find a date in a cell

  1. R

    Based on criteria (date), copy & paste entire row matching criteria as values VBA

    Hi. New to VBA. I have looked and as of yet have not found a solution to my query. I have an excel workbook with 2 sheets: Date Ref = sheet containing Date reference (today()-1 i.e. yesterday) in cell F8. Data Sheet = contains Date in column B and remainder columns containing formulas which...
  2. C

    Macro run through excel sheet only returns false

    I've never posted on here before so let me know if you need more information. I'm also not an expert in coding but have been doing basic coding for awhile. I created an inventory tracking sheet but some of the products were being entered more than once. I'm trying to create a find system that...
  3. K

    Find date and select all till last row

    Hi, I have sheet contains numerous data along with date in Column A. Of course the date will be different everyday depending on the date of the production. How can I create macro code to find the desired date and select from the first row of the desired date(untill Column X) to the last row of...
  4. C

    VBA to Find Date value and Lock all rows above

    I am currently trying to write a code to find today's date in column A, then password protect all rows above. Current spreadsheet has Date from Jan 1 - Dec 31 in Column A with Data in columns B-U. Can anyone help me with this?
  5. J

    Find a value and copy column; paste to next available on another sheet

    I have three sheets Sheet1 , Sheet2, Sheet3. I would like to create a VBA to do the following: 1. sheet1 A1 is populated with a date. 2. I would like to take Sheet1 A1 and find it on Sheet2 in range B1:O1. Once found copy that column down to last value. 3. Paste the above copied column to...
  6. W

    Consolidated data in the Summary page

    HI All, Nice to meet you all. I am a study currently working as an assistant in an educational institution on a voluntary basis. I am going to consolidated the exam result of students and performing analysis. The system we currently using is able to generate the result of each student as...
  7. S

    VBA Find Using a Variable Issue

    Hello, I have been working on this Function for awhile and can't seem to get it to work, nor have I been able to find any posts that have helped solve my particular issue. What I am trying to accomplish is to be able to find dates that could be in any of the columns A:G from Sheet4, using the...
  8. N

    Need help with looping and find the same day, and month from the loop

    Hi guys, I new to excel and I'm having problem how to program it to my vba.. I have worksheet, that contain column: DATE, PIECES, and CODE THINGS <tbody> <tbody> DATE </tbody> <tbody> PIECES </tbody> <tbody> CODE THINGS </tbody> <tbody> 01/01/2015 </tbody> 7 <tbody>...
  9. J

    Find a date and copy the data to other formated worksheet

    Hi All, I always get the information as on the table below: <TBODY> 01/12/2015</SPAN> 04/12/2015</SPAN> 05/12/2015</SPAN> 11/12/2015</SPAN> 13/12/2015</SPAN> 14/12/2015</SPAN> 17/12/2015</SPAN> 20/12/015</SPAN> 23/12/2015</SPAN> John H.</SPAN> Depart</SPAN> Steve </SPAN> Depart</SPAN>...
  10. A

    Date Column Comparison, Odd One Out

    I am currently scouring and plugging numbers from years prior into a spreadsheet for graphical purposes and as such have numerous date based cells assigned individualized data. Now, the data points I am pulling from aren't exactly what you would call 'consistent' and miss quite a few days here...
  11. J

    [VBA] Find Values (Date) in Dynamic Range

    Hello Excel-experts, i need some help because this problem is too tricky for me. First my Data. In Sheet("table1") I have the following data: <tbody> Number Position Date-WE Date-XY 10010 10 10.10.2014 10010 10 12.10.2014 24.11.2014 10010 20 09.10.2014 25.12.2014 10011...
  12. R

    VBA Macro to find, offset and paste data

    Hey all, I have a spreadsheet with 4 sheets. Sheet1 contains 9 columns (C:K). Column C has a list of dates for the year. Sheet2 has data pulled from the web and the cell i need is ("E9"). Sheet3 is also another web pull and the cells i need are ("K19") and ("K24"). Sheet4 also pulls data from...
  13. J

    Find most recent data entry and input values in that row

    I'm looking to find the 5 last data entries that meet a criteria. In this case its the name of a team. So when the team name is: TEAM A Return the last 5 fixture dates and corresponding information. DATA,FIXTURE,SCORELINE My table is presented as such: <tbody> Date Fixture Team Home Score...
  14. R

    Búsqueda y copiar valores de filas

    =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(B9,$F$2:$F$15720,1,FALSE)) = TRUE, " ", D9) Buenos días, me uno a este foro porque estuve buscando solución a un problema que no logro resolver,ya busque en Internet y en este foro y no encontré algo que me pudiera ayudar por este post. Lo que pasa es lo siguiente: Tengo...
  15. M

    Macro - Finding a cell value within another range.

    I am new to macro's but have been able to find bits of code I needed here and there but without a great deal of knowledge on how they are actually working. The following has me stumped though. I have a worksheet named "Data" with a date value "dd/mm/yy hh:mm" in cell B1. Column A has many...
  16. T

    Find Last Occurance of Given Month & Year in Range

    Hi all- I'm stuck on a problem. For a given date, how do I find the last occurance of the given dates' month and year in a range? Here are some more details: A1 =a random date in the format "MM/DD/YYYY". Column B = range of dates from 1/1/2009 - today in format "MM/DD/YYYY" Column C =...
  17. R

    How to read a date format in a cell or a date

    It is immaterial to me whether a real date is in a cell, but that i can verify e date in the a format of 10/20/1999 is in a cell. It would be nice if there was a function called isdate. This is where Bill wandered off into VBA. I have no interest or time to learn VBA. I understand about the...

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