1. M

    Fill Series greyed out...

    My situation Brand new workbook All options checked/selected: a. Options>Advanced>"Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop" b. Options>Advanced>"Show quick analysis options on selection" c. Options>Advanced>"Enable AutoComplete on cells values" d. Options>Advanced>"Automatically flash fill" e...
  2. Y

    Lookup different multiple criteria and multiple results

    Hi MrExcel, Hope you can help with the below, I've attempted to google but I'm struggling to find results. I'm trying to fill the total material used on the following two screenshots (there are about 40 total), the problem is if we require a SW 38x63 timber to be cut at for example 2m, the...
  3. J

    flash fill vba for excel 2010

    I am currently using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 201. Flash fill came along in 2013. Is ther a vba to do the things that flash fill does (both adding pattin and splitting out without concatenate and text to columns)? Thanks.
  4. H

    If Statment Help

    <tbody> Number Fill Address 1026 902 E. Fremont 902 E. Fremont 1063 871 Main Street 829 Main </tbody> 1263 Hello All, I need help. I'm looking for statement that will help me fill the middle Column. For Example, If the address ha a row number then fill it with the...
  5. J

    VBA - AutoFill Series

    Hi all :) Very new "VBAer" :) I have Excel data as per below <tbody> A B C 1 Location Code Series Number Country 2 4000 1 Australia 3 4001 2 Australia 4 4002 Australia 5 4010 Australia </tbody> I require this result <tbody> A B C 1 Location Code Series Number Country 2...
  6. G

    Filling formulas over to the right into a new column added

    I have a code for a button that creates a new column at theend of a table. After the new column is added, I would like to have theformulas from the previous table column to fill into the new column. The datain the table should be the only formulas filling to the right (table headersshould not...
  7. L

    Is this conditional formatting or something else?

    Hey all, There’s something I was wanting to do with our QC checklist, and I’d like your help with it. Essentially the idea is to have the cells conditionally formatted so that If cell J15= Y the all the cells to the right (M15,V15,AE15,AJ15,AM15 and AP15) will have a red fill until it is no...
  8. C

    Fill Handle Menu Replaced by Quick Analysis Menu

    Hello all, I have searched and searched but I have not found a thread covering this particular problem. Historically, when I have double-clicked the lower right corner of a cell, it will automatically autofill the cells below and offer a fill handle option menu (Copy Cells, Fill Series, Fill...
  9. S

    review for duplicates and fill the same

    Hello smart people, I have a large spreadsheet i'm using for people's names/addresses/phone numbers etc I have to add more constantly when a new download becomes available. However, on my initial sheet I fill the row (example, they don't want to be contacted is red, left a message yellow) I...
  10. D

    Fill blanks macro

    Hello, I need to fill all blank cells , or = 0 in my selection with "1" Thank you
  11. B

    Copy and paste in one worksheet by condition

    Hi In one worksheet i have a table with 3 column ABC column A is text that fill manualy B is number fill with vlookup and C is percentage of column B so beacuse of some row column B is zero i need to export a new table in column E to G that only show the row of previous table that column B is...
  12. J

    using text in cell to form part of formula.

    Afternoon All, iv searched quite a bit but cant find a work around for the formula i am trying to create and am hoping some one could point me in the right direction. i am currently using the the following formula: =SUMIFS(Sheet1!D:D,Sheet1!G:G,"billy",Sheet1!E:E,"Smart") this works great...
  13. H

    Macro: Auto Fill down on Col A & B base on cell

    The pic1 show original, and the marco will auto fill down as show in pic2 (yellow)
  14. W

    Highlight active cell or selection but restore previous fill color

    Hi guys, I found this VBA code (here: <code class="vb keyword">Sub</code> <code class="vb plain">Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(</code><code class="vb keyword">ByVal</code> <code class="vb plain">Sh </code><code...
  15. J

    Copying down sum formula with non equal ranges

    I have two columns, one with dates and one with values. Such as: <tbody> 8/4/19 1 8/5/19 5 8/6/19 4 8/7/19 4 8/8/19 7 8/9/19 4 8/10/19 4 8/11/19 4 8/12/19 3 8/13/19 4 8/14/19 3 8/15/19 2 8/16/19 4 8/17/19 4 </tbody> In a separate cell I want to sum up the first...
  16. willow1985

    Fill series but end and continue with macro if series ends at "1"

    Hello, I have a vba code that will fill a series from A11 down however if there is only 1 item (A11) I need something in my code that will recognize this and not give me an error but continue with my macro. What could I add to this line to have that happen? ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "1"...
  17. C


    In cell "B1" I have a data validation (LIST). The validation list consists of the data "A,B,C,D,E,F,G" (within the drop-down). I want cell D1 to auto-insert data from the drop-down list in "B1" For instance... If I select "B1" with the data "A", I would like to have "D1" fill with the word...
  18. T

    Excel “no fill”macro

    I am looking for macro which will solve my issue. I have planning of machines per days, but on top of that I would like to have "overview" per machines (if there is no color fill in machine capacity planning then that means it's available for planning, otherwise is at machine planning is fill...
  19. T

    Macro to open two XLSM files from Names and Filepaths in cell

    Hi Everyone, I want to be able to open two XLSM doc from a folder. The Two File Names are in sheet "Welcome" Cells "B11" and "B12" but don't or might not have the .xlsm ending. the filepath is in cell B10 and will look like this "C:\Users\Tonypc\Downloads\New folder" I would like to first...
  20. D

    Looking for a formula

    Hi, i need a help. I need a formula for the calculation for the below data <tbody> <tbody> Location </tbody> <tbody> Vehicle No. </tbody> <tbody> Transport </tbody> <tbody> Weighment </tbody> <tbody> Charges </tbody> <tbody> Total </tbody> <tbody> Credit...

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