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    search for a specific cell and clear all the range till the end.

    in my worksheet column c contains 0.1 and 0.2. the column is sorted. I need a macro that will find the first cell with 0.2, define the column from that point to the end and clear the data Thanks
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    find worksheet based on string in a cell

    Hello all, and thanks in advance I'm writing a small macro and am beating my head against the wall on a simple problem. (Excel 2016, PC, been 3 years since I've done any VBA). I have data from 2 cells (A1 and B1) that I have concatentated into cell A3. The string in A3 now matches the name of...
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    Importing CSV issue/ find and activate

    I am trying to design a macro to automate importing a csv file. I currently put the filename without the extension in column A. I currently have the macro so it lets you choose the file first, then loops through column A to find that file name without extension. I want to offset by one column...
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    Excel macro to take action when find doesn't return anything

    Hi, I am working on a longer macro, which will fill some fields depending on a few data sources. Where I am stuck is when the code looks for some information in a report, but doesn't find (that is expected in a significant number of instances). I need the macro to tell me (actually to take...
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    Finding worksheets based on master workbook worksheets and copying to master

    Hi guys, Apologies for my lack of VBA skills but I'm having difficulty finding code to do the below. Basically I need a macro to copy and paste worksheets based on sheetnames from the master. For example I have the following: Master Spreadsheet with 5 worksheets named A B C D E I want to...
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    Macro and lists

    I need to figure out how to make a few different macro's. Here is the layout. On the first sheet "Data" is rows of data. The first row is the header, the following rows are the data. Column A and B has check marks, and the rest of the column has the data. The second sheet, "print list" is...
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    Find Name and then activate Cell

    I have the following code which finds the names that I type in and returns the cells address and then loops in case the name is found again, can someone please help to modify the script so that if it only finds one occurrence then it goes to that cell and activates the cell, otherwise if it...
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    find number string, activate the cell

    I have a rather large number of worksheets that contain a column with date information recorded as an integer in the format YYYYMMDD. I'm trying to create a macro that will search each sheet for a specific number string (say, 198002, which translates to Feb 1980), and will then activate the...

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