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    Getting filenames into excel?

    I have about 10,000 files that I need to create an excel spreadsheet containing all of their names. Is there a way to just pull the filenames into excel without actually pulling the actual file in. Basically if I open my folder can I get the names of all of the files in that folder into excel?
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    Automate hyperlinks

    I would like to create a hyperlink to pdf files in a folder based on the matching name in a cell of a excel spreadsheet. I have pdf files that have a document name: helpme1.pdf, helpme2.pdf, helpme3.pdf, for example, in the same folder as the spreadsheet. The names are in a cell, lets say...
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    Linking many source files to a single data table

    Dear Excel gurus, I have a customer whose Finance Controller is spending hours (if not days) every month to produce a Balanced Scorecard. He has set up links from the scorecard to over 20 external files. There are two challenges as I see it: 1) The names of those files change monthly (i.e...

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