1. M

    Ensuring that all the cells are filled in

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure it out how to ensure that if some data is entered in A1 then the range B1 to E1 is to be filled in with data as well. If it is possible I would like to not allowed to save the file if the data is not entered in all required cells and display msg "please complete...
  2. D

    Conditional Formatting with two values

    <tbody> 123456 Murdock 123555 Murdock 123456 Murdock </tbody> I'm trying to get the first and the third rows to get filled in a Color since both the ID and the Name are the same value. The second row should not be filled. Any ideas?
  3. J

    If value is 12 then fill range 1-12 etc..

    Hi, Unsure best way to do this. Value in Range A1 If value is 12 then fill 1-12 starting at C1 Then if Range A1 is 6 Do nothing as 6 is already in the filled range Then if Range A1 changes to 21 Extend fill range to 21 Appreciate any help
  4. T

    Calculating % based on items filled in a column?

    Hi. Here's an example table below and the column I'm trying to count and calculate. Looking for some help... <tbody> A B C D E F Number of A Modules Number of B Modules Number of C Modules Number of D Modules Number of E Modules % of Penetration of all Modules 1 550 - -...
  5. A

    print filled data of invoice with ignore the empty cells

    hi, every one i have data in sheet1 begins from a2: f38 the empty data begins from a17:a32 i just would code print the filled data and ignore the empty data if a17:a32=""
  6. M

    Formula to stack rows under each other

    Hi I’ve been thinking of a way to stack rows of text and numbers under each other but I just can’t get it. Can anyone help with the following :- I have an index column say A7:A27, persons name column B7:B27,and a time column C2:C27. Each of these rows can be filled with text and numbers and...
  7. R

    Detect Last Filled Row

    I have dates in Column A that are constantly being added to. I need a formula approach to detecting the last filled cell in column A (or the first empty cell in column A) and returning its row number.
  8. D

    Replace a blank cell with a string using if function

    Good day all, I have an uncommon challenge. I have a sheet named Sheet1 filled with data, I want a situation when I delete the values in a cell, instead of remaining blank, it will be filled with a string (example "x"). I tried using the IF function from Sheet2 to fill a blank cell in...
  9. M

    VBa help

    Hi i have few links in column A of an excel sheet. i am looking to check for java scripted links by opening each link manually on IE, then press CTRL +U it open up a page on browser then i have to find the same link of column A there if its present there column B is filled as Yes else No...
  10. K

    ClearContents of the row if finds all 1's in it.

    Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Sheet1 show the data in the columns C:P are filled with 1's in it. But the row 6, 7, 8, 9 has in it X or 2 filled, is it possible ClearContents (do not eliminate the rows) of the row in which has only 1's in it (for example row 10 to 22 row) </SPAN></SPAN> Note: filled row...
  11. K

    How to display data from one sheet if blank or another if filled

    Hi, I need help to display data from one sheet if blank (or other value if that helps) and data from another sheet if the cell has been filled. I hope it make sense : ) Thank you. Kind regards Krillephar
  12. J

    VBA: Cbeck cell if empty, dependent on other cells

    <tbody> Header1 Header2 Header3 Cat </tbody> Hello there, I currently have this code: Set CheckC = Range("B2") If Range("A2") = Value And Range("B2") = "" Then MsgBox "You cannot transfer until required information has been completed." & _ vbCrLf & vbNewLine & "Check for...
  13. P

    Multiple if statements to have a percentage

    Hi, I'm not even sure how to title this and as such unable to find a solution which i'm sure is out there. Basically I'm looking to do a formula that says Basically i have 5 cells at as each gets filled out cell a1 would increase by 20 % so if A1 is "" then "" else 20% unless b1 is filled then...
  14. S

    Autofilling data ,when a particular data is selected from a list (Data Validation)

    When a particular data is selected from a list ,corresponding values should be filled in adjacent cells. For example, When Class-I is selected ,different Fees related to that should be filled in adjacent cells. Example <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col span="7"></colgroup><tbody> DATE...
  15. S

    Autofilling data ,when a particular data is selected from a list (Data Validation)

    Please help me out, When a particular data is selected from a list ,corresponding values should be filled in adjacent cells. For example, When Class-I is selected ,different Fees related to that should be filled in adjacent cells.
  16. T

    Loop through multiple columns, different formula in each column

    Hey Everyone, I have a spreadsheet that has 4 formulas in the last 4 columns at the end of the spreadsheet, it's an increasing spreadsheet(4900+ Rows increasing daily when refreshing a query) these formulas have been manually filled down, but I wanted to automate it into a macro since we...
  17. T

    Conditional Formatting Bug: Borders show on cells formatted to be filled white + no Border

    I have a sheet that contains ~40 formatting rules. For some reason, when I scroll through the sheet or make changes to cells, cells that are filled white with no border -> show their borders. Sheet with conditional Formatting Bug: Sheet with appropriate formatting...
  18. G

    Generate Word Documents (in Excel VBA) from a series of Document Templates

    Hey all. I'll try to make this brief and simple. :) I have 40 or so boilerplate word documents with a series of fields (Name, address, etc) that need to be filled in. This is historically done manually, but it's repetitive and cumbersome. A workbook where a user has filled a huge set of...
  19. Z

    Row checking Macro

    Hello All, I'm currently working on updating a logging system we use at work. Currently the log has 4 Columns. I have revised the log in order to add a macro program to automatize a few items. So here is what we have. Column A has been page set to either have a blank or "C". This being if...
  20. T

    Copy filled cells in a column to empty cells below - until the next filled cell occures - and so on

    Hi Could anyone help me with the following? I would like to create a VBA that copies the first found value in Column A to the empty cells below - until the next filled cell in Column A occures. Then this value is copied to the empty cells below etc. - until there are no more entries in column B...

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