1. mamady

    Filter Top N "Calculated" Values in Pivot Table

    Hi Dears, This is pushing me crazy, sounds so simple but it is not working out! I want to filter the top N calculated values in a pivot table, but it keeps filtering the top data point values! For example, below is my pivot table added the "Amount" Field again to the Values section >>...
  2. H

    Drill through overwrite the filters inside calculate

    Hello MrExcel members. I made a cumulative measure using calculate, all calendar and max date, very easy basic DAX. When I drill through from page to page in Power BI desktop report this cumulative measure doesn't work, more specific All Calendar doesn't work, because I tried using All Data...
  3. W

    Pivot Chart - Two Filters on Same Axis - or Retained Styles

    I've tried a whole lot of different permutations of an admittedly fairly new thing for me in Excel: Pivot Charts. I have monthly data for four different players in TWO categories: Homeruns and Stolen Bases. Can I produce a chart, Pivot, combo, template or otherwise, that can filter: Players...
  4. L

    Sorting with merged cells

    Hi, I'm trying to sort the below table on the 'OVERALL' values, the issue I'm having is that as 'OVERALL', 'M/F' ... etc are all merged. When the sort is run essentially candidate 1 with all their data is sorted against all other candidates with all their data. Maybe some way of grouping or...
  5. J

    Multi filter by word on Excel 2016 document

    Hi, This is my first post please be nice. I am creating a Windows 10 Excel 2016 document which takes a bulk data download on Tab 1 (5 rows, 70,000+ column entries), filters out around 10 words, filters in around 15 words (Keywords are Tab 2) and displays the filtered data (Tab 3) as 5 columns...
  6. U

    VBA: Filter that contains with multiple criteria

    Hi Gurus, I have below sample raw data. I need to filter and move the information that contains certain words. Example I need to Copy the whole row that contains "Missed", "Chck", "Note"& "Check" (might add more) in the Subject Column. Account Subject Number x Note 1 Note 2 Note 3 001...
  7. J

    VBA - filtering columns after inserting or deleting cells

    Good afternoon I'm looking for a way to make the field of an autofilter dynamic - for example: Range("a1:J" & LRow ).autofilter Field:=7, Criteria1:="" If someone were to add a column between B&C, the field would now need to be 8, but the code won't register this. I've thought about maybe...
  8. T

    Filter loop through macro

    I have various workbooks that I need to check the data in by filtering on various columns to find those that need to be checked and then I filter through the resultant list using usually column 'C', checking line by line and marking those 'done'. What I'd like to achieve is a button that...
  9. N

    Use only visible rows in Macros code after autofilter

    Hi, I have coded for a solver problem in macros. But the problem is the range in B column is auto filtered and the other rows are hidden. So as per inputs, only the rows in B column that satisfy the input are shown. It can start at any row. How do I include the code to use only visible cells in...
  10. J

    Find closest values

    Hi, I'm new to macros and can't find a good starting point for my problem. I want to loop through a row in a table looking for the 3 closest numbers (column D) to a value in a given cell (N5) and set the corresponding row to "yes" in column B. So if the 3 closest values is found in D3, D6 and...
  11. T

    Excel date vba filter

    Hi guys, Been stuck on this for days now so I'm resorting to asking for assistance on this one. I'm trying to filter between two dates in dd/mm/yyyy format ( my PC is formatted this way too in regional settings), but after I run the code, the date "custom filter" has mixed up the days and...
  12. R

    Keyword Search and Select Macro?

    First off, I'm open to a variety of solutions for this situation. I'm currently working on using excel to make a searchable database of documents. I'm hyperlinking the articles, and have some advanced filter settings right now. I'm making a column that contains keywords that relate to the...
  13. T

    Open de File with a sheet filtered according to a matriz

    Hello specialists, I have a sheet called "Data", and there from row 4 and along, I have several collunms with data, like "Main Responsible" in AO, "Country" in AK and "SBU" in AL; I am also have another sheet called "AuthUsers", where I've created the below matriz; soo, I am looking for a VBA...
  14. M

    Exclude the only one value and delete all values in vba excel

    When i apply filter , it should uncheck only John and apply filter to all the values except john and delete the rows till last value Mark Name 80 John 20 Maya 30 John 40 Peter In my report , John is the standard person. But Names daily will get change. I need to delete the rows...
  15. A

    Filter Inside Pivot table data values

    Hello, @MARK858 - Is it possible for you to help me on this please. I have a Pivot table, where i need to Select Blank Column next to last row of Pivot table and Put Filter. I tried some coding but i am getting an error. Please help to rectify. Steps: 1. select Row from a Blank Column (Here it...
  16. E

    Sort from Z-A with condition

    Hi, I would like to sort the "Location" from Z-A for each order . The label "item" goes with the Location, they are pairs. Here is an example of what I want to do: ABCDEFG1OrdersitemLocationOrdersitemLocation21367-66-400112761367-66-4001127831311-12-141111191367-66-4001127641311-12-14111033...
  17. A

    autofilter for dates by xlfiltervalues

    does any one know a location for the excel function by @Jon von der Heyden which displays AutoFilter criteria (including the date filter) in an Excel sheet
  18. A

    VBA - Concatenated data in one cell; delete entire row when 1 piece of info is not present

    I run a report that displays a list of employees with all the information associated with their employment record. One of the things on there is a concatenated list of all their Employee Roles, with a Valid To and From date. For example, if the list of possible Roles is as follows: Role 1 Role...
  19. D

    Run VBA from double clicking a cell

    Is it possible to run a macro subroutine when double clicking on a cell contained in a worksheet? what im thinking of is creating a subroutine that will filter data on a sheet and when the user double-clicks say "Cell A10" then macro would run if they double-click "Cell A11" a different macro...
  20. Mister_J

    Macro To Filter Column Based On What I Want To Remain Visible

    I’ve been looking into finding or creating a macro that can filter a column of categories that continuously grows. I always want to filter the same categories but when new ones are added I have to add the new ones to the list to be filtered out. So can I create a macro that will filter...

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