fill down

  1. C

    Fill Down Until Next Value in Excel

    Hi Guys, Do you know how to (Loom | Send a video. Not a thousand words.) Fill the First Field with data from same row in another column (eg B and then fill second row etc with data in the same row from another column (eg D) all the way until sequence changes in the reference column (C) Do you...
  2. M

    Sub stopping at section where formula should be dragged down

    Hi I've got a Sub which runs successfully until the point where a formula needs to be dragged down to the rest of the column. In short, data is copied from column H (cell 15 downwards) in the "Main Sheet" of a file called "Main Sheet" and pasted into cell DC15 of the same sheet. The code...
  3. W

    Fill down Question.

    This maybe a very simple question. I have 1 column. 01/01/2018 01/01/2018 01/01/2018 01/01/2018 I want the pattern to continue i thought i could highlight the 4 cells and fill down and it would look like the below but it does not let me it just duplicates the values in the first 4 cells. I...
  4. M

    Help with 3-level Conditional formatting + fill down

    Hello and thank you for the help J3=215, J4=214 and so on to J93 N3=215 and conditional formatting for this cell has 3 rules Cell Value < J3 (green format) applies to =$N$3:$N$5 Cell Value = J3 (yellow format) applies to =$N$3:$N$5 Cell Value > J3 (red format) applies to =$N$3:$N$5 The...
  5. M

    Working function won't insert with VBA

    I'm trying to fill down two columns with a VLOOKUP function. The basic VLOOKUP function works, but when I try to use the TEXT function to ensure the date gets it is "looking up" is returned as m/dd/yyyy instead of a large integer, VBA won't even let me continue writing the code before it tells...
  6. X

    Fill Down Macro with Varying Rows and Columns

    I've looked everywhere and maybe I just wasn't wording my search properly but I cannot find a solution to a problem I have on a daily basis. I'm looking for a macro that will do the following: <colgroup><col width="64" span="4" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Code Name rate...
  7. B

    Fill Down With Merged Cells

    I have Column AH which has every two rows merged (AH10:AH111,AH12:AH13) etc. In column AQ I have an equation that I want to be able to fill down that references column AH. My issue is that the first cell in Column AQ references the merged cell, but the second references only half the merged...
  8. C

    fill down macro

    I'm trying to create a fill down macro for the range D4:D5028 Here's the code I have so far: I got most of this online. Thanks. Sub FixParent() ' ' FixParent Macro ' ' Dim lastrow As Long lastrow = Range("D4:D5028").End(xlUp).Row 'ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 ' Selection.AutoFill...
  9. 7

    Fill down variable data

    I have a column that includes two letters, EZ, then the date, followed by rack number, for labels. These decrement down the column as such: EZ12151736, EZ12151735, EZ12151734.... When the last two numbers reach 01, it starts over with the previous day: EZ12141736, EZ12141735.... I have this done...
  10. Vincent Thank You

    Filling down cells with formula, sometiomes their is no data.

    Hello! After filtering for 2017 data in column C the following formula: With ActiveSheet.Range("N2:N" & Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp).Row).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible) .Cells.FormulaR1C1 = "=IfError((RC[-2]),0)" .Cells.FillDown Worksheets("2016").Columns(10).Calculate End With...
  11. K

    Fill formulas down a column

    Hi, I have this code to insert my formula and fill down the column. wsFirst.Range("AQ3:AQ" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row).Formula = "=IF(P19=1,1,0)" The problem is that it stops at 101'st row. I think this is related to the fact that before i created the range "ipi" with 101 values...
  12. A

    Drill down Rows

    Hello there, please, I ask for some support at Power BI, I'm new at that fabulous application. I got data from a XML file >> then edit >> as shown I ask for how can I drill or split each line in an autonomy row then fill down the other rows, is that applicable in Power BI, I hope that, please :)
  13. C

    VBA - Copying Formulas down

    I have the code below. I'm trying to copy the formulas down from 'A2' but when I run the sub it will repeat the header line. What am I missing? Sub Non_Grad() Dim last_row_non_grad As Long, non_grad_count As Integer Dim curSheet As Worksheet...
  14. J

    Excel Auto fill down VBA macro

    In my Excel sheet there are ABCDE columns D column is filled in with data. & I am filling down BCE columns by selecting & Pressing CTRL+D. I want a VBA macro to do this, the sheet is of 1000 rows. data looks like this I want the data to be like this
  15. T

    Skipping rows on an IF statement

    Afternoon all, This will be a simple one for somebody out there but here goes. I have 3 tabs (Summary, sheet 2, sheet 3) All three tabs have the same columns in the same order. However, there is only data in the summary tab at the moment. Name, Address, Town, Telephone number These are...
  16. E

    Fill formula to last row

    Hello, I do not know how to write code, but only how to record macros. I have 3 adjacent cells with vlookup formulas (E2, F2, and G2), and i want the formula to fill to last row with data. Each time the macro is ran, it will start in the same spot (E2:G2), but will have a different end point...
  17. H

    Userform - Filling down info on rows

    Hello, Could anyone please help me with my code? I don't know what I'm doing wrong, it works perfectly on one file (Remision), but for some reason it won't work on the other one (CI Fill). It is a simple userform that helps creating some documents. I attach them for your reference. What the...
  18. N

    Filling a formula that uses consecutive ranges of a column

    So I have all this rainfall data by the hour in one sheet, and I want to sum it up by day onto another sheet. Is there a way for me to put the sum formula into a cell, referencing and summing the 24 individual cells from the other sheet, then just fill the formula down to each consecutive row...
  19. L

    VBA Insert row - keeping clacs and reference numbers in order

    Hi All I have been looking/trying various bits of code to insert a row on a large protected sheet. I have also been recoring various stages, but cant get the result I am after and think I might be overcomplicating metters. Large Excel sheet with A:Z and 1-100 hidden, full of calculations. The...
  20. cvincent

    How to find last row in column, copy, then FillDown

    I have a spreadsheet that fills down each column. The problem with columns E & F is that they contain numbers, and each row increases by 1, i.e. 123 Adam St, 124 Adam St, 125 Adam St, etc. I need VBA to find the last row of data in that column, copy it, then fill down without the number...

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