1. W

    VBA, Unselect all PivotField filters then select 2 values

    Good morning, I'm pretty unfamiliar with coding any VBA at all, but I do well enough reading it. I'm trying to unselect all filtered values from PivotTable "PivotTable1" PivotFields "CUSNO", then select 2 values that would be in the list of values based on if they exist or not. There's...
  2. F

    Pivot table filters

    Good morning. I have an Excel template that I built to be used on a weekly basis that posts metrics in pivot charts for different sections in our flight (AAA, AAB, ABA, ABB, ABC, ABD). In the template I have a pivot table for each section already built based on the data that gets updated...
  3. I

    Enable filters to affect a cumulative measure

    Hi, I've created various measures to help try and show a baseline plan of implementation versus actual, which works as expected when there's no filters applied. However, when I apply a filter, none of the measures update and instead continue to show the full, 'unfiltered', values. I have tried...
  4. reasem

    Want conditional formatting to reset after column filters are used

    Using the formula=MOD(ROW(),2)=1 to have every other row have color to make it easier to use a large spreadsheet I have. When I change the column filters the rows are no longer colored every other row obviously. Can I alter the formula at all to have it reset when filters are added? somehow use...
  5. L

    Lock filters

    Hi Guys. Is there a possibility in excel to lock the filters? Meaning that I do set up some filters for certain columns and I want prevent other file users to modify it ? Note - I do not want to lock cells to be edited, just filters. Or maybe is there a simple clever macro that would show a...
  6. F

    Countif with filters

    Hey guys, I've been trying to use a countif expression that allows me to check for misplaced data, which is pretty easy, however it becomes a lot more tricky when i try to make that same data respond to filters. This is the expression i have used so far COUNTIFS('A...
  7. E

    Check status of current filter mode

    I need to understand the syntax and code to determine what filters are currently applied to a spreadsheet so that I can return the filters to the sheet at the end of my macro. I currently have a macro I created to copy and insert a row of data identical to the row your cursor is on. The first...
  8. Darth_Williams

    Filters & Drop Down Lists

    Good afternoon all, I have created a spreadsheet that uses drop down lists to control the data that is entered. A problem that I have encountered though is that I can not now apply filters to my headers. Does anyone know of a work around for this or is it a by product of using drop down lists...
  9. J

    Date Filters

    In the dBase we use at work, that I have been working on for ever and a day, we have a lot of date filters built into queries. I was wondering if there is a simpler way to standardize them, so they all look similar, but perform the functions needed. They all need to be a greater than/equal...
  10. S

    Searching multiple values in Custom Filter

    Is it possible to search for several matching numbers when running a search from the Filter drop down dialog box or even with the 'Text Filters > Custom Filters' option? I tried putting a comma between each value but it didn't work. Thanks in advance.
  11. N

    Advanced Filter

    Hello, I have a workbook with several worksheets and several advanced filters that was working very well, but with unknown reason the advanced filters stop working Below is a link for a test sheet from my workbook that shows how I did the advanced filter Can someone please check it and let me...
  12. R

    How to filter hundreds of lables in Excel Filters & from Pivot filters? Pls. Help

    How to filter hunderds of lables in Excel Filters & from Pivot filters?. It is easy to filter one or two label values from filters / pivot filters, if i want to filter hunderds of labels in "Filters" or Pivot "Filters" in excel .. How to do that? It is very difficult to select many labels from...
  13. B

    how to automatically apply filters within a date range

    I have to keep changing my filters with various date ranges and it's a real pain having to keep checking 20 boxes out of a thousand every time I want to change the range. Is there a way I can specify the dates I want to filter in, say, A1 and A2 (start and end range) and I see the new filtered...
  14. G

    Mixing Advanced Filters and Normal Filters

    Good afternoon! So I am trying to sat up an automatic report for my job where I can use advance filters to type the selected months into the criteria page and have it filter per those months. The macro however uses both Advanced and Normal filters and when I transition between, the entire table...
  15. R

    Keep Pivot filers when updating source data

    Hello, Self taught daily user that occasionally dreams that I have to VLOOKUP people before I can speak to them.. :eeek: I have many pivots per tab. I deleted the source data and replaced it with new data and refreshed all. Some of the filters did not keep, and some did. How do I lock down...
  16. B

    Pivot Table Filters Auto Update

    Hello, I have three pivot tables. The rows and values vary between each but the Filters are ALWAYS the same. I am looking for a way that when I update a filter on one, it updates the filter on the other two pivot tables as well so that I don't have to update each one manually. Thanks for the...
  17. M

    Struggling with ALL function and filters

    I am trying to calculate a global average of jobs performed per each engineer for all jobs after a set date. This number should not change at all as other filters/slicers are operated. I can get it stable for various column filters, but cannot get the date stable for some reason. My full...
  18. S

    Upon Saving Workbook, Reset Filters in Shared Workbook

    I have the below code which will automatically reset filters when saved. However, I need this to operate in a Shared Workbook. How can I get the filters to reset when the workbook is saved, in a shared workbook please? Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As...
  19. A

    VBA to make a list depending on the event

    Hello All, I have recorded (that's all I can do :)) a macro that filters a set of data. At the moment it filters a set of vehicles and a set of locations. But my problem is that on daily basis, different vehicles may go to the location that is required. Thus I end up manually changing the...
  20. A

    VBA to Fill Table from Another Sheet with criterias

    Hello, I have data consist of invoices and additional informations. I am trying to make up a summary report from it. Example workbook is here: I manually copy/pasted cells based on those dummy filters but what I'd like to achieve is clear I suppose. Btw, user may...

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