1. D

    Range.Rows property with autofilter applied

    Hi MrExcel, I need your help. I have an autofilter applied to a range resulting in non-continuous set of rows visible (see snapshot). Assume I want to access the number of the first visible non-header row (which is number 7 in this case). When I run Dim rng As Range Set rng =...
  2. V

    Declare a variable to a cell

    Hi everyone! I've been stuck with declaring a variable to a cell value and need some help. Situation: I have a code that filters a table and transfers the filtered data to another sheet. The filter could be the date value but I can't set it properly. The result is always Error 1004. I've tried...
  3. S

    Advanced Filter query - What are the rules with editing the extract?

    Previously, I have done an Advanced Filter query, with the Extract in the same Workbook, and: 1.) Sorted the Extract 2.) Made some changes to the Extract Sometimes this had a bad effect: With whatever change I made, it did the same thing to the rows above and below it - unwanted changes Other...
  4. G

    Filter Everything, Except for a Single Criteria

    ActiveSheet.Range("$A$8:$AH$1894").AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:=Array( _ "NOT STARTED", "ON-HOLD", "STARTED"), Operator:=xlFilterValues ActiveSheet.Range("$A$8:$AH$1894").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="NCR" Hello All, The Code above is working to filter only "NCR" (after Field...
  5. H

    Select Filter based in Value

    I would like macro to select the filter in A2 (Financial Year") on sheet summary if Cell c10 on sheet "Data" is zero, otherwise select highest year from Filter Your assistance is most appreciated <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color...
  6. H

    macro to select year in Filter omn Pivot table

    I have a pivot Table on sheet "summary" Where the value in C10 in sheet "Data" is zero, the year to be selected on Pivot filter in B2 must be blank , otherwise select highest year It would be appreciated if some could provide me with code to do this <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px"...
  7. A

    Filter search in MS Excel 2007

    Hi everyone, I request you to send the code to enable Filter search in Excel 2007.
  8. L

    advanced filter - OR vs AND

    Hi Please I need your help to understand Advanced filter. In the example below, the author said to use advanced filter that means to use OR condition. and he created the criteria and found this I understood all the above but what I do not understand, when I use a regular filter to filter...
  9. S

    DAX Countrow Filter Userelationship not working together

    Does anyone know why the DAX below is not working? Do I have it in the wrong order? BTS Actual = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Schedule','Schedule'[Actual Count]), FILTER('Schedule','Schedule'[WO Type]="BTS") USERELATIONSHIP('Calendar'[Date],'Schedule'[Actual date performed])) Power BI just keeps...
  10. D

    Copy and Paste Row not working when filtered

    Hi I have the below code(below) that works off a button, to copy an entire row it works fine, however for some reason When the sheet is filtered, it just inserts a blank line, any ideas? Sub Copy_paste() Dim MyPassword As String MyPassword = "Yes" If InputBox("Please enter password...
  11. J

    VBA Code to Automatically Re-apply Filter

    Hi - does anyone have a working VBA code to automatically reapply a number filter on greater than 0? I have tried 3 or 4 codes that I found by searching but none of them actually seem to do anything! It is possible that I'm doing something wrong in the applying of them though.. :confused:
  12. A

    Data Validation List based on Cell Value

    I have a table in which currency in A and values in B <tbody> CAD 2 USD 13 AUD 15 CAD 5 CAD 11 </tbody> I enter text CAD in C1 and make data validation list in D1. Based on text in C1 data validation only shows the value against CAD. like image attached.
  13. willow1985

    VBA code - filter: show all data and then remove filter

    I have a code that shows all data on a filter but how can this code be modified to show all data AND remove the filter? If (ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode And ActiveSheet.FilterMode) Or ActiveSheet.FilterMode Then ActiveSheet.ShowAllData I have to use this multiple times throughout the code. I...
  14. M

    Apply filter on one column of a pivot table

    Hi I need to use a filter on my pivot table. (Placing the field into the folder box) I only want this to apply to one of my columns - is this possible? Jess
  15. D

    Filter on row numbers not cell contents

    Hi, Is there any way to filter on a large amount of row numbers not the contents on the cells? Thanks
  16. L

    Using Excel Filter to Search for text containing a comma & displaying all records that contain one

    I have a list of Email Addresses in an Excel File along with other columns. I Filter the email column to search for mistakes, like double periods (..) which works fine in the filter. But when I search for a comma (,) it's not allowed. Sometimes people type a comma for the period (by accident)...
  17. J

    Autofilter / Advanced Filter Copying over all data

    Hi, This is a bit frustrating. I've applied code to filter data using the autoFilter function but when I apply a new line with AdvancedFilter it appears it clears the filtered range and copies over all data With Sheets(1).ListObjects("Table13256").Range.AutoFilter Field:=22, Criteria1:="<>"...
  18. S

    Delete rows if condition met without using filter

    I wanna select rows and delete them without using filter. The reason is that the Model No. is common but customer code is different and sum of required qty. is also different. So i want to keep only those customer code rows which sum is greater than other customer code rows. I have a very large...
  19. M

    VLOOKUP using hidden/filtered data

    I have a list of prices, products, customers, etc. that are in categories (Beef, Chicken, etc.) and in subsets (Salisbury, Ground, Raw, etc.). I am using the Aggregate function to determine the lowest price. Then, I use the VLOOKUP function to search that lowest price for who is purchasing...
  20. R

    Filter with Multiple Header Rooms

    I have a spreadsheet that has about 100 Items in which there is a Header Row for each item and then sub items that breakdown these Items into smaller items by areas. Each sub item total equals the Header Item total. Is there a way for me to filter this spreadsheet so I can get summaries of each...

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