1. R

    IFS gone now what?

    Hi all, So I'm trying to figure out what I need since it seems that the IFS formula has been taken away. I have several questions that students need to answer, and their choice from a drop down list is in cells H3 and the list is Agree, Disagree, Not Applicable. The results will be...
  2. M

    Printing multiple sheets at once, plus some options

    I have a macro below that I've used to try to print multiple sheets in a single print job. There are 11 sheets that I do not want printed, and all of the others need to be printed. The remaining sheets that are to be printed are all formatted with the same print area, each is 2 pages...
  3. M

    Printing all sheets, except a couple

    I am trying to write a macro that will print every sheet in the workbook, except for a short list (START, Main Data, Master Blank for ERC, P1 Figure 2-2, P2 Figure 2-2, P3 Figure 2-2, P4 Figure 2-2, P5 Figure 2-2, P6 Figure 2-2, P7 Figure 2-2, and P8 Figure 2-2). The remaining sheets are all...
  4. A

    Percent of a number from a total number

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to calculate a percentage by taking a total number and figuring out what percent of it is another number. Example: <colgroup><col width="56" style="width:42pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 31 20 19 17 15 15 15 14...
  5. M

    Moving specific cells to a different sheet according to criteria

    I'm basically trying to get specific reports from excel data. I have a table with data that has to be downloaded from the internet and I want that data to be placed in separate sheets according to specific cell qualifiers. ie if column C is Yes, I want A:B and T:V, copied to a sheet2. I can...
  6. I

    RETURN NAME: name is between -- and --

    We have some file naming conventions where the persons LAST NAME and FIRST INITIAL is enclosed by "--", and then there is the form name then a period and the file application. S:\### xx\xxx\### xxxxx xxxxx--### xx\LAST E\########--LAST E--FORMNAME.pdf I have been trying to figure out how two...
  7. zookeepertx

    How to post thanks

    Hello, If someone has helped out with a problem and given the solution, how do you post a Thanks or a Like on their answer? I see that some people have received Thanks or Likes from people but I can't seem to figure out how the heck the person did it. Jenny
  8. W

    Splitting daily figure into 48 periods

    Hi, I have thecode below which splits 24 hourly prices into 48 half hourly periods. Iwould like to do something similar whereby I take a daily figure and split thisinto 48 half hourly periods. I have tried altering it in different ways but nosuccess. Any ideas? Thanks for your help. Column A =...
  9. M

    Repairs / Records Removed: Sorting

    I have a file that consistently reports "Excel was able to open the file by repairing or removing the unreadable content". I have narrowed it down to a single macro which runs, and it seems to only cause "damage" when the file is opened on a different computer (on the same LAN) from which the...
  10. G

    20 golfers over 3 days playing in foursomes

    I'm trying to create a spreadsheet where I can 20 golfers playing over 3 days and none of the golfers play with each other twice. On each team will be two "A" players and two "B" players. I've figured out how to make the 1st day random but I can't figure out out to make days 2 & 3 where the...
  11. V

    Formula: count co occurrence of elements of 2 columns in one row.

    Dear community, I need a formula that would count how many times an element of one column co-occurs with another element in each row. The input is represented in Figure 1. The result (see Figure 2) could look as follows. The formula counts how many times H* co-occurs with n and p. In this case...
  12. E

    excel formula to VBA

    Hi there, Hoping to get some help with something I've been working on. Short version is information is pasted into a specific cell (where my offset is current pulling from) and I need it to return today's date, or yesterday's date if it has the "Mon" "Tue" "Wed" etc. I managed to figure it...
  13. S

    New to Excel, please help me!

    Hello, I am very new to excel and am looking for some help! I’d really appreciate if someone can help me with a formula for one of my cells. I have a cash book, in column B it has details of the person paying the money in. This money is usually for one client but sometimes it can be for more...
  14. A

    Two Criteria to Get one Answer

    Hi There, I could really use some help. I am trying to figure out a way of looking up sale data though it must be for a certain week and certain SKU. The sheet i currently have has the weeks in the columns and SKU in the rows, whilst i have the sales data on a seperate sheet containing the...
  15. B

    how to do this lookup?

    Please see table below. I'm trying to figure out how to do a lookup for these values? For example if I wanted to know how many CPU's were sold by Dell, the answer below is 11. But what would be the way to do that lookup? I know how to do vlookups and sumifs but can't figure this one out...
  16. Q

    Multiple IF Formulas and Conditions

    Hi, I am trying to use a Multiple IF formula to help me give the values if the following conditions are met, but it gives me a #Value error. Could you please help me figure out the correct formula for this. Thank you =IF(AND(B2034<>B2035),H2035+I2035-J2035,IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Beginning...
  17. E

    30, 60, 90 between two dates

    Morning, This seems like it would be fairly easy to do but as you can see by my username, i'm excel illiterate. So I have two columns B2 (10/01/2019) and C2 (01/22/2019) and I need to figure out what formula to use in order to make these reflect 30, 60, and 90 days. B2 has various dates but C2...
  18. T

    Pulling Data from Table

    I'm trying to figure out how to pull data from a table such as below. I would like to be able to search for a value, such as 4 and receive the other 3 values in the same line. Such as search for 4 and the result would be 9, 20 & 23. Thanks! <tbody> 1 12 8 6 2 22 10 5 9 20 4 23 13 7 3...
  19. 3

    Multi select macro running slowly

    Hoping someone can help with my first attempt at a multi select macro. The single version runs in less than a second but using this code to multi select it now takes up to 5 sec for each. Figure it is something to do with how I am getting them from the array. vaFiles =...
  20. W

    Userform: Tie Listbox Items and Label vertical position

    Hai, I have a userform which is driving me crazy. It has a ListBox with a bunch of items and next to it labels that give info about the listbox items but they do not alight properly when I have too many items. I can't figure out how to tie them together or at least make it look like so: Couple...

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