file already open

  1. D with password when file is open elsewhere

    Hi, This is driving me mad. Have written some VBA code to open a specific file and do some things. If it opens in read only mode, then it closes the file, waits 5 seconds and reopens on a loop until it gets in with write access. Which is fine, the file is only accessed very briefly to populate...
  2. D

    Testing if File is Already Open

    I am trying to test whether or a certain file is open already, and if it is closed I am saving data to it. For some reason, my code was working just fine and randomly it stopped working and giving me the message "Sub or Function not defined". I don't understand why it suddenly stopped working...
  3. N

    Excel VBA can Loop Other Workbook ?

    Hi all Now I have 2 File -VBA_CONTROL_FCO_NEW -FCO_NEW [VBA_CONTROL_FCO_NEW] Run Macro open loop Open [FCO_NEW] file [FCO_NEW] run macro and save as (Change File name) and Close end loop Sub Macro2()Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To 6 Workbooks.Open...
  4. U

    Help! filename.xlsx is already open. Reopening will cause any changes you made to be discarded. Do you want to reopen ....xlsx

    I have a spreadsheet which has a few other spreadsheets linked to it (some are linked as array) and every time I open it, it comes up with this message for every linked spreadsheet. I have to click on yes/no for numerous times before I can start working on it. Really annoying. Any help will be...
  5. G

    How to check if file is open by other user nas gotot if so:

    Hi Guy's, I've got a form where the user inputs information into 2 textboxes. Then selects save. This opens another workbook, writes the info into the next blank line, saves it, and then closes it. This all works fine. As this file is on a network, I’m trying to pre-empt any possible issue...

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