file attribute

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    CSV file with hidden atribute

    Hi guys and gals im a little stuck on something hopefully i do a decent enough job of explaining my appologies if not. I found the code below from...
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    Size breakdown of a workbook

    Is it possible to display the size breakdown of what makes up a workbook? For instance a breakdown of how much of a workbook file size is due to the data, or objects, or forms, or formulas, etc. :confused:
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    Please Help: Return Date Modified for File in Directory

    Hi, I am unsuccessfully trying to use a function to return the date modified with the below Sub AKAname. Perhaps I should rename some variable names, but I'm not really sure if that is right, or how to streamline the Function LastModified with the Sub AKAname (listed below). Any help is much...
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    VBA - Recursively list files and output to csv

    Hi guys, I've got a problem with my VBA (you guessed it). I took code from this post: and added in: Basically, first code would output to a worksheet, but as I theoretically could breach the 65k...

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