1. J

    IF THEN Function and Color Cell

    Hello, I am having trouble figuring out the code to do the following: If the data in column A says "Internal" and column B is empty then I want column B to fill with: cell.Interior.Color = 16776960 If there is data in column B, I don't want it to do anything. If the data in column A...
  2. H

    Fill values top down

    B2:B9 is +ve Integers C1 is Value Output Required in D2:D9 as TO FILL VALUES STARTING D2 & Considering range B2:B9 TOP DOWN Thanks in advance Sheet1 <colgroup><col style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; WIDTH: 30px"><col style="WIDTH: 64px"><col style="WIDTH: 64px"><col style="WIDTH...
  3. W

    VBA code to change fill color of a cell if it contains any string

    I want to conditionally format cells in the range A1:A200 that contain any string. If a cell is blank, no formatting should apply to that cell, but once any string is entered in a given cell, that individual cell should have its fill changed. Any ideas?
  4. J

    Conditional formatting: Data bar, no negative, max 100%

    Hi, In B4, I have formula =B6-SUM(B7:B8) In C4 I have formula = (B6-SUM(B7:B8))/B6 (formatted %) Where B6 = 1,000,000, B7 = 200,000, B8 = 400,000 I wish to achieve the following: When C4 is 0%-100% a data bar in B4 for an equivalent % fill When B4 is negative to show 100% fill I can't...
  5. L

    Auto Fill Customer Information Based on ID

    Hi, Is there a good way to auto fill the Template sheet customer information in yellow from the Customers sheet based on the ID entered in cell I6? Thank you Excel WorkbookBCDE6Estimate For7[Contact Name]8[Company Name]9[Street Address]10[City][ST][Zip Code]11[Phone]12[Email]Template Excel...
  6. J

    I need help filling cells with colour after pivot table resizes

    Hello all, I've got a load of pivot tables on a sheet and have coloured all the surrounding cells white to make the page look better. However, when I use a slicer to change what the pivots show, when they reduce in size the cells left showing have no fill. I've manually filled them and also...
  7. K

    Fill colours as per numbers of characters

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Columns L:N, I got numbers fills for the character 1, X & 2, my query is to fill colours in the columns C:I as per numbers of character, for example... </SPAN></SPAN> M6="X"=1 fill C6=1"X" with green fill and white font.</SPAN></SPAN> M7="X"=2...
  8. R

    Replace image on sheet1 shape fill with image from sheet2 cell

    I have a rectangle with an image fill on sheet 1. On sheet 2 I have images that aren't a shape, they were just drag and dropped into Excel, but they are located within the cell borders I'm trying to figure out the code to take the image from a specific cell on sheet 2 and replace the shape...
  9. S

    Fill series in formula going column direction

    Hi, I'm trying to copy data from sheet2 into sheet1 using the following formula ='sheet2'!$A1 and then dragging the formula all the way to column Z. I want to keep Column A the same but have it automatically fill the series of A1, A2, A3, and so on but it doesn't do that. Instead it'll copy...
  10. G

    Creating a SKU GAP Fill report.

    I need to produce a SKU GAP Fill report and would like to get some help. We have thousands of accounts and 53 SKU's and I need to find out from the sales reports from distributors which accounts are missing key SKU's. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. C

    VBA fill down

    I have code set up to select rows and can then fill down, but I want column C to fill series and the other columns to copy down. The Range will always be different and so will the number of rows selected. Is there a way of doing this? Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim lRows As Long...
  12. R

    Finding matching values in a differnt sheet and adding a fill color

    So at work a guy goes through a spreadsheet and color codes different part numbers will the fill function depending on the status of the part then we get a new list of parts on another sheet and he has to manually go back and forth do highlight the cells on the new sheet. Is there a way when we...
  13. R

    VBA to fill formula

    Hi all! I am in need of code that will fill in the below formula in E7:E5000 with a deactivate event. =IFERROR(INDEX(Instruments!$C$3:$C$40,MATCH(B7,Instruments!$B$3:$B$40,0)),0) Thank you!
  14. C

    how to quickly fill in a table

    I have an Excel table of that format number | description | weight 1 | weight 2 | number | description | weight 1 | weight 2 I have to fill in data by finding the number and manually fill in weight1 and weight2 Is there a way I could just make the data entry quickly instead of finding...
  15. G

    Auto fill based on another cell value

    I am not sure if this was asked before. I tried searching, but didn't find any. Maybe I'm searching by wrong keywords. I have an excel sheet where F9 and F10 is blank. When printed on paper, it should show # / #. Imagine Microsoft Word setup with page numbering. Depending on the project we are...
  16. D

    Conditional Formating in Calendar

    I want to highlight the days on my calendar that match my Event list, but I want the different events to have different colors. example: Event List 1. 1/3/2020 - Baseball 2. 1/4/2020 - Football 3. 1/5/2020 - Golf 4. 1/6/2020 - Baseball 5. 1/7/2020 - Baseball 6. 1/8/2020 - Golf I want the...
  17. N

    Code for making empy cells zero - issues.

    Morning all. I found the below code to fill a selected range that has empty cells amongst the data to fill the blank cells with whatever input into the resulting pop up box, in this case zero. It works on part of the worksheet but not on the other, I cannot understand why it will not work on...
  18. S

    Pattern Not Applying to Cells

    Hey All, So a friend of mine has a workbook that is acting up. When he selects a range to fill the cells he has to click twice. The first time he clicks nothing happens, and the second time he clicks the pattern is applied. I thought this was curious so I recorded a macro when he did this and...
  19. D

    Auto fill just one column in a table but all other columns have auto fill

    Hey guys always such great help :) Had a question that i could not find on the web: I have a table with the auto fill function on which is great, however this is just one column that i would like to disable the auto fill function. Is there a way to do this?
  20. D

    Conditional Format cells based on a value within the row

    Is there a formula I can use in Conditional Formatting to highlight specific cells (not the row) based on the text in one cell in the row to highlight the data in the same row? Currently I'm creating 3 CF's (">0", "=0', "<0") in the specific row of data, then using the Format Painter to copy...

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