is actually a calculation of months in decimals. In the next cell (E38) I have a vlookup to return this figure in months. Cell D38 is rounded to 2...
  17. H

    Formula Help

    I am trying to build a formula so that I don't have to manually enter cell references. Bottom line there are entries for payments and expenses. Those are totalled by day, week, month, and year. I have a column that contains a code to delineate each summary. If I can figure out one with help...
  18. M

    Calculate Weeks Apart

    Hello, I am having difficulty since I have never used Excel to understand a great deal of what I am reading. I need to count out weeks, 4, 6, 8 depending on what client I am working with from July 15 - December 24 2019. I cannot figure out how to use the excel sheet to make that happen. Can...
  19. Z

    Dynamically merging multiple columns of data into one column, organised by a specific criteria...

    Hello, I am working with a spreadsheet that is split by Parts as you can see below. I need column A to pull revenue from columns F, H and I organised hierarchically by the date. So for example, cell A2 should contain "14/02/2019" because that is the earliest date and then B2 should...
  20. M

    Reducing variable over time

    I have a small table but I would like to know if there is a better way with a formula of doing this. I have a start value and 60 periods (5 years in months) at the end of the 60 months the initial value has reduced by 53% so how do I calculate the end value currently I am taking my start...

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