fill effects

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    Can you use a fill effect with a gradient effect over several cells?

    I have an impossible worksheet that I am working on for a client with 150 columns and growing. There are three sections with 34 columns each that are duplicate and need to be made to stand out so I want a gradient effect going from white in the left cell to a medium blue on the right. This...
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    Chart Fill how to change

    How do I change the choices for the chart fill function in Excel 2007. I would like to use some of the old fill choices (patterns), e.g. cross bars, diagonal bars, etc, that were available in earlier versions of Excel instead of the current choices, marble, etc. Is there an option menu that you...
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    Fill effects are not visible on screen - only when printed

    When I select a fill color it does not appear on screen...although it does appear when printed...very strange. It's also something that's begun happening recently...any thoughts???

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