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    Drawing a Rectangle

    Hi, I am trying to draw rectangles using a set of variables and I can draw a solid box using: With plotsheet.Shapes.AddShape(1, Startx, Starty, BoxWidth, BoxHeight).Fill .ForeColor.RGB = RGB(Red, Blue, Green) .BackColor.RGB = RGB(Red, Blue, Green) End With (The items in italics are...
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    Linking a Word to a Fill pattern, Excel 2011 for Mac

    Hi there, just wondering if it is possible to link a call (either word or number ) to a pattern.... I am trying to build up a ground profile which i have set out in a grid with the x axis being depth and y being along the ground. I then want to select clay for example from a drop down menu i...
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    filling formulas in a column

    i am trying to fill a column with this formula which is in the first cell of the column (H6), =G6/G36. when i try to fill down, both cell references increase by one, =G6/G36, =G7/G37, =G8/G38, etc. i want the first cell reference (G6) to increase by one cell (G7, G8, G9, etc.) and the second...
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    Autoshape Fill Pattern

    In 2003 you could add an AutoShape, right click and go to Format AutoShape, go to Fill, click on the color drop down and do to fill effects, then Pattern and select the pattern that you want to fil the shape with. In 2007 I am unable to do this. I was told there is a plug in to fix that. Is...
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    Chart Fill how to change

    How do I change the choices for the chart fill function in Excel 2007. I would like to use some of the old fill choices (patterns), e.g. cross bars, diagonal bars, etc, that were available in earlier versions of Excel instead of the current choices, marble, etc. Is there an option menu that you...
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    How do I extend a series of data referenced from another worksheet?

    I'm using Excel '03. I have a workbook with 21 spreadsheets. The first 20 are days of the month (Oct 13, Oct 14, etc) and contain job duties and the total number of hours for each job duty. The last spreadsheet is titled Summary. On the Summary sheet I have the job duty titles to match the...
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    How can I extract a fill pattern from a cell comments field

    I have a file where comments are used for some cells. The user does not insert any text into these comments fields, but uses the comments feature to display pictures. A picture is used for the fill pattern of the cell (inserted through fill effects) and that picture is what is displayed when...

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